“PrEP’d in time for Pride Season!”

28 May 2022: That’s an ad I saw today from one of the disciple organisations of Gay Incorporated.

So that’s what Corporate Pride has been reduced to, huh? Taking a pharmaceutical drug so you can bareback on PrEP during “Pride” and take umpteen loads up your ass, and knowing there is still some chance of getting HIV. The last I heard approximately 20 guys had gotten pozzed whilst on PrEP.

If you weren’t already completely turned off by Corporate “Pride” — what’s there to have “pride” in in one’s sexuality or the gender of the person one has sex with? — you’ll be comforted to know that Corporate “Pride” has been reduced to barebacking on PrEP and seeing how many loads you can take up your ass. Nevermind that one can still get COVID (even if you’re fully vaccinated), Monkeypox and anything else during sexual hookups. But none of that matters, does it, when you’re determined to take loads up your ass?

But that’s the promotion at this time of year from the men-seeking-men sex sites who serve as acolytes of Gay Inc.

So that’s what it’s been reduced to, eh? Helping a pharma company make even more money.

Corporate “Pride” has become a mess. It has completely lost its way. The “parade” is a 5-hour long corporate mobile ad.

And the “face” of “Pride” is now lesbians and trans. It wasn’t that long ago that Gay Inc. threw trans under the corporate bus. Remember that? But today, it’s a sea of females in the streets or that’s the way it was last year throughout the cities of the EU. Gay guys have been shoved under the corporate bus. It’s a sea of females. You’d think that the latest shallow pop culture fad was for every female in the world — except those with guys — to now be a lesbian or trans. Like everything else that I can think of that Gay Inc. has touched, or rather ruined. By the way, why is trans part of the Queer so-called “community?” Queer is about same gender attraction. Trans is about feeling you’re the wrong gender in the body you were born with. WTF does that have to do with same gender attraction? Queer has become the dumping ground for anything that is not heterosexual. Didn’t I see an updated rainbow flag so that straights could be a part of it too? Sigh. Fucking Insanity. And many trans live heterosexual lives (with kids), so they already had a category. It’s called straight.

The San Francisco mayor has become useless on COVID and is allowing Corporate Pride to take place in person for 2022 as our COVID cases continue to rise. She doesn’t give a fuck. Although the mayor supposedly won’t be there since she opposes the ban on cops in the 5-hour long corporate mobile commercial called “the parade.” And since people come from all over for this corporate event — which is mainly attended by straight people as just another opportunity to party and to make out under rainbow flags, which is a mind-fuck to watch — it will be a super-spreader event since vaccines are failing and masks are not required. The San Francisco event is called “San Francisco Pride” which sounds like it’s a celebration of San Franciscans having pride in The City. So even the name is fucked up. The original name was Gay Freedom Day and Festival, which it should have remained as.

They can have their PrEP. Of course no mention of the many side-effects of this drug. But then I guess that wouldn’t be a concern. What’s a few side effects when you’re barebacking with anonymous guys with the possibility of getting pozzed or anything else? And sharing any and all STDs you already have with any new sex partner and not giving a fuck what they get from you or what they give you. That’s Corporate “Pride.” Who would care about such minor details such as side effects or getting (or giving) a new anal infection or two? But this is what Corporate Pride has become and been reduced to.