Preventing the common cold

UPDATE 28 July 2021: Roughly 2 weeks after the San Francisco Giants played to a pack stadium in San Francisco without any COVID restrictions or guidelines in place (no masks) — why was that allowed to happen? — and the same weekend thousands of people packed into Dolores Park for an event without masks and distancing, San Francisco saw their COVID numbers start to rise again. As of this writing, our daily case numbers are soaring. The SF Department of Public Health showed for today (28 July) that we went up 243 cases. Just before the Giants game we were down to around 8 new cases a day. It varied. It was as low as 8 or in the teens. Even Mayor Breed was bragging about the low daily case number. Curiously I haven’t heard her say anything about the soaring case numbers. Does she not want to admit that she and Governor Gavin Newsom opened up too early? Opened up the gate too soon as we’ve seen happen all over the world repeatedly.

UPDATE: From observing the Castro cams, most people as of this writing in The Castro are still wearing masks, which is good to see. Apparently they also think it’s too soon to be in the yellow tier and that COVID and its mutations and variants are far from over, regardless of the number of cases in San Francisco at this time.

Hola a todos. I don’t agree with some of San Francisco’s updated health guidelines as of el 4 de mayo de 2021/4 May 2021 regarding no longer requiring face masks in some public places. It’s as if some people think that with COVID “It’s all over, back to normal” despite what’s currently happening elsewhere in the world.

The world will never reach herd immunity (which has to be 85-90% fully vaccinated to maybe reach herd immunity) and only 54% as of this writing are partially or fully-vaccinated in the non-United States. Many people are not getting the second dose of the vaccine. There are also people getting COVID who are fully vaccinated because the vaccine doesn’t work for everyone. The reason that people are not getting vaccinated, in part, is because of the former lying White House occupant who spread lies and disinformation about COVID and the vaccine as he called it all a hoax. Yet he’s already been vaccinated. Why get vaccinated for something you call a “hoax,” moron? And how could you have gotten sick with the COVID hoax supposedly and ended up in Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland with your accomplice lying medical doctors? You took up time and space at Walter Reed that could have been given to a veteran in need of medical care, asshole.

Less than half of the non-United States is fully vaccinated as of 5 May 2021 and new variants are showing up nearly every day.

San Francisco is now in the less-restrictive yellow tier. We were in yellow at one time in the past, then later ended up back in the purple, the most restrictive. Does no one think that can happen again as people cavalierly take off their masks? Mi amigo saw his dentist in Marin County today — that’s the county North of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge — and his dentist frowned and thought it too soon for The City to be in yellow. At least he’s intelligent.

San Francisco is nearly an island City — the Pacific Ocean is on the west side and the San Francisco Bay is on the north and east side — but as the various waves of COVID showed, when it comes to a virus it can get here with its variants just as easily as it’s devastating India and other locations as of this writing.

So being sheeple, some/many San Francisco residents are abandoning masks (roll eyes) thinking that the vaccine — if they are fully vaccinated — will “keep me safe.” Delusional thinking.

Dr Anthony Fauci says that the face mask is one of the tools to keep one safe. He’s says it requires multiple tools to keep this thing away. He says to keep wearing masks. Dr George Rutherford, Professor of Epidemiology at UCSF Medical Center said fairly recently that we should be wearing masks into 2022.

But there’s another virus that I suffer from which I was getting at least once or twice a year — which most people get 6-7 times a year — and it made me miserable and depressed for at least 14 days, and that’s the common cold. The colds I was getting were getting stronger and stronger and lasting longer. Years ago, I got a cold that turned into allergies that lasted months. I’ve not had a cold since the COVID mask wearing requirement began, so I and mi amigo/my friend may be the only two people walking around San Francisco with a mask these days to prevent getting a cold, and that’s just fine with me. If someone doesn’t want to see me with a face mask on, then don’t look at me. The same for the flu virus. I didn’t get that either.

I guess everyone else doesn’t mind getting a cold and feeling miserable with phlegm, having breathing problems, can’t sleep because you can’t breathe with sinus clogging, feeling miserable, don’t feel like eating, feeling very badly for at least 2 weeks. That’s how a cold works. Or has anyone even considered this? I suspect most haven’t when it comes to the common cold. They dutifully do what the corporate media tell them to do: Take off your masks in certain public places. Others go beyond that thinking.

I talked with my dentist recently and she said she was going to keep wearing her mask for the same reason: She doesn’t want to get a cold either. So there are a few of us. Chau.—el barrio rosa