Protejamos la ley del control de alquiler en San Francisco

Protect rent control in San Francisco

Update to this article.
El 23 de febrero de 2013. Hola. Since I wrote this article (below), I have been on some local websites covering this topic. One thing is most clear:
The right-wing/conservatives hate rent control (control de alquiler). They despise it and want it removed now. They are rabidly against it. They don’t care whose life is uprooted (because the tenant can no longer afford to live in San Francisco), they don’t care who is separated from their family, friends, acquaintances, who might lose their job (if they are fortunate enough to have one) and they don’t care who might become homeless. That would just be one more person for them to hate on. They don’t care about any of that or the person renting an apartment. Their theme is: If you can’t afford to live in San Francisco, get the fuck out! Move to some place cheaper.
Translation: We (the right-wing/conservatives) are going to make this a city of and for the wealthy and you don’t belong here in our elitist club.
On one website, some of the comments from the right-wing were absolutely vile, smug and elitist. One site was saturated with mostly right-wing trolls. That site had over 150 comments but mostly the same 5-6 people over and over and over again arguing with each other (arguing is a hobby for some people it seems). I get the sense that most people in San Francisco have no idea that rent control is in jeopardy, or they don’t care. I get the sense that many people are too busy texting and partying to even know what’s going on. When I’m out and about, I’ve heard no one talking about this topic. It’s rare to hear people talking anyway, but on the odd occasion that I see 1-2 people talking on the sidewalk, this is not the topic I hear. I suspect renters/tenants won’t wake up until they get a notice from their “landlord” informing them that they must move and then they will be surprised and ask: Where did this come from? Why is this happening? Why did no one tell me? Why was no one talking about this? Well I guess I’ll just have to move to another apartment here but I can’t afford that. (And your new apartment won’t be covered by rent control). ¿Qué?/WHAT?! I thought we had rent control in this City? See what happens when you don’t pay attention? Chau.—rosa barrio

Here’s my original article:

El 22 de febrero de 2013. Hola. There is currently an effort to erode rent control en San Francisco led by two conservative corporatist supervisors on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. There is currently a conservative power grab taking place in San Francisco and this effort is part of that, although they hide behind the newspeak term “moderate” to try to disguise their agenda. Their agenda includes converting San Francisco’s rent-controlled apartments into privately-controlled condominiums.

Some conservatives on message forums have openly voiced the conservative agenda in support of removing rent control. They’ve written such comments as: We need more conservative homeowners. Homeowners = conservatives, and therefore fewer “liberal” politicians (meaning: to complete the goal of turning San Francisco to the right).

The intent: to make San Francisco a city of and for the wealthy.
Currently, the average monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $3,000+, which is outrageous! Also, these same politicians and their rabid conservative supporters have nothing but contempt for the homeless.

So, if you would like to show your support for protecting the rent control ordinance in San Francisco, check out these items below from Dean Johnson Fine Art design. They are currently available en inglés/English and four versions en español (depending upon how you would like to say it). Chau.—rosa barrio

From Dean Johnson Fine Art design:

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