Prudish San Francisco

Hola a todos. Well, here in the Century of Insanity it seems that there are more and more prudes. People with body image issues and their fear of the human body. They fear seeing a guy’s naked upper body. Yes, this is about a guy’s naked upper body, not a females upper body as you might think. Apparently here in the Century of Insanity some nuts are terrified of seeing a guy’s chest. Do they freak out when they see their own chest or body?

Mi amigo/My friend was walking home and down the street — because it was warmer out — a guy had his shirt off. GASP! GASP! Then a breeder couple (he said they were probably in their 50s) complained to the guy about having his shirt off. They yelled at him, “What’s next, all of your clothes off?” Of course these conservative prudish trash couldn’t just mind their own fucking business and leave the guy alone (he wasn’t bothering anyone), and apparently their head does not pivot in the opposite direction of the guy so they wouldn’t have to see him. No, it’s trash like these people who feel they need to troll others whose appearance they don’t approve of. I call them street trolls.

San Francisco already has a city-wide nudity ban — because of a few naked guys occasionally in roughly a 4 block area; they were not all over the City — which was authored by a gay conservative prude who moved here from New Jersey with an agenda to change the things he didn’t like about San Francisco. He (Scott Penis) couldn’t just mind his own damn business and keep his ass in New Jersey. San Francisco’s Castro — the former Gay Mecca — had a long history of occasional public nudity. Well, Scott Penis was seen as the “wonder boy” at that time. Most Queers were falling all over him with adoration and worship, and the Queer so-called “community” became very conservative (what seemed like) overnight. And much of the now-conservative Queer so-called “community” started hating on the few occasional naked guys — I witnessed some of that and it was very ugly — and they supported the city-wide nudity ban. These were the same Queers who had moved to the “out, proud and radical” (and nude) Gay Mecca to begin with decades ago. But now they had done a 180 and were Mr Conservatives. Why didn’t they just move back to Topeka or wherever they moved here from? No, they couldn’t do that. They wanted to remake The Castro into that place; what they came here from essentially. We already have the nudity ban, but that doesn’t include guys having just their shirts off. I guess some nut will get a petition going for that.

I remember when The Castro was being sanitised and Disneyfied by the corporates/conservatives and stripped of all of its character and uniqueness by the conservative merchants and homeowners. The basura. In code language at that time, the conservatives told the Queer so-called “community” that they needed to grow up. Translation: Become conservatives just like us. And unfortunately that’s what happened with the help of Scott Penis. (The Queer boys of the Gay Mecca day would have told the conservatives and Scott Penis to fuck off.) Mi amigo was at his gym around the same time and he heard two guys talking. One said to the other: You have to put your shirt on in here, this is the New Castro. In other words, no bare-chested guys in the New Conservative Castro. Today (2020), the Castro is the Closet Case Mecca/Breeder Mecca.

Now you might think I’m talking about Topeka Kansas, but no, this happened in San Francisco. And now, some people are hating on guys that have their shirt off. Maybe that explains why most people sit in Dolores Park in blazing heat all covered up in black shirts and black jeans, so that no skin shows. Oh, you might see a few people risking wearing short sleeve shirts, but most are all covered up in Millennial black even when it’s very hot out. They complain about the heat while sweat soaks their black clothes. Then they wonder why they get all sweaty? Insanity. Apparently they never learned that lighter colours are cooler in the hot sun. But these are mostly Millenneals sitting in Dolores Park, and all they wear is “the uniform:” Black and grey, 365 days a year. Millenneals are terrified of colour.

San Francisco has gone from being a City of Sexual Freedom and Revolution to a rather conservative and prudish City. Never thought I’d be writing this about my City. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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