Queer boys: Wake up! You’re losing The Castro!

Hola a todos. Who hasn’t seen all the “straight” couples who can be seen walking up and down Castro Street holding hands or arm-in-arm? It’s a mind fuck for many of us, considering The Castro is saturated with gay flags. So what point are these “straight” couples trying to make with their in-your-face heterosexual hand holding, arm-in-arm body positions and make-out scenes?

San Francisco is a City and County of 49-square miles. It’s a Peninsula City surrounded by water on three sides.

The alleged straight couples in San Francisco’s Castro is what I’m taking about in this article. They already own 49 square miles. That’s not enough for them? They want The Castro too. Are they really straight or are they closet cases covertly looking for same-gender sex partners over here? Why do the “straights” want The Castro? Even though to some people The Castro extends east all the way down to Church Street, other people say that The Castro is really a much smaller area, a 4-6 block Castro Village area. The area adjacent to Castro Street in other words.

The supposed straights already own all of 49-square miles. Yet they still want this 4-6 block area? But there they are on a daily basis: Him and her in their required hand holding mode. Is their “relationship” that insecure that they need to hold hands to show that they are a couple? The thing is: Who the fuck cares that they are a couple?! No one knows these people. It’s as if they think they’re living in some small hick town where everyone knows them and she wants everyone to know that she finally latched a guy. But you’re hanging out in an area awash in rainbow flags. Doesn’t that cancel out that “latched a guy” thinking just a bit, because one gets the impression that one or both of you is not straight, otherwise you wouldn’t be over here.

Queer boys don’t deliberately go to or move to straight areas, so why do alleged straight couples seem adamant about taking over The Castro?

No matter how often they abuse the word “vibrant” around here when referring to The Castro, there’s nothing “vibrant” or special about San Francisco’s Castro any more. It’s an empty shell of its former gay mecca past.

Is the alcohol that much cheaper over here for alcoholic to cause allegedly straight couples (that’s how they present themselves) to move over here and hang out in a rainbow flag saturated area, and act like obnoxious Millenneals? Some of us don’t understand this at all. It makes no sense. What is over here that is so appealing to these supposed “straight” couples? Is their taste that pathetic? The restaurants are mostly mediocre. The merchants are mostly conservative and what they have one can buy online at a cheaper price. Why is it important to these closet cases pretending to be heterosexual that they take over, hangout and make drunk and stumbling asses of themselves in The Castro when they have the rest of 49-square miles to do that?

As I’ve written before, if I had a wife or girlfriend, I would not be hanging out in The Castro with her because I would expect her to question my sexuality. And don’t tell me “we’re supporting the gays” whilst you take over gay bars and make not-so-subtle homophobic comments under your breath about “there are too many gay guys here.” Well then get the fuck out and go back to The Marina where you belong, or the other 48-49 square miles. As some gay guys have asked, “Where did all of these females come from and why are they over here with some of them dressed like they’re trying to get laid?” Chau.—el barrio rosa