“Queers can live anywhere.” Yeah, in the closet. The Queer Bull Shit.

Queer Wishful-Thinking and “the corporate spin.”

Hola a todos. From what I’ve seen, the Queer “activists” of each major city were given “The Assimilation Script” to use, which includes the “Queers can live anywhere” lie and, “there’s no longer a need for Queer areas of cities” because Queers are now loved and beloved by everyone. That’s the false “heart warming” impression they like to give. Also, the “professional Queer activists” were apparently ordered to use that revisionist history and conformist “LGBT” nonsense whenever writing an article. So in some articles, you see that monotonous “LGBT” 55 times in one article. Such writers lack originality and creativity. These days it’s all about Conform(ity) and Obey. During the Movement it was about “be yourself” and originality. The opposite of today.

To those who have been paying close attention, they know (or should know) that it is a myth that “Queers can live anywhere.” In reality, Queers can’t live anywhere even in the fucking closet depending upon how they dress, how they speak, what they look like and their perceived behaviour.

I read an article dated 2019 that I’m going to respond to here. It’s about my former City and the US nation’s capital, the District of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as the District or DC).

To hear the corporatist conformist “LGBT” QRSTUVWXYZ+++ crowd tell it, there is full and unanimous acceptance of Queers everywhere. I wasn’t aware of that, but that’s their spin. It’s all positive. No negatives. What planet do these assholes live on? Yes, I suppose that’s why Queers are beaten up or hated on in certain neighbourhoods thought to be “Queer friendly.”

From the article which you can read here:

“We can live where we want to and we can go where we want to.”

There’s one word missing there. It should read, “We can OPENLY live where we want to (as Queer people)…” Living openly as a Queer person without trying to be heteronormative, trying to “act straight” and emulating the fucking breeders. (Translation: Back in the closet). But you moved to a gay neighbourhood to be with Queers, not to be with straights. If you wanted to be with fucking breeders, you could have stayed where you were, out in the sticks of VA, for example, or name any other traditional straight place.

And how many fucking times do you have to say “LGBT” in that fucking article? Can’t you use the word Queer or Gay? Jesus fucking christ, where is the intelligence? No, they have to conform. Obey. They feel they must use the revisionist history “LGBT.”

Then there’s this from the article: “… much of the city’s gay population has shifted east to neighborhoods like Shaw, Logan Circle and Columbia Heights in recent years.”

Why did Queers move out of Dupont Circle to these areas? WTF? So once again, the corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex ruins another Queer neighbourhood with their corporate greed, just like they’ve ruined San Francisco’s Castro or Chelsea in Manhattan or Boystown in Chicago or West Hollywood, as a few examples.

And why are (some) Queers always trying to cater to the fucking breeders with their dysfunctional relationships and high divorce rate? Who put them up on some damn pedestal to be modeled after? Why try to emulate them? During the Gay Rights Movement, Queers did not cater to the fucking breeders. We didn’t even care about them. These days, it seems to be the opposite. The Queer corporatists — oh excuse me, I suppose those assholes prefer to be called “The LGBTQRSTUVWXXYZ++++++++ corporatists” — started that nonsense. And how many more fucking letters? (Related: Here and here.)

From the article: “While Howell believes Dupont Circle is still the heart of gay culture in the city, he said the need for a gay neighborhood is not the same as it once was in the past.”

And why is that? Might it be because most Queers are back in the closet in the District? That’s the impression I got reading online comments awhile back from residents of the District, Maryland and Virginia awhile back where they wrote: You don’t see gay gay/gay couples holding hands around here anymore. Really? Back in the closet? Pretending to be straight? Are the gay guys trying to look like Mr Straight Jock Bros with their baseball caps and other “macho” gear? Are they not fucking chicks to try to be straight and “normal?” Calling themselves “discreet” and “down-low” (Translation: Back in the Closet; that’s what that fucking “assimilation” has accomplished), as opposed to being “Out and Proud” the way it used to be. “Out and Proud” are the exact opposite of “discreet” and “down low.”

Don’t Queer people need a centralised place to meet other than on their fucking phones on some waste-of-time app? Or in these insane times, are Queers looking to be with breeders? That doesn’t make any sense, except for those Queers back in the closet who might need tips on how to “look and act straight” and be more heteronormative.

From the article: “He said the fact that members of the LGBT community are spread out across the District is evidence of progress.”

How is this fucking progress? If you want to hang out with other Queers and there are no identifiable Queers to hang out with in your postal code because today most Queers try to look and act straight (technically called “assimilation” or “blending-in with the breeders), life is going to get awfully lonely because most Queers are back in the fucking closet and trying to look and act straight. This cannot be overstated. How is that better? Gay guys are trying to look and act like Mr Straight. Lesbians are trying to look and act like straight females. Also here.

So that’s what the Gay Rights Movement fought decades for, is it? If I had known that was one of the goals, I would have said “Fuck it. I want no part of this nonsense.” This rubbish will ultimately take us back to where we were before the Movement began. More Insanity.

If it were the reverse: It would be like having 3-5 breeders per sq. mile and the majority Queers. How would the breeders possibly meet each other? This reminds me of the type of behaviour of the 1950s. When Queers are in the minority, they try to “look and act” straight to fit in with the majority. Translation: Back in the closet. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself but there are a lot of thick and dense people out there. They need repetition to grasp things. They’re as dense as the orange loser.

From the article: “We wanted straights to be welcome in our spaces,” he said. “We wanted to be welcomed in their spaces.”

Oh jesus fucking christ. Why the fuck do you want straights in Queer bars and “spaces?” Why? Has everyone gone fucking insane? Why do you want to be welcomed in a straight bar? That is the most delusional, wishful-thinking I’ve heard since I heard that tripe spoken in San Francisco. The way it’s worked here is that (homophobic in some cases) straights have invaded Queer bars. And I suspect if 2 gay guys were to go to a straight bar in San Francisco and if they started making out, the “welcome” to the straight bar would be: “Can you faggots take that back to The Castro?” At which time: The gay guys would respond: We can’t take it back to The Castro because The Castro is now straight. It’s a Breeder/Straight Mecca, where have you been not to know that? The fucking breeders have taken over The Castro too, which that article from the District doesn’t seem to be aware of.

Would you welcome skunks in straight spaces too? If not, why not? I thought we were all about “assimilating” and being fucking “inclusive” to the extreme point of “Welcome breeders, please take over our Queer bar.”

What “assimilation” has done is to make Queers go back in the closet and adopt the behaviours of the 1940s-1950s. Is anyone talking about this? Also: Gay guys marrying females in droves to live a straight life. That’s what our Gay Rights Movement worked decades for, is it? More insanity. If (insane) gay guys wanted to marry and fuck fish, they could have done that to begin with. They didn’t need to work decades for a Movement to do that. Are any of the Queer publications talking about any of this? Not that I’ve seen.

Fact: There’s always been a reason why Queers had their own neighbourhoods and “spaces” and despite the wishful and delusional thinking of some “professional Queer activists,” — who seem to live in some alter-universe of wishful-thinking and delusions — the reality is that those reasons for Queer neighbourhoods and “spaces” still exist today regardless of what minimal progress Queers have made in the big scheme of things, some of which is in the process of being eroded or erased altogether.

Bottom Line: Queers — gay guys particularly — are not into fish, so why would we want (homophobic) breeders in our “spaces?” His shirt said, “Fuck you , Homo.”

And if a gay guy tries to pick up an anti-gay straight guy sitting in a “mixed bar” but who thinks he’s sitting in a straight bar because of all the “him and her” breeders there, watch out for trouble! It won’t be some love-fest which is the impression these “professional Queer activists” like to give about the relationship between Queers and breeders.

It is interesting and insane how here at the end of 2020 it is now all quasi-backwards and where Queers now have little power, compared to during the Movement.

Awhile back, I was on U-toob and a Queer boy wrote a comment saying that trans people should be their own thing and not part of the Queer so-called “community.” I disagreed with that at the time. I told him: Well, I don’t see that happening and he gave other reasons why. I thought about that more and more over time and now I agree with him. I agree with him now because some, if not many times a trans person is born straight, but just feels they’re the wrong gender. So what on Earth does that have to do with the Queer so-called “Community”? Absolutely Nothing. Then, these days some/many trans people/couples are living heterosexual, heteronormative lives. What does that have to do with Queer? Nothing. Related: Here.

For those who might be wondering why I refer to the Queer so-called “Community,” I say that because these days there absolutely no feel or sense of genuine community at all anywhere that I’m aware of. The few Queer couples in my neighbourhood in San Francisco are snots. I’ve learned to ignore them because most of them won’t “give me the time of day.” One of them thought I was trying to pick him up just because I asked him about his new smart car. I don’t even find him attractive, but apparently he lives under the illusion that he’s “god’s gift to the world and all guys find me attractive and want to get in my pants.” There is no sense of community in San Francisco’s Castro (the new Straight Mecca). Nor is there a sense of community anywhere else that I see.

These days, I don’t deliberately go to any Queer sites or read Queer-related articles. That’s because I don’t care to raise my blood pressure. I only wrote this article because I was curious about the current situation with Queers in the District since I used to live there. I’ve become so frustrated, irritated, annoyed and disgusted with what the Queer so-called “community” has become since the dictate for “Gay Assimilation” was ordered, that I simply cannot relate to them anymore. Like a Queer blogger in New York City asked awhile back: “What the fuck has happened to my fellow Queers?” Yes, exactly, dude. I relate to you. So I rarely click on any articles where I see that “LGBT(Q)” nonsense in the title because I don’t care to be irritated or annoyed, and 99% of the time that’s what happens. There’s usually some ignorance in the article — such as the writer not knowing that San Francisco is no longer a Gay Mecca and most Queers have left the City — or it’s the usual corporatist “professional activist” conformist script that I’ve written about here. I no longer have the patience for that drivel.

So this is what our now-dead Movement accomplished? And who knew that Gay Marriage and the conservative Institution of Marriage was the ultimate goal of our Movement? I never knew that. More insanity.

I look forward to when we get the Queer Super Mecca sometime in the distant future, although probably not in my lifetime. Maybe when the Movement has to start all over again will be see that. Chau.—el barrio rosa