Right is Left and Left is Right

These Labels Have Become Meaningless

El 27 de junio de 2013. Hola. I’ve been following los brasileños/os brasileiros and their protests in Brazil (en Río de Janeiro, São Paulo and many other cities across the country). I suspect most USans don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, or care. Instead, ask them about the next party or the next text message. That’s all I hear about when I’m on the streets of San Francisco. Someone asked on a message forum I was reading, when will protests like Brazil’s take place in the Estados Unidos/U.S. against corporatists? LOL. Not in my lifetime, at the rate things are going. From what I’m seeing and observing, more and more people are becoming part of the problem and becoming corporatist and mainstream sheeple and they’re proud of that.

Last week I saw an article about Queen Hillary (Clinton) supposedly preparing to run for president (Estados Unidos/U.S.) in 2016. Wonderful [sarcasm intended.] Just what we need, another corporatist Clinton. Then I read that George W Bush’s parents are split on whether Jeb Bush should run for president in 2016. Wonderful [sarcasm intended.] Just what we need, another corporatist Bush. We are currently in corporatist George W Bush’s Fourth Term with the current occupant of La Casa Blanca. I scanned the comments on that article about Queen Hillary and they were predictable. People intend on staying in the “Democratic” and Republican rut. Most on that forum weren’t interested in Hillary, but there were many gushing over “Elizabeth Warren for president.” Her? I don’t think people have been paying close attention to Elizabeth Warren. Just like with the Obama True Believers, Warren’s True Believers apparently have somehow missed this bit of information about her:

Progressive Democratic hero Elizabeth Warren enlists to serve AIPAC’s pro-war agenda
Quote from that article: “The same progressives who refused to vet Barack Obama’s views on international policy when he ran for president in 2008, and who now feel betrayed that he is not the liberal savior they imagined him to be, are repeating their mistake with Warren.”

Someone in those comments reminded those gushing over Warren that she is new in the backwater cesspool called the U.S. Senate so it’s best to leave her there for now. The last time people ejaculated heavily over someone new from the senate was a presidential candidate whose empty marketing slogans were “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In.” And we see how that turned out, i.e. Bush’s Third and Fourth Terms, respectively.

After reading all of that, it became clear to me that most people are prepared to continue doing what they’re doing and have been doing. They are not going to change their behaviour regardless. Anyone surprised? They will continue supporting, sending dinero/$$ to billionaires—who would send dinero to a billionaire unless you’re also a billionaire?—and voting for one of the right-wing business parties of the right-wing one-party system with two names. I don’t see this changing in my lifetime at the rate things are going. We have gone through how many election cycles now with The People doing the same thing over and over again which got us to where we are today?

At least in the Estados Unidos, most people can’t be bothered with changing their behaviour. They’re too busy with their many distractions such as their texting addiction, for example, and playing with apps and of course partying as I mentioned earlier.

In the big scheme of things, I think there is only a very small group of people who are even paying attention to anything that really matters and effects our lives. The majority (the sheeple) are not paying attention. They get what little headlines they get from the Propaganda Machine called the U.S. corporate media, and that’s sufficient for the sheeple. They can’t handle anything more than a few headlines (if that) otherwise their attention span disappears. If it’s on television it must be true, correct? And it should be pointed out that under an arrogant, smug, corrupt, out-of-control and despotic bully government, said government moves to censor the media in the newspeak name of “National Security.”

I used to listen to a radio host and he said many times that most USans would live very comfortably in a dictatorship as long as they are left alone. I believe that to be true, as I did at the time he said that.

Many in the U.S. say they aren’t concerned about privacy as they have nothing to hide. If they are not concerned about privacy and have nothing to hide, why do they have curtains, blinds or shades up at their home or apartment windows? They’re not concerned about privacy (they say) so what are they hiding behind those window coverings? If they are not concerned about privacy why have any window coverings? And apparently they would be completely happy with having an NSA agent sit in their home over in a corner of the room and record all of their audio conversations, since they say they don’t see any need for privacy. That’s no different than monitoring texts, emails, phone conversations and web browsing. The next time someone says they are not concerned about privacy and have nothing to hide, one might ask them: Okay, what’s your primary e-mail address and password, por favor? If they become resistant when pressed for the password, remind them they have nothing to hide (according to them).

Since Obama’s 2008 “hope and change we can believe in” campaign, I’ve seen people claiming to be “liberals” defending policies to the right of those of George W. Bush. They are all over the place ideologically. The same people protested and screamed about the Bush policies (just as I did), but somehow an even worse version of those policies is completely fine and acceptable now and is defended under their “messiah” Obama.

I’ve learned that “Democratic” partisans are really very pathetic and hypocritical people as they seem to stand for nothing (no principles) except their party allegiance with their sports “team” mentality. I no longer talk with someone I used to talk about with politics, because that person became an Obamabot. It doesn’t matter what Obama does, she defends him and the misnamed “Democratic” party. That’s all that matters to her. So a few months ago I guess it was, I quickly realised while gently challenging her hypocrisy—I said to her ‘I remember you were very critical of Bush for doing that but now it’s all right under Obama you’re saying’—that it didn’t matter what I said to her, she always had a prepared excuse or line to justify Obama’s actions and I was going to hit a wall in my conversation with her.

I’ve seen people who say they are right-wing vehemently and angrily opposed to illegal spying and surveillance and what is happening to this country under corporatist Obama. Black Agenda Report has this to say about him: “Let me say from the very beginning that we at Black Agenda Report do not think that Barack Obama is the Lesser Evil. He is the more Effective Evil. He has been more effective in Evil-Doing than Bush in terms of protecting the citadels of corporate power, and advancing the imperial agenda. He has put both Wall Street and U.S. imperial power on new and more aggressive tracks – just as he hired himself out to do. He’s the more effective evil.” Read more of that article here.

Some of the prestitute corporate media talking heads (including some Obamabots) are rushing to defend Mr “Change We Can Believe In” and questioning the actions of outstanding journalists like Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s Guardian, and asking if Glenn shouldn’t also be charged with “treason.” Loco. I liked Glenn’s answer to that.

As with the final “Peak Oil News Update June 22, 2013” video (you can watch it below) from “what is is,” which I was very sorry had to end, this is also my final article about the topic of politics because I’m wasting my time writing about this topic and giving links to credible articles. It’s futile.

I came to this conclusion especially after observing that some people formerly on the “right” are increasingly now on the “left” on some or many topics, and some of those formerly on the “left” are defending and condoning illegal spying and surveillance. Only because it’s Obama. It it were Bush, they’d be opposed to it. Hypocrites!

Here’s an example:

Liberal advocates of a police state turn savagely against Edward Snowden

And that’s precisely why these labels left, right, liberal, conservative, moderate, center, progressive, et al have become meaningless.

And in San Francisco, the word “moderate” is used these days as cover and newspeak for a conservative and corporatist agenda. A local website has a forum monopolized by rabid, hateful and smug right-wing trolls. In their troll comments, they use the word “moderate” as often as possible to disguise their right-wing agenda for San Francisco, which is in the process of taking place because of so-called “moderate” corporatist politicians.

And speaking of San Francisco, the “Peace & Love San Francisco” is a thing of the past. Today, celebrating the military is “in” as will be the case at the big corporatist commercial called the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. For the first time, the military will recruit at this year’s “Pride” event. Someone wrote on a message forum that Gay Pride used to be about peace and love. Yeah well. What is supposed to be commemorated and celebrated the last Sunday of every June is Queers standing up to and rebellion to the Establishment (specifically the cops at the Stonewall Inn in New York City). But today I think the true reason for Pride has been completely forgotten and lost on most of the GLBTQueer populace as they have become corporatist sheeple and pro-Establishment shills. These days, Pride is just another reason to party.

The 2016 presidential election will be just like all previous presidential elections. Just change the date to 2016 because the lies, newspeak, and the propaganda that’s spewed from the U.S. corporate media and its corporatist politicians and their disciples (i.e. D/R partisan voters) will be as in previous elections, if not worse. The sheeple will dutifully vote accordingly per brainwashed party-allegiance. They will either vote for the misnamed “Democratic” party or for the Republican party. The overused “lesser of two evils” slogan will be dragged out again by the Dembots along with “you are a Republican Operative,” “you are a Republican Troll,” and “you are a Rove Operative” and other such bull shit. Of course there will be the attempt at intimidation and the Fear Card which is used in every election (i.e. “a vote for a ‘third party’ candidate is a vote for [insert Republican candidates name”]. I’ve also heard this countless times: “I’ve always been a Democrat/Republican and will be one until the day I die”. Well then there you have it. The same old thing.

Time to Dream for a moment: If only the people in this country (EEUU/U.S.) were not so distracted with mindless drivel and not entertained and occupied by gadgets (which are like a baby’s rattler to them), partying and “celebrities.” If only most people in this country were more like los brasileños. But that’s not about to happen in the U.S.

Now back to reality: Instead, most people will remain in the rut of the two wings (or faiths, more like it) of the corporatist one party system with two names: either the misnamed “Democratic” wing or the Republican wing. Fin./The End. Chau.—rosa barrio

Here’s the final video in the “Peak Oil News Update” series from the pink barrio’s “what is is”:

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On another message forum someone wrote this:

“Wherever Snowden is today, he can sleep tonight with a clean conscience, where Mr Obama and his sycophantic followers cannot make the same claim. Obamabots have intentionally overlooked the abuses of civil liberties that have occurred under “the fearless leader’s” reign. He received the Nobel Peace Prize, you know. Today we see both the faux-liberals with a D next to their name and the “conservatives” with a R next to their name all screaming for Snowden’s head. Remember, had Romney been president there would have been more outrage from the faux-center (where “liberal” D’s shill). Obamabots today are still defending the fearless leader despite the fact everyone’s phone is tapped. Ahhh….the stench of hypocrisy. Edward Snowden, may you release additional information about the clandestine NSA programs asap.”

“The Democrats and Republicans are indistinguishable in their assault on Snowden’s actions.”—Glenn Greenwald.

“The Obama administration was not given a mandate by the people of the US to hack and spy upon the entire world, to abridge the US constitution or the laws of others nations.”—Julian Assange, Wikileaks

“Messiah” Obama.