Sábado Gigante: Why no muchachos in the audience?

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06.12.12 Hola. If you watched Sábado Gigante (Giant Saturday) with Don Francisco on Univisión on 06.09.12, you would have noticed that there were no muchachos/guys in the audience. On occasion, Sábado Gigante does segments of the show called Solteras sin compromiso (unattached guys). The segments are dedicated to PG-Rated/acceptable for television male strip shows. That’s fine with me. The muchachos strip down to their black boxer briefs. That’s cool. They are often body-builder types.

Here’s my problem with it: I see this audience full of muchachas/women and I asked: Why are there no muchachos/guys in this audience? No muchachos/guys are into watching these muchachos/guys strip? I don’t believe that for a moment! Of course there are muchachos who would like to watch these muchachos strip down but apparently producción of Sábado Gigante must be of the thinking that only muchachas are into watching muchachos strip. Ha! Where did they get that outdated thinking? Or are they catering to audience members and viewers who are devout followers of the backward-thinking, anti-gay Roman Catholic Church and its hate for the GLBTQ “community?” Did Sábado Gigante screen everyone to make sure that all the women in the audience were “straight?” (Of course not.) I’d like to have seen a show of hands of how many lesbians were in the audience and were they really into this muchacho strip show routine. This type of segment has happened many times on this show. It’s not new. Why does Sábado Gigante ignore or dismiss the GLBTQ “community” whenever this Solteras sin compromiso segment is on the show? Why do they refuse to acknowledge that there are muchachos in their audience every week who are gay or bisexual? This is an outdated practice and outdated thinking and it’s been going on for a long time, judging by scenes from the past that Sábado Gigante is showing as part of their 50th Anniversary. They’ve had all-female audiences cooing, screaming and gushing over muchachos in this same context for decades.

Pink Rose Invitation/Multipurpose Card from DeanJohnsonArt

Pink Rose Invitation/Multipurpose Card from DeanJohnsonArt

And there is a double standard used here. When part of the show involves muchachas/women with only essentially a bra and panties on, is the audience only muchachos/guys? No. The audience is mixed for those segments as with any other show. And what about when they had the International Pole Dancing segment (with only female contestants) which involved muchachas in bras/panties? The audience was mixed (muchachas y muchachos) for that segment. Interesting. Why were muchachas in the audience for that segment when guys aren’t in the audience for a male strip show? There’s a double standard. Hypocrisy.

It’s time to make the show more current and up-to-date. Sexuality is not as black and white as Sábado Gigante’s producers would like to have people think it is. It’s long overdue to keep the same integrated audience they usually have for any of their other shows when these Solteras sin compromiso segments appear in the future. Chau.—rosa barrio

Here’s what I’m talking about. This video is from Univisión (just so you know, it automatically starts when this page is loaded):