Glenn Greenwald and the Greenwaldbots

UPDATE: El 15 de febrero de 2015. Hola. Someone e-mailed me and asked why I no longer talk about GG. I thought I had answered that question. The answer to that is that I no longer pay any attention to him because I no longer have any respect for him. Mi amiga/My friend monitors his site every now and then but she doesn’t tell me anything about him unless I ask. So I asked her these questions in an e-mail after receiving the recent e-mail from a reader:
Question: What’s GG talking about these days?
Answer: Secret documents, victims’ bodies burned (he “worked” that for two articles), and terror this, terror that. He’s feeding into the terrorist card.
Question: Is the comment section the same as it was? Did he ever enlarge the font size?
Answer: No, the comment section is unchanged and the font size is the same as it was. The regulars have asked many times for a new website and a new forum but I don’t think the people who run the site care what they think. The comment sections have a much wider margin than the articles above them and some people have asked why the two different margins but nothing’s changed with that either. I saw an online ad that they were looking for a WordPress techie but I don’t think they ever hired anyone because the site hasn’t changed to the degree that they were looking for in the job requirements for that position.
Question: Has GG said anything about the drought in his own country, Brazil?
Answer: No, not a word.
Question: Are the Greenwaldbots still there in numbers?
Answer: Some are. It’s hard for me to read their comments because of the type of people on there. I see why they hide their comments. They’re embarrassing. To me it looks like the comments are in decline. I get the sense some people are finally on to GG. They used to get over 700 comments on some articles. The highest they get these days is somewhere between 20 and 300, depending upon the article.
Question: What happened to the “explosive Snowden revelation” where one was supposed to put stars by it? It was supposed to be the biggest revelation ever because GG was saving the biggest for last (to exploit the entire situation and to play people)?
Answer: That never happened. The Snowden revelations are over. GG mentions Snowden on occasion but I think it’s run its course. All of that Snowden revelations hype ended when his book tour ended. I got the impression all the hype was used to pump up his book tour and to sell books. As many people had said he exploited the entire situation and the now-privatized Snowden documents for his personal, financial and celebrity gain.
Question: Have they added any other “magazines” to the site?
Answer: No. He hired two people from The Nation and someone from Fox News and was “ecstatic” and “thrilled” over that. Notice all the hype. He knows how to pick them! After all this time, they still don’t know what they want the site to be.
End of Questions.
Gracias for your help, mi amiga. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: El 20 de junio de 2014. Hola. I made the mistake of reading something that Saint Greenwald wrote within the past 24 hours. It made me very angry. He wrote:
“The US should decide who runs Iraq. And only crazies call the US an “empire.”
At first I thought maybe he was being factitious and/or joking but after some thought, I don’t think he was. So to take his statement seriously: Why should The Empire (also known as the US, los Estados Unidos, The Cesspool) decide who runs Iraq? Iraq should decide who runs Iraq. Just as The Cesspool (the US) decides who runs The Cesspool. And the same goes for any other country. Russia decides who runs Russia, for example. Is Saint Greenwald loco? What has happened to him? Maybe I didn’t know him as well as I thought I did, but I can’t imagine el muchacho that I used to like very much who worked at The Guardian making those statements. What has happened to him since he got on the payroll of this billionaire with revolving door access to la casa blanca? Many people who are paying attention refer to the US as The Empire these days and rightly so, including myself. At this point, I think Saint Greenwald needs to look inward before/when using the word crazy. He appears to have lost it. And for my own well-being, I think I will stop paying any attention to anything he says, which he speaks with such self-appointed omnipotent authority usually in asshole-style. Chau.—rosa barrio
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UPDATE: El 19 de junio de 2014. Hola. Revisiting this article. Below are statements made by Saint Greenwald:

“NOTE: Snowden’s leak is basically done. It’s newspapers – not Snowden – deciding what gets disclosed and in what sequence. – 1 Jul 2013”

“We’re disclosing the stories exactly as he asked us to & as we agreed we would when we took the documents. 21 Aug 2013”

“Snowden hasn’t been doling out documents one by one…He gave a few to the Post, and then a bunch to us — weeks ago — and left it to us to decide what should and shouldn’t be published and in what order.”

Anyone see any contradictions in the above statements from Mr Bullshit/Saint Greenwald?

He also wrote:

“Mass, indiscriminate document dumping would have helped nobody except the NSA”

Saint Greenwald has said that repeatedly. How specifically would a mass dump help the NSA? Or is that your newspeak? Or do you mean a mass dump would not be in your favour. If you did a mass dump of the documents, it wouldn’t allow you to continue to exploit the documents. So instead you’re using a slow drip method where you’re using the documents as “bait” to bait the public for “the latest NSA noticias/news.”

Then after his partner, David Miranda, was detained in London, Saint Greenwald wrote this:

“I am going to publish many more documents now. I am going to publish a lot about England, too, I have a lot of documents about the espionage system in England. Now my focus is going to be that as well.”

He hasn’t done that. Just more bull shit. As I wrote down the page, el muchacho just says anything.

To his adoring and gullible cult members (who see him as some messiah), and to the general public he has repeatedly said he’s saving the best for last and the most explosive revelations are yet to come. That would seem to contradict his previous statements.

He keeps “baiting” the public with “the best is yet to come” bullshit/hype. It’s reminds me of listening to a over-hyped corporate commercial.

But the veneer may be coming off with some people. Some people on his forum seem fed up with him saying that his word is good for nothing (and they cited examples) and they also accuse him of exploiting the Snowjob [sic] documents. They also complain about this slow trickle effect and that the Snowjob documents have a “sell-by” date which has essentially passed. He’s written more waste-of-time stuff on social media putting people down than he has written any articles one person said. The minute or so I was on his website the usual pro-Greenwald trolls had not rushed to his defence. Someone e-mailed me asking: Who would go to see him? I was wondering that too. I have no idea. Other than gullible people; probably stupid Democrats who need a messiah just like the sheep who had tears coming down their faces and arms swaying in the air the night their messiah Obama won. What a pathetic site. (I never fell for him). So it may be the same crowd. The sheep who need a saviour, a messiah or a hero to worship and fawn over.

We, the People, who have been paying attention know that pretty much everyone world-wide is being spied on in some form by the surveillance state and those loons. Does it matter what the details are of this spying? I wouldn’t think so. I don’t know how it is in other cities but from what I’m seeing in San Francisco, most people don’t give a fuck that they’re being spied on otherwise there would not be this rampant stupidphone addiction (are smartphones making people stupid?) with the sheeple walking around—and in traffic and standing in dark places late at night waiting to be mugged—staring and fucking with their damned stupidphone adhered to their hand as if they can’t possibly put it away. If people cared at all about being spied on, they wouldn’t be on the things 17-18 hours a day. And some addicts sleep with their stupidphones. People would also not be saying to “goggle” this and that because that predatory, parasitic company is part of the surveillance state. Instead, people would be using DuckDuckGo which is a nontracking search engine. But even the sheeple on Saint Greenwald’s forum write about “googgling” this and that. They don’t seem to make the connection at all with state-surveillance or notice their hypocrisy. So it seems to me, it doesn’t matter how many more of these drip/bait NSA stories come out from messiah Greenwald and his dead website or anybody else. Or his movie deal about the topic. [roll eyes] Those paying attention already have the basic and general idea, and most people don’t seem to give a fuck. Chau.—rosa barrio
My source for the above quotes from Saint Greenwald

UPDATE: El 14 de junio de 2014. Hola. Someone sent me an e-mail about Saint Greenwald coming to San Francisco to sell his book. From the reviews I’ve read of it, there’s nothing new in it and it’s mainly a rehash of what we already knew. I had heard he was coming here. I don’t think the person who wrote me had read anything on this page. So I thought I would update this article regarding my feelings about Saint Greenwald. The question the person wrote was: Are you going to see Glenn Greenwald when he comes to San Francisco?
My response: Hell no! I wouldn’t walk across the room to see him if he were sitting on the other side. I have no respect for him at all. I did respect him and liked his work when he worked for The Guardian (UK). The website he’s now connected with—with that billionaire oligarch—is still dead. So much dinero/money connected with this site and nada/nothing! Glenn was better off at The Guardian. They publish about one article a week (usually written by Saint Greenwald) and most of the roughly 12-15 writers they hired for that site have never written a word since the site began months ago. Must be nice to have a (well-paying?) job where you don’t have to do anything ever! And Marcy Wheeler, she quit before she even started. Someone complained that Laura Poitras had never written anything on the site. As expected, Saint Greenwald jumped to her defence by saying that she had just written something for a publication in Norway (I think it was) and had an article in The New York Times. What does either have to do with the site that she’s supposed to be writing for? Nothing! So she’s hired by the billionaire but she’s off writing for somebody else. Yeah, that makes sense in these days. There was one article on the billionaire’s site awhile back where her name was listed third. But no, she alone has not written anything for them. Then the billionaire’s site announced they were looking to hire even more people (some for an up-to-the-minute news type thing). I thought: Well why don’t you just use those already on staff who currently don’t do/write anything. I suppose they could hire all these new people as they talked about and then just add them to the pile of those who don’t do anything. That sounds right. Some of those who live on the forum talked about applying for those positions. I guess they thought since they live there 16-17 hours a day, they might as well get paid for it. Something is most assuredly going on over there despite all the newspeak, spin and bull shit they spew to give some other impression to readers. It’s quite a stagnant site over there! They keep making excuse after excuse for the site and the lack of content. I’ve never seen so many excuses made for a website. Clearly, someone is inept/incompetent. It won’t surprise me to see that site shut down within the next six month, if it lasts that long. I’ve set up several websites over the years and I know that it takes roughly about a day to set up a website using WordPress which is what they’re using and the reality is that their website is already set up. Any new categories or sections of a site can easily be added. Their site has been written on to a most minimal degree since it began months ago. All they need is to write content and stop making excuses, but they seem to much prefer the latter. When the site began someone complained about the font size on the forum. Saint Bullshit/Saint Greenwald told that person, “that’s one of the many things we’re working on.” As of this writing, the font size is unchanged on that forum. Depending upon one’s technical expertise, it takes a couple of minutes at the most to change the font size in WordPress, either with the use of a plug-in or manually. It doesn’t take months to change a font size anywhere on a site. [roll eyes] I quickly learned that Saint Bullshit is so full of bull shit in that he just says anything to people to attempt to shut them up or to have an answer for someone. To his disciples, he’s never wrong. Honestly, I think something else major is going on behind the scenes. So I don’t buy all the bull shit and lame excuses about the “perfect design of the site” that they keep excreting about “making the website go live” and all that nonsense. But the gullible sheeple on there who live on that forum day and night writing reams and reams of mostly useless comments to one another while eating their messiah Greenwald’s ass out no matter what he says or does, they continue to make excuses for the site, worship those behind the scenes and their messiah/saviour Glenn.
The Glennbots/Greenwaldbots are no different than the pathetic Obamabots. Gullible sheeple fools! As I said, I used to like Glenn Greenwald but can’t stand him now based on what I’ve seen from him and his behaviour since he became connected with this billionaire he works for (who he didn’t even research before he began working for him, he claims. An idiot is one who does not do a quick search about a possible future employer). I’ve learned one thing about Saint Greenwald. As a person, he’s entirely and thoroughly a corporatist and very mainstream. And I can’t stand either. Mi amiga goes to the site that Saint Greenwald works for and she thinks it’s a “front site” of sorts. She may be correct. She usually is. Also, remember that Saint Greenwald refused to name Afghanistan as the country where all phone calls are being recorded? He genuflected to The Imperialistic Empire’s (the US government’s) request to not name that country because of a supposed fear of violence in that country. Wikileaks described the “Fear of Violence” Card (historically used repeatedly by the Pentagon) as being anti-ethnic. Then disagreeing with Saint Greenwald, Wikileaks decided to name the country as Afghanistan a few days later. Interesting that there’s been no talk or noticias/news of (increased) violence in Afghanistan since Wikileaks named the country. I wonder if Saint Greenwald has noticed that? And with Afghanistan, violence is a daily occurrence since The Cesspool (a.k.a. The Imperialistic Empire, los Estados Unidos, the US) launched their terrorist attack on that country following the Inside Job called 911. From my research, Saint Greenwald fell for the Official 911 Story/Lie. And he calls some other people gullible. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 27 de abril de 2014. Hola. I received a couple of e-mails about this so I looked into what I’m about to write here. This is probably the last update I’ll do on GG so he doesn’t get anymore attention (which he craves!). I no longer have any respect for this muchacho at all. In my opinion, he has completely sold out to corporate and monied interests. This is my interpretation of what has happened: All of the journalists that were hired by that new (but dead) site that GG supposedly founded and “works for” have been bought off (likely paid millions) and then silenced. No one is writing anything and some have never written a word, such as Laura P. That’s the impression I now get. That’s quite an accomplishment on someone’s part. I see that GG is doing book promotions to make dinero/$$ for himself in Massachusetts and in the District of Columbia. The District is where messiah currently lives and the cesspool called congress, as you know. I thought they had a problem with GG, no? That’s what we’ve been led to believe. What happened to the strong possibility of GG being arrested and put up on charges and that he could not travel in the US/The Empire/The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos? All of that appears to have been erased by the connection called corporatist Pierre (who’s funding their dead site) and his close ties and many visits to la Casa Blanca to see messiah. Someone asked me to notice GG’s tweets, so I did. As of about the time that he arrived in New York City, he has completely changed his style of how he tweets: they’re now much, much fewer in number, tamer, passive and mealy-mouthed. Not at all the aggressive and assertive style he used from Río de Janeiro when critical of The Empire and messiah regime. He used to have a lot of people disagreeing with him and trolling him in tweets. They are now gone. No tweet activity really other than his book promotions. Rather dead. So GG is using the public Snowden documents and exploiting them to make dinero off of them for his personal gain/wealth. That’s pretty low. Here’s a short excerpt (with my comments) from his book description: “Greenwald fits all the pieces together…”revealing fresh [Ed. the word “fresh” (as opposed to “new”) is current marketing hype language] information on the NSA’s unprecedented abuse of power with never-before-seen documents [Ed. “never-before-seen” is also corporate marketing language intended to “bait” prospective readers] entrusted to him by Snowden himself.” [Ed. Question: Did Snowden know that GG was going to sell these “never-before-seen” documents in his book? What are public documents from Edward Snowden doing in a book to make dinero/money for GG? The documents should be made public, but not in a book for sale where the author is exploiting the documents for profit.] Someone asked why GG hadn’t written an article in 3 weeks which is very unlike him and why the new editor of their dead website hasn’t written anything in 2 weeks. The gullible would say, “you have to give them tiiiiiiiiiiiiime.” Idiots. Will the gullible idiots ever want to see what’s going on with their saviour GG? So I guess that’s about it. And I won’t be giving this guy any more attention (that he loves) after this, or at least that’s my plan as of this time. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 19 de abril de 2014. Hola. I’ve noticed that whenever GG promotes anything he’s always “excited” to do so (it’s just corporate hype). Reminds me of a soymilk company that claimed they were “excited” about their new pour spout. I can think of many things to be “excited” about but a pour spout is not one of them. When GG promotes someone’s new book he’s “excited” to do so and always tells people to go to corporate nozama (that’s not the name of it but maybe you can figure it out) instead of going to an independent non-corporate book store locally around you or independent, noncorporate Powell’s Bookstore online for example, if there’s no local bookstore near you. GG’s dead website is also on the web services division of nozama. Thoroughly corporate. GG being a corporatist is another reason he turns me off, and he’s full of bullshit. I’ve noticed that he just says anything to people, like the thing about the small-font size on the forum (he said to someone: “that’s one of the many things we’re working on”). That was 2 months ago and nothing has changed with the font size. One can fix a font size anywhere on a site in a matter of seconds or at the most minutes. It can be done globally or page by page. I know because I do it and I don’t have a billionaire funding me or a roster of techie people working with the site. GG is quite the corporatist. Yet he was rightly complaining last year of how San Francisco Pride had been taken over by corporations and corporatised. So has GG. I guess he doesn’t see his own hypocrisy! I also see where GG will be in Boston next month so it’s quite apparent to me at least that this new billionaire funder (of GG’s dead website) has worked with the messiah regime to “pardon” GG so that everything is now all right and that GG and his partner (David) are free to travel wherever they want without any problem at all. [Source: Revealed: Visitor logs show full extent of Pierre and Pamela Omidyar’s cozy White House ties]. Dinero and political connections have once again spoken. How sleazy. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 17 de abril de 2014. Hola. Someone e-mailed me saying they found it incredible that Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras (she’d previously been detained many times coming into the US) strolled into the US without any problems whatsoever last Friday. Not even the slightest harassment. Yet Glenn’s partner, David, was detained awhile back in Heathrow for 8 hours. What changed between the David Miranda detainment and last Friday? The Billionaire who is funding the website that both Glenn and Laura now work for. And the billionaire’s ties to la casa blanca.

After all, according to records made available under Obama’s 2009 transparency commitment, Omidyar has visited the Obama White House at least half a dozen times since 2009. During the same period, his wife, Pamela Omidyar, who heads Omidyar Network, has visited 1600 Pennsylvania Ave at least four times, while Omidyar Network’s managing partner, Matthew Bannick, has visited a further three. In all, senior Omidyar Network officials made at least 13 visits to the White House between 2009-2013.
[Source: Revealed: Visitor logs show full extent of Pierre and Pamela Omidyar’s cozy White House ties]
Wouldn’t surprise me if Laura, Glenn and David all move back to The Cesspool/The Empire/Los Estados Unidos/the US since “everything seems to be fine now.” (Except for their dead website.) Interesting how dinero/$$$$$$$$$$ and political connections work, isn’t it? I don’t know why Glenn, David or Laura would want to return/live here. If I were Glenn and David, I couldn’t wait to get back to Brazil. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 14 de abril de 2014. Hola. What little interest I had in the site that Glenn Greenwald is now working for—the only interest I had in it was to monitor what it’s doing regarding the Snowden documents—was removed when I saw this headline/article on that site today. The headline read:
“Passover Greetings from the Editor”
Passover Greetings? What the fuck? What does the Jewish faith have to do with that website? Or is that site merely a front site for a Jewish group? As an Atheist, I find it very odd and inappropriate. A few other people did to.
One person wrote (slightly edited for copyright reason):
“This article is presented by a strangely robust and out-of-place expression of the Jewish religion. Judaism makes up roughly 1.5% of the US population and much less internationally. Writers should be able to express their individualistic traits – and this Editor would obviously like everyone to know in this introductory article that he’s Jewish [Ed. as if anyone cares!] but in a commensurate and appropriate way. The cultural signifiers are off-tune with the importance of the message delivery here.”
Most of what this Editor guy wrote in his first article sounded like extreme corporate bull shit. I read his article to mi amigo and his response was: “How corporate! Can he get anymore corporate?” So this is very likely my last update on that site that the Greenwald Cult is connected with because the way things are turning out with that pathetic website (and now this Passover Greetings shit), I don’t plan to go back to that site again. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 12 de abril de 2014. Hola. Well, the 2-month old site that Saint Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras are connected with is essentially dead as of this writing. No one is writing anything, including Glenn Greenwald. A few people have complained about this on the forum but the devout Glenn Greenwald Cult Faithful Members continue to say, “give them tiiiiiiiiiiime to set up a website.” What idiots! The site is already set up, fools/suckers. They’ve been using it for 2 months now and you’ve presumably been writing your reams and reams of comments on the same site during that period of time. Something is going on behind the scene. So today, Saint Glenn Greenwald and Laura P. arrived in New York (Manhattan specifically) to receive awards which they dedicated to Edward Snowden. Many people had urged Glenn and Poitras to stay away and not come to The Cesspool/the US for any reason. Many people had suspected they would be detained or arrested or something would happen to them. They were left alone this time. Might that be because their billionaire funder of their new website had worked out an agreement with the messiah regime to give them clearance this time? I don’t know. Just a thought. With a billionaire and dinero/money involved, anything is possible. Some people are wondering whether Glenn, David Miranda (Saint Glenn’s partner) and Poitras will now have trouble getting out of The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos/The Empire to return to Germany (Poitras) and Brazil (Greenwald/Miranda)? Or will they be allowed to leave this time without any security problem? Someone in a comment on that site said that the US doesn’t give a shit about Glenn Greenwald (implying that the concern about his return to The Cesspool/the US was unfounded). I thought: Do you not remember that his partner, David Miranda, was detained for 8 hours at Heathrow in London on orders from the US? Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 6 de abril de 2014. Hola. I talked with mi amiga/my friend today and she had been on the site that Glenn Greenwald is now connected with. She said she read an interesting comment. Someone said that the last 4-5 articles written on that site were all written by the same person: Saint Greenwald, and at this rate, Glenn Greenwald could have written all of them on his own blog and that wouldn’t have cost $250M from this billionaire who’s funding the thing. The point: Take Saint Glenn out of that site and what’s left? Not much or anything because no one else is writing anything on that site and they have this bank of writers, some of whom have never written one word (Laura P. in Germany for example). Then as predicted, a Greenwaldbot had to rush to the defence of their lord and saviour Saint Glenn by saying that this project (that site) had been launched prematurely or before they had really intended to launch, as if that makes any difference. That reminded me of the gullible Obamabots who rushed to their messiah’s defence during his first year or so in office by screaming, “You have to give him tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime” (in reversing what illegitimate George W Bush had done). In the case of messiah, the more “tiiiiiiiiime” people gave him the worse it got as he has expanded on the repugnant and reprehensible neocon agenda of the illegitimate Bush regime, not reversed it. But that Greenwaldbot’s response was so typical and expected. The site was launched 2 months ago (el 8 de febrero de 2014/February 8, 2014) as of this writing. Well, if you can’t get it together within 2 months with that much dinero/money involved, then something’s wrong somewhere, suckers (suckers = Greenwaldbots). As mi amiga said: Millions of dollars are dumped into this site and this is the best they can do? People with free blogs write more than they do on that site. True, mi amor. I think I write more on here than they do over there and I’m not getting paid anything. Mi amiga said she noticed more people suspect of this whole project, as she and I were from the beginning. Well it’s about fucking time!, some people are slow, thick and very gullible. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 4 de abril de 2014. Hola. Well, not much new over at Glenn Greenwald’s site. I read elsewhere that Saint Glenn is been heavily criticised for being connected with and funded by an Oligarch (that billionaire that dumped $250M into the site). As of this writing, no one has written anything on Saint Greenwald’s site since the end of last month (marzo/March 2014). I don’t recall ever seeing a site with a bank of writers who don’t write anything, or at least most of them don’t. I didn’t know this, but during the illegitimate Bush regime years, Saint Glenn was a supporter of George W Bush. (jesus fucking christ!) Loco. I never supported that illegitimate neocon in anything he did. He was/is a disgrace! But apparently Saint Glenn fell for him and that whole Project For The New American Century Agenda 911 Inside Job thingy (see page 51 of that document, specifically the “new Pearl Harbor” part). Of course Saint Glenn does not believe that 911 was an Inside Job. To me, only a damned fool would believe the Official Story since that day (911) has been used as the excuse and justification for every draconian law since (for example: USAPATRIOT ACT, the erosion of civil liberties and the US Constitution) as well as the erosion of international laws. Saint Glenn was (is?) quite gullible. I now see him very differently than I did months ago having learned a lot more about him. That’s often the way things work. The more one knows about someone the more that person can turn one off. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 29 de marzo de 2014. Hola. I stopped by the website that corporatist Saint Glenn Greenwald is connected with to see what’s going on. Answer: Nothing. Saint Glenn has written 3 articles (about one every-other-day or so). Nobody else has written anything. I’ve not quite seen a site like that before where they have writers, but they don’t write often. The last article posted by Saint Glenn had over 300 comments but they were the same people over and over. I thought: Who has the time to sit on a website and write reams and reams of comments day after day? Someone was again complaining about the forum and it being WordPress. They wanted that corporate forum installed that most sites use these days (the one that keeps a record of every comment you write…it’s a form of data-mining…not good!). I did notice one thing in particular: Saint Glenn did not respond to any comments, for the first time, I believe. That’s unusual for him. Was he told/asked not to respond to comments? Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 24 de marzo de 2014. Hola. Today, I was on the website that corporatist Saint Glenn Greenwald is connected with. I went on to see what’s changed, if anything. Nada. Nothing. The message forum font size is as it was originally (when someone complained about it) despite Saint Glenn BS’ing that person when the site originally began by saying, “that’s one of the many things we’re working on.” Uh huh. They hired a new writer last week. When I saw that I said to myself: Well just add her to the pile of people who don’t write anything (such as Laura P. who has still not written one word on that site). The site is still posting about 1 (ONE) article per day or so, usually excluding weekends. Then when I went to the site, I noticed all of this activity just above my “start” button. It kept saying the name of a major corporation. Well, that’s not good noticias/news either. So this new website which corporatist Saint Glenn works for is on this major corporation’s so-called “cloud” services. CORPORATE. CORPORATE. CORPORATE. CORPORATE. CORPORATE. I can’t stand corporate. They could have chosen an independent, noncorporate server company to use like the one this site is on. But corporatists wash the back of other corporatists. There’s this herd mentality with corporatists. I didn’t realise just how corporate Saint Glenn was up until this venture. I can’t stand corporatists because corporations are ruining the planet in case one hasn’t noticed. Just as corporate techie companies are ruining San Francisco today This city is being ravaged by them. Corporations also put small independent businesses and “mom and pop” family businesses out of business. But of course if one were to say anything about this on Saint Glenn’s website forum, the Glennbots would absolutely rush to his defence with their gushing over their saviour Glenn. So why waste one’s time. Other than that, nothing is new there at this time. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: El 17 de marzo de 2014. Hola. I was on the website today that Saint Glenn Greenwald is now connected with. I wanted to see if anything had changed per readers suggestions. You’d have to read the article below to understand what I mean by that. But it looks like nothing has changed on that site. Nothing at all. As for the font size on the forum that someone complained about, the font size is the same as it was when that person complained so despite Glenn’s words sometime ago that the font size was “one of the many things we’re working on” the font size remains unchanged. It does not take this long to change a font size, chico, if one really wants to especially when you’re being funded by a billionaire. I now have the impression that Glenn just says anything to people, sort of to pump themselves up at that site or to pump himself up (and to brush people off). The site is still publishing only about one article a day, and one writer (Laura) has yet to write any articles after all this time. I’ve not read much of the comments but I suspect they are still gushing over their Saint Greenwald. Apparently one article on the topic of surveillance written by Glenn a few days ago was covered/”picked up” by the corporate media in The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos/the US. All that would do would be to put his name even more so on the “Detain List” at US airports should he come to the US from Brazil at some point as he has said he would do (loco). So that’s about it. Chau.—rosa barrio

Saint Greenwald and The Greenwald Cult

El 6 de marzo de 2014. Hola. I’ve seen the messiah complex applied to Obama and I’ve seen the Saint complex/attribute applied to Glenn Greenwald. From my observations, Saint Greenwald is how many people see journalist Glenn Greenwald. It’s as if he’s a Saint, and above reproach and can do no wrong. When Glenn Greenwald was at the UK Guardian he had people I called Glennbots, Greenwaldbots or The Greenwald Cult. They reminded me of Obamabots. They were/are merely sheeple who seem to need a “saviour” figure to latch onto and cheer-lead for no matter what their saviour does and they have this cult-like mentality (i.e. The Greenwald Cult in this case). They refuse to apply critical thinking skills to their saviour/messiah. Just like with most christians, no criticism of their saviour is allowed. Obamabots do the same thing with their Obama. The current conservative alcalde/mayor of San Francisco has his group of blinders-on devout bots as well (they’re called Leebots). They are no different than all the other bots. El hombre (Lee) can do no wrong and his Leebots use all types of Orwellian newspeak propaganda to describe their saviour Lee. The Leebots post on some local message forums and their comments remind me of their version of The Nicene Creed (“We believe in One God” … our God Lee).

Glenn Greenwald comes with his own bank of pro-Glenn trolls. As on the UK Guardian’s site where he previously worked, the pro-Glenn trolls sprinkle (well it’s more like) saturate the message forum on the new site he works for with their adoration, praise, back-slapping and continual thanks of their Saint Glenn. Regardless of what he does or says, the Greenwaldbots rush to his defense with their unconditional support. Their mentality is: Whatever Saint Glenn does is correct and justified because it’s saviour Glenn Greenwald doing it. That’s the overall impression I get from reading the comments from the pro-Glenn trolls. I’ve not seen this cult-like mentality before other than with the pathetic Obamabots, as well as locally with the Leebots.

From what I’ve observed, the Glennbots are mostly a group of lonely people with nothing else to do but to sit around on his message forum and write reams of comments supporting their Saint Glenn and whatever he does, and those who are in agreement (one troll washing the other’s back). Anyone who is critical of Glenn is either dismissed, bullied or suggested that the person does not know of what they speak, according to the Greenwaldbots. Also, the Glennbots are rather arrogant in that they have almost demanded that those who run the website (the “moderator” and/or billionaire owner of the new site) give them (the Glennbots) detailed plans of what they plan to do with the message forum. The Glennbots have critiqued the forum—most don’t like the style and setup of the forum—so they would like to know specifically how their forum is going to change to better suit them and serve them. The nerve and arrogance of some people! I’d tell them: You’re a guest here so use it the way it is—whether you like it or not—or feel free to go some place else and create your own blog, busy bodies! Glenn’s work is published on one section of the site. The entire site—which they don’t like—has been created using WordPress and they’re using WordPress’s built-in comment system. Also on the message forums, I’ve noticed some of Glenn’s bots are very parental with Glenn. Yes, they take it upon themselves to instruct their Glenn on what type of comments he should and should not respond to (such as: “don’t waste your time responding to attacks on you Glenn; you have too much work to do as a professional journalist and you’ll get behind on your work, Glenn,” type stuff). The Glennbots have this self-appointed, “I/We know what’s best for our Saint Glenn Greenwald” way of thinking. Loco/a. I think—but am not sure—that the Obamabots and the Greenwaldbots are not one-in-the-same people, but the messiah/saviour mentality is the same. I’ve also noticed that many of the Greenwaldbots write their comments in a rather pretentious style, sort of snooty, attempting to be (nose in air) philosophical-elitist and they’re concerned about, “the cogency of the discourse” Dahling (I added the word Dahling for these pretentious snots). Don’t mess with that “cogency.” Oh, these pathetic people.

One ironic/hypocritical thing I noticed on the site: Nearly all of these people on the forum are aware of the NSA state-surveillance problem, including predatory and parasitic Google serving as an accomplice to the NSA. But everyone on the forum from what I read was telling others to “google” such and such to research something. It’s very interesting (as well as clueless) that none of them are using non-tracking, search anonymously, DuckDuckGo (for example, or a similar type non-tracking search engine), which I use. So, they are all using the tracking/surveillance-state search engine which is part of the problem. [roll eyes]. No one on there makes that connection? Maybe they’re waiting for their Saint Glenn to point this out to them, as well as their hypocrisy in using Google. (There was a time when Google had a good reputation. Remember that? Not anymore, especially from what I’ve seen about them and from them lately): Google buys military robot-maker Boston Dynamics. WTF? Mi amiga/my friend asked: What are they doing? Are they trying to take over the world, is that their intent? And: Google told to move barge because of wrong permits.

One commenter asked about enlarging the font size on the message forum and Glenn responded:

This is one of the many, many things we’re working on.
¿Qué?/What? This billionaire dumped $250 million into this site and he’s the owner of a major corporate online auction site and its corporate online payment system site and he doesn’t know how to very quickly enlarge the font size on a message forum? And there’s no tech person there connected with this expensive site that knows how to do this either? I did a quick search and found a WordPress plug-in for enlarging font sizes on WordPress websites. The plug-in gets an average review from users.

Glenn could have told that person asking about larger font sizes: You can manually increase the font size on your screen by holding down the Ctrl key and at the same time pushing the + sign. (That’s also what I use). To reduce the font size use Ctrl and the – sign.

Here’s a related article I wrote previously about Glenn Greenwald: Glenn Greenwald talks about coming to los Estados Unidos.

Some more background on the new website Saint Greenwald is connected with:

Something is going on with the new website that Glenn works for. When Glenn announced on the UK Guardian’s website that he was leaving them to start this new job/venture with a corporatist billionaire I found it suspect. I thought: Why would you, Glenn, be doing something with a corporatist billionaire connected with a major corporate online auction site and its corporate online payment method site. At that time, the Greenwaldbots were absolutely gushing over this new venture and writing, “Oh how exciting Glenn, I can’t wait. Tell us: will people be able to comment on the new site, Glenn?” and other stuff. I thought the excitement was all premature. I prefer to see what it’s going to be before getting all jacked up and excited about something especially when a billionaire corporatist is involved with it.

Then the new website launched—supposedly prematurely according to Saint Greenwald—and as of this writing the site is not doing much even though by my count they have about 6-8 or more “journalists” on staff, I think. And at least one of them (Laura Poitras en Alemania/in Germany) hasn’t written anything. Some people (in their comments) have thought it odd that more NSA stuff was not being revealed by the site and Glenn responded that they would do about one article a week on that topic. That’s all? I thought NSA was going to be a priority of the site, no? Considering how this site had been hyped and is being funded by a billionaire, I had expected there to be, oh, 6-8 new articles every day on various topics since I suspect these journalists—whom the Greenwaldbots have been gushing over as each one has been hired/announced—are very well paid. But no, thus far the site is sort of dead. They’re publishing about one article roughly every day or every other day, and none on the weekends. The main activity on the site is the comment section with the Greenwaldbots, which I think are mainly Glenn’s readers/believers/followers from the US and the UK. On the forum, some people have already been blocked or banned having written comments questioning Saint Glenn or the billionaire owner.

So we have the Obamabots, the Greenwaldbots, the Leebots and I imagine there are other bots elsewhere I’m unaware of. All of these people give unconditional, even cult-like support to the person they’ve chosen to adore/worship.

One Greenwaldbot wrote about Glenn Greenwald:
“When one gets into a pissing match with Glenn, one gets all wet.”

And then this one:
“Thanks Glenn, another one punch knock out round with spurious self proclaimed “journalists.””
[roll eyes]. That’s an example of the “fighting/bullying” mentality of some of these Greenwaldbots. I think they get some of that from their messiah Glenn.

I liked Glenn Greenwald’s work when he was at the UK Guardian (this for example). One of Glenn’s critics who recently got banned on the message forum said essentially the same thing I’m saying here. But at this point I don’t think much of him, in part, because I now know more about him than I did. I wrote about that here. I can’t imagine not doing any research on one’s employer and his/her politics with this strange thinking that as long as the employer leaves you alone, you don’t care what the employer does in their business ethics (or lack of)? No, I don’t agree with that thinking at all.

I don’t need a saviour or a messiah. And I can’t think of anyone I would walk across the street to see or meet if someone told me that some “famous person” or “celebrity” were over there. I couldn’t care less. I don’t get into this “celebrity culture,” caca that many people (sheeple) need in order to live. But as long as someone’s face is on television or gets coverage on major corporate websites, there’s a segment of the population that will gush over them, revere them, worship them, adore them and attach a saint-like/messiah complex to them with this cult-like following. That’s what many people have done with Obama, Greenwald and San Francisco’s bourgeois elite pathetic-excuse-for-a-mayor.

Also, for those who don’t know, Glenn is an abogado/attorney who became a journalist, and he’s very skilled at using language. In my opinion, at least lately, he uses language to bully people who criticise him. Bullying is bad no matter who does it.

Based on what I’ve seen and heard from Obamabots and Leebots, I can safely predict that it won’t matter what happens with Saint Glenn or the new website he’s connected with and what is revealed of any negative nature about Glenn or that site, because the Greenwaldbots will continue to bow down before, genuflect to and worship their messiah Glenn. Again, el chico can do no wrong in their mind. They will continue to chant on autopilot: “Go, Glenn, go” while raising their pompoms which rests on their DSL modem. Chau.—rosa barrio


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———- COMMENTS ———- (posted manually from e-mail)

06.07.14 just wondering…what’s up with glenn?—Matt
My response: Hola, Matt. I no longer go to that site or follow Big Head in any way. Mi amiga (she can’t stand him either) goes there occasionally just to see what’s up as she calls it and she said (as I best remember what she said): He wouldn’t name Afghanistan as the country where all phones calls are being recorded because The Empire told him not to. Why? Because it would likely cause violence in that unknown country. So Wikileaks (opposing Big Head/Saint Greenwald) revealed the name of the country instead and Saint Greenwald didn’t like that. Tough luck. Afghanistan is the name of the country. Has there been violence? No. Not any more than usual. So it was bull shit. Violence is a common occurrence in Afghanistan since The Empire’s terrorist attack on that country following the inside job known as 911. Mi amiga says that most of the lonely people on that forum on GG’s site are nuts and lunatics and devout followers of their messiah Glenn. He can do no wrong and is above reproach no matter what he does. That’s about all she’s told me. Chau.—rosa barrio

05.02.14 Is it too late to comment on your Greeenwaldbots article? I was on that site today for the 1st time. His followers are like a cult. He was in a debate today in Canada. I see he has no trouble traveling anywhere and getting into and out of countries. Money works. I read the comments for that article and it was like a bunch of cheer leaders shaking pompoms for their Team Glenn. The good thing was that there were only about 100 comments and many of the same people again and again. I’m assured that even though he has this cult following of nuts that it’s a small group because I don’t think most people care about him or have heard of him. When I’ve mentioned his name with people in the past they ask me, “who?”

05.02.14 They’re very much a sexist gruop at Glenn’s website. I read the words “common man” many times in posts and find it offensive.

04.30.14 i just read comments over on glenn’s site. a strange group over there w/ some acting desperate to write posts there. what’s with that? someone accused glenn of “bull shit” and repeating the same thing again and again. he has some fanatics following him.
My response: Hola. You referred to the “strange group…” Yeah, I don’t understand them. There are a lot of nuts over there and who are attracted to him, and they act as if it’s so terribly important that they be allowed to write comments there. I read one comment that said that while the site was dead to turn it over to commenters to keep it going because people do like to comment there. I thought: Why? Why is it important to comment there or anywhere else? When did someone’s comment ever change the world for the positive? Some people think the world would stop turning if they aren’t allowed to write their precious comment on some useless site. The Greenwald Cult members should just start their own blog and leave comments turned on and all go over to the new blog and write all the comments they want there. I read the other day that many sites are turning off comments because of the trolls and the nastiness directed at writers of sites. The fanatics you refer to I see them as cult members. In their minds, GG can do no wrong. He’s their saviour. Chau.—rosa barrio

04.28.14 Isn’t Glenn Greenwald doing a movie?
My response: Hola. I guess. I don’t know. I’ve read something about that several times and it was in the context of GG exploiting the Snowden documents for profit and book deals and a movie deal and something else was mentioned as part of that. One thing I read said that for the movie deal GG would be the star, director and producer. Well how nice! Isn’t that wonderful. I have zero interest in it. Then someone else wrote me saying that he said that the “most significant [corporate language] revelations about the NSA stuff would be coming out and it’s bigger and better than ever” or some such nonsense. I’m surprised he didn’t say “explosive” or “breathtaking” or “earth-shaking” to hype it even more. One would have thought that the biggest revelations would already be out rather than this slow drip effect of giving a little bit of bait every now and then and hyping supposed future “revelations.” Someone else wrote me and said they counted about 12 “journalists” connected with that site and people asked why no one was writing anything (other than GG on the odd occasion). The answer to that question was more excuses. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if “we” have all the NSA stuff we’re going to get and that anything else has been (mostly) silenced by Pierre and his close ties to la casa blanca as part of “The Deal” to give GG, David Miranda, and LP (and anybody else) a “pardon” so to speak. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—rosa barrio

04.27.14 Thanks for the updates. Glenn wrote an article today but not about the NSA which is supposed to be the priority. He’s sooooooo full of excuses. Many people are unhappy with him and his site. A couple of commenters asked if the billionaire funder was expressing “buyer’s remorse.” One person called Glenn, Laura and the others a traitor for selling out. Maybe he’s losing his following afterall. Serve him right. Thx.

04.21.14 just came from greenwald’s website. what’s with the comment forum? why even have it? comments boil down to 2 gruops: the greenwald cult as you call them and objective people (called “trolls” by the cult members) who are critical of greenwald. many big egos there and many people with nothing else to do i take it.
My response: Hola, typically comment forums are intended to generate traffic to a website, except in this case the comment forum is generating traffic to a dead site that publishes little. When I was on there I noticed the two camps of people. Whenever anyone remotely criticised “savior” Glenn, along came a Greenwald Cult member to slap the person down. Objectivity on there is not allowed as it’s confused with—as you said—being a troll. Being objective, I’ve done a 180 in my view of GG. But I was never one of his adoring blinders-on fans who worshipped any and all that he did. People who need a hero figure or a “messiah” are pathetic and need some psychological work. I now sense from some of the things I’ve seen and read that he has a rather small following and it’s becoming smaller by the day. Of course he will always have the few who fall all over him and worship anything he does. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—rosa barrio

04.20.14 Did you see about Glenn’s new book? Are you interested?
My response: Hell no, I’m not interested! It’s his attempt to make money off of the Snowden documents which are public documents. Those documents should not be part of anybody’s book that the author is being paid for. I find it sleazy and disgusting. One can write a book but don’t put public documents in your book to try to make money off of it. I also found it interesting that Snowden chose the UK Guardian site to publish his recent article on (about Putin and surveillance) and not Glenn’s site. But then, why would anyone want to publish anything on a stagnant/dead site? Does anybody read books anymore? The masses/sheeple are on their gadgets (addiction) and I never see anyone reading a book on their gadget. Gracias for your comment.

04.20.14 Is it true that Glenn Greenwald is going to be starring in a movie that he’s producing and directing based on the Snowden documents? Sounds like he’s exploiting the Snowden documents for profit. Those documents belong to the public. I think Snowden gave the documents to the wrong people.
My response: Hola. I’ve read the same thing (in comments) but have no idea if it’s true. If it’s true, I don’t think many people would watch such a movie—could people put down their smartphones long enough to watch a movie?—as most people don’t seem to care about Snowden or being spied on, otherwise they would get off their gadgets, but instead the smartphone addiction seems to be getting stronger. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

04.20.14 I thought the Passover Greeting was very inappropriate. They want readers to know it’s a Jewish site? Do you know who the crazy people on that forum are? THanks.
My response: Hola. I don’t know who they are and maybe that’s best. I had originally thought that the people on the forum came over from the UK Guardian site where GG worked before, but I’m not so sure now. Clearly, some people are living on that forum day and night based on the number of comments one reads from the same people and they appear desperate for the site. Someone wrote me and said one commenter said that the silence from the site is “brutal” (that was the word used) for GG’s followers, or something to that effect, and that GG’s followers will not be abused. (What drugs are these people on?) BRUTAL? Get a grip, people. It’s just another website. It could disappear tomorrow—which it might do—and no one would even notice or care other than the nuts on that site. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—rosa barrio

04.19.14 that site’s not doing anything. was there this a.m. 1200 comments w/ with the same people arguing. they go there when they get up and leave when they go to bed????????? read one comment from glenn. he’s full of excuses and BS, not writing anything either.

04.18.14 Good title for your article. I read 2 comments on their forum from Glennbots saying they see Glenn Greenwald as superhuman.

04.18.14 re glenn’s website….they announced this last year. so much time has passed and they still dont have a clue. lots of excuses being made for the site in comments. i build websites for clients in wordpress, drupal and others. they’re using wp. i can have one up and ready in a day. no excuse for this incompetence. the people commenting make it sound like their lives would be over if the site wasn’t there. that site is no more important than any other site. just another website. so many people need heroes. your site is pretty. pink is my favorite color.

4 comments on “Glenn Greenwald and the Greenwaldbots

  1. Chisme

    I agree with Miguel. It’s sad to think that the Greenwald cult still exists. Like Miguel wrote, Greenwald’s articles get 200-300 comments. All other TI writers are lucky if they 5-35 comments. I gave up on trying to read them. Their comments are too off-putting for me with their ass-eating rhetoric and tone over anything Greenwald has to say.

  2. Miguel

    I was over on Glenn Greenwald’s site awhile ago. I read some of the comments and before I give my opinion of that I did a search and it brought up your article. I’ve spent some time here. It’s very different over here. The people over there write like my grandmother. I love my grandmother but her writing style and the words she uses from her generation don’t really spark me. That’s the way it is over on Greenwald’s site. I think they’re just a group of lonely people mostly of an advanced age who go there every day waiting for him to write something so they can have something to do for that day and argue and pick fights with each other. His articles get the most comments. People still believe in him (I know you don’t). It’s a strange group over there. They strike me as a bunch of conservatives when they write shit such as climate change being a conspiracy and 911 being a conspiracy and shit like that. Climate change is real and I don’t know anyone who fell for the government’s 911 story. They seem to over there. I’m glad you and your readers are on to him (Glenn Greenwald). Saludos.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Miguel, well that’s the impression I used to get over there so I take it that nothing has changed at the Church of Greenwald and his cult’s devout devotion to their messiah. So many people need a messiah to believe in. Mi amiga who goes to that site occasionally, all she tells me is that, “they don’t seem to ever get tired of talking about the same thing over and over….spying and terrorism.” What more is there to talk about with either topic? They’ve both been “milked” thoroughly. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. Nate

    Hey. I’ve been on TI since it began. I expected a hell of a lot more out of it than what it’s turned out to be due to the hype about it from Glenn Greenwald and his missionaries. I think PO – still – has no idea what he wants it to be. I think the people at TI are not getting along and that’s why it’s stalling, or that’s the way it looks to me. I agree with you on Greenwald. He is a bullshitter and I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but that could be why the comments are getting lower. I think many people are – finally- wising up to him. I don’t know why it takes some people so long to see what’s right in front of them. IMO their comments come from lonely people with a lot of time on their hands (Mona, Craig, and others).

    An example of the bull shit, you wrote about Greenwald saying that changing the font size in the comments was one of the many things they were working on. LOL. It takes a year to change a font size and it’s still the same size it was on a site funded by a billionaire where he could hire any techies he would want? Techies don’t know how to change font sizes? LOL.

    I also wondered by Greenwald was allowed to travel so freely around the world and in and out of the U.S. as he’s done. I have no doubt that this is because of PO’s connections with Obama, and I’ve heard no one in Congress say Greenwald should be arrested as they did at one time. Some agreement was made….or he’s a plant and the threat of arrests was all theater. That wouldn’t surprise me.

Fin. The End.