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San Francisco: A City of Idiots

El 19 de marzo de 2014. Hola. The city where I’ve lived for decades is quickly becoming a City of Idiots, if it hasn’t already.

Some examples:

Who would stand around in a dark place in a major city at night squinting and fucking with a gadget (smartphone) when there have been many noticias/news reports of muggings involving gadgets particularly in that area?
Answer: An idiot. Yet I see this behaviour all the time.

Who would walk down the dark sidewalk at night in a major city on their phone talking with someone as if they’re walking around in their living room and oblivious to their surroundings?
Answer: An idiot, and I see this behaviour all the time.

Who would be obsessed with and addicted to a gadget nearly 24 hours a day to the degree that the person has to wake up during the night to check the fucking thing to see if someone has “liked” you on some Orwellian-named “social media network”?
Answer: An idiot.

This city—San Francisco—is obsessed with and addicted to gadgets/smartphones. I’ve never, ever, seen anything like this addiction before. “It’s creepy” as an amigo of mine said who lives outside the city. It looks like something one would see in some futuristic fantasy movie or something with all of these people walking around or standing around looking at their hand. “What is going on?” he asked.

People cross the street–even major busy intersections—without looking at anything but their gadget. Who would do that?
Answer: An idiot, who values their gadget more than their life. Apparently, it’s the responsibility of motorists to not hit these gadget-addicted idiots.

Again, clearly, their gadget is more important to these idiots than their life. And if I were to briefly asked them about that, what would I hear from them? Most likely laughter (they would think it was funny that they were noticed and acting like an idiot and called on it) and they would likely say the word, “like” every other word while talking about their addiction, which is also what I mainly hear in people’s speech (“like, like, like”) in San Francisco these days on the rare occasion anyone is talking and not gadgeting. Like, like, like, like, like every other word. What idiot would change their speech patterns to sound as if they are brain dead and can’t form complete sentences?

I was wondering if this gadget addiction/obsession is as strong across the Bay in Oakland and down in San José (California), for example. An amigo told me he sees some of it on occasion on the San Francisco Peninsula cities, but he says it’s nothing there like it is in the City (San Francisco). He’s the person who called the City “creepy” with this addiction.

I’m now even seeing cyclists fucking with a gadget while riding their bicycle. Loco/a. CRAZY! Idiots! As a cyclist myself, I know that one’s full attention is required on the bike in dealing with city traffic and idiots in vehicles who are also on a fucking gadget. I see cyclists stopped along side the street fucking with their gadget. They can’t even enjoy their ride and just relax and leave that gadget at home or put it away on the bike somewhere should it be needed for an emergency. Their life is apparently wrapped around that fucking thumb box gadget that they’re fucking with instead of enjoying their bike ride. An amigo told me he was up on Twin Peaks the other night looking at the view. He said to me, “Guess what many people were looking at up there? Their gadget. They had gone all the way up to Twin Peaks to see that beautiful view of San Francisco and the Bay Area at night and they’re up there hunched over squinting at a gadget screen in their hand the entire time.

Doesn’t surprise me. Idiots.

Some amigos of mine say this obsession and addiction with gadgets is worse in San Francisco than elsewhere. This is also the same city that is being ravaged by The Techie Trash and their Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex, in part, through corporate welfare given to techie companies who base their company in San Francisco. From what I’m seeing, most people don’t give a fuck about whether they are spied on by ANYONE or not. They don’t care at all. Their instant gratification of that gadget is all that matters to these sheep. Even people who are being evicted from their apartments in this city because of tech don’t seem to make the connection with that gadget and their addiction to it and useless apps.

I’ve also seen people on automatic pilot doing a scrolling motion with their right hand but their gadget was down at their left side. In other words, because of the scrolling habit, their right hand was automatically scrolling in the air at nothing because their gadget was down on their other side.

In my opinion, this gadget addiction is stronger than that of nicotine. I’ve seen some people come out of the metro and they are scrambling for two things: their gadget and a cigarette. Usually, the gadget comes out first. And without a doubt the gadget would be the stronger addiction for most people from what I’m seeing.

As mi amiga said recently: I know this gadget addiction and obsession seems like the worst addiction we’ve ever seen anywhere. I can’t stand it (she said). I can’t either it. I hate it. But there’s at least one thing to remember (she said): The sheep have a very short attention span. They will tire of these gadgets at some point. They will burn out on them.

Maybe, mi amiga. I’ll believe it when I see it. Also, the sheeple may even go back to using PCs where one can actually have a big screen and a big keyboard versus these little toys they’re on now which are the adult equivalent of a baby’s rattler and pacifier for the sheeple to keep them entertained and distracted with mostly piles of useless garbage on that gadget every waking hour. Gadgets are essentially a distraction for the masses and that’s how I see them. I don’t see them as some big, major technology wonder as the sheep have been programmed to think that they are. They are really a step backward (i.e. small screen, small keyboard so small it requires typing with your thumbs, all these useless apps one has to buy just to do what one can already do easily on a PC).

Mi amiga asked: What will be the next addiction for the sheep? I said: I don’t know but hopefully one not as obnoxious and useless as this one. I’ve never liked being around smokers, but I’d take smokers to gadget addicts any day because at least smokers look where they’re going and don’t walk into you…obliviously.

Here are some videos and links you might find helpful. Chau.—rosa barrio

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