San Francisco’s Castro is a mind fuck

It’s heterosexual awash with Rainbow Flags. A good script writer couldn’t make this stuff up.

Hola a todos. No, it wasn’t just the Millennial guy that ran out of the now-heterosexual Twin Peaks Bar with his supposed girlfriend the night of 1 October 2021 and stood by the utility pole outside the bar to vomit on the sidewalk (rather than in the street) whilst his girl rubbed his back. What were they doing over here anyway? They enjoy hanging out in a fading gay area, do they? If I had a girlfriend, we would be hanging out in a traditionally heterosexual area of The City and not in an area where some people would begin to question our sexuality, and with good reason.

Is anybody talking about this in any local publications? I doubt it. I’ve not read anything about it anywhere except on my site. I don’t read the local gay rag. I stopped reading that thing out of frustration — in concern for my blood pressure — due to their conservative, pro-establishment bent. If anyone is talking about this, I can assure you it would be in the most vague of terms because they wouldn’t want to offend the $traight$. (Dollar signs deliberate). In recent years, when those useless and arrogant neighbourhood associations have said anything, they’ve said, “The neighbourhood is changing.” They never say HOW, and know one has the sense to ask them either. And at this point it is past tense. The neighbourhood has CHANGED. But don’t expect the busy-body assholes who run any of these associations or business groups to tell you what I’m saying. If anything, they would ask me, “Can you tone it down a bit?” No I can’t, and fuck off. Do we understand each other? I have no patience for you elitist homeowner trash — who only care about people of your same income bracket or higher — who think you deserve special rights just because you own some old moldy home. Suckers!

For those who don’t know, the Twin Peaks Bar is a famous gay bar in San Francisco’s history — the first gay bar with windows — which has since been taken over by heterosexuals. They seem to be the majority of patrons there. And no, none of the straight bars in The City have closed but they must not be doing that well considering these alleged heterosexuals insist on going to Twin Peaks in an area saturated with rainbow flags. That’s quite a mind fuck. Although the straights have taken over other gay bars in San Francisco. The Lion’s Pub comes to mind which was in lower Pacific Heights. That bar became heterosexual before it finally closed.

It’s really been a combination of things that cause the Castro Mind Fuck.

I must sound like a “broken record” by now considering I keep saying the same thing. It’s my way of venting though about seeing perceived “straight” couples walking as close together as possible and tightly holding hands — as if they’re scared to death that some gay guy might run over to them and attack the guy to give him a blow job? (wishful-thinking!/dreamers) — whilst they walk down Castro Street. Are these alleged heterosexual couples really that fucking insecure with their sexuality and their relationship that they are required to hold hands and feel they must show us all that they are supposedly a heterosexual couple? Do they not understand that no one over here gives a fuck about them? You see them sitting below rainbow flags or walking the length of Castro saturated with rainbow flags holdings hands. Do they not know what the rainbow flag represent? Are they that fucking dense? Or do they think the rainbow flag is the new heterosexual flag? Well it might as well be by now, considering the state of things around here. If I had a girlfriend, I would not be hanging out or living in a rainbow flag-saturated area. I just don’t get it. Or, are they, as some of us suspect closet cases pretending to be heterosexual? Is the guy really queer and in the closet and with a girlfriend (she’s his “cover”) and he’s over here to look at guys out of the corner of his eye when she’s not looking? And the same for the girl? Is she really a lesbian but he hasn’t figured that out yet?

It’s really quite a mind fuck.

At this point, it’s accurate to say that The Castro has been lost to the Millennial alleged heterosexuals. It’s too bad they don’t have better taste in things. If they had better taste they would have chosen another neighbourhood of San Francisco to take over, because there’s really nothing over here worth taking over and that’s been the case for years now. The restaurants are average at best, the merchants are conservative, the Queers who are still here are now conservative — that happened since gay marriage became legal — and the theatre has been part of the “Sanitise The Castro and make it ‘Family-Friendly’ – gag” problem for years. These days, The Castro is like The Marina district except with rainbow flags. The Marina is a traditionally heterosexual area of San Francisco.

There’s really nothing here worth taking over, so, some of us don’t get it. Are the drinks that much cheaper over here for these alcoholics after you count in the expense of getting over here if you don’t already live in the area. And if you’re genuinely straight, why would you move to a fading gay area rather than a traditionally straight area? And some of the chicks that go into the Twin Peaks Bar look like hookers from the Tenderloin looking for sex with skimpy boob-showing dresses on and spiked heels. You go to a fading gay area dressed like that, do you? WTF?

Someone might be wondering how the Twin Peaks bar owners feel about this. Are they still Queer? I couldn’t tell you. I suspect they would say: Oh we love the straights. We love seeing them stumble out of our bar drunk and vomiting on the sidewalk outside. We exploited “the gay” for decades. We see no harm in exploiting the $traight$ now. Some of the recent reviews of the Twin Peaks bar have been written by the most gullible of people. Females usually. “They love everyone here, no judgments.” Listen bitch: Love and a business have nothing to do with each other. I’ve never seen any business decision based in “love.”

The thing is: Queers don’t deliberately move to or hang out in traditionally straight areas, nor do they take over straight bars. The same cannot be said for these heterosexuals who already own the entire world. Now they want this little fading gay enclave. And they pretty much have it now. It shouldn’t be too long before the rainbow flags come down after complaints from the heterosexuals. “This is no longer a faggot neighbourhood so get these flags down now!” Chau.—el barrio rosa

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Also, his t-shirt said: “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro).