San Francisco’s Heterosexual Castro: “We must hold hands so they will think I’m straight.”

Is it The Marina or The Castro? How can you tell? These days The Castro looks like San Francisco’s heterosexual Marina district except in this case with rainbow flags. There’s never been an occasion where gay guys have tried to or taken over straight bars. Unfortunately, supposedly straight couples have no problem invading and taking over gay bars. Whilst some of them pretend to be an “ally” of the so-called “Queer Community.” An “ally” has respect for the group they are an ally of. Taking over a gay bar and making out in it and in some cases stumbling out of the bar too drunk to walk, is the opposite behaviour of what an ally would do. These days when I look at the cams, I’m now expecting to see “him and her” couples in The Castro, and not “him and him” couples as was the case during the Gay Mecca decades.

Hola a todos. I do not get/understand this. It’s mostly the 20s and 30s crowd engaged in this behaviour. It’s not that the perceived Millennial straights have no where else to go. All of the traditionally heterosexual areas of San Francisco still remain open as well as all of the straight bars in town. So this begs the question: Why do presumably straight couples insist on coming to bars and living in an area awash in rainbow flags? WTF is that about? And why do they insist that they hold hands? It’s as if he says to her: “I want to make one thing perfectly clear before we go over to The Castro or before we walk out our front door here in The Castro (where the real estate prices are higher)”: We must hold hands at all times so that they will think I’m straight. I don’t want for the gay guys who are still living here — and who I’m looking at in a sexual way out of the corner of my eye when you’re not looking — to think “I’m funny like that” or “one of them.”

Some of them come over here looking “dressed up on the town” with her heels and shawl over her shoulders. Ugh. Feminism? Dead. None of these people have ever heard the word feminism, feminist or don’t agree with that based on their behaviour. I see them walking. With some of these couples, the guy looks old enough to be her dad. He’s walking with his hands in his pocket and her right hand is latched to his left arm as she subserviently walks slightly behind him as if on a leash to her “daddy” who she sees as superior to herself. Think: the 1950s perhaps. These are all mostly Millennial-age people. She looks like she loves a dominant man. Does he put a choke hold on her neck and pull her hair when fucking her? Or being a gay guy and in the closet, does she put on a strap on and fuck him? Wouldn’t surprise me.

I’d love to stop them and ask each one of the straight couples: Why are you over here holding hands with each other (and making out) when you have the whole City to party in or live in? Because as a guy, if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be over here holding hands and making out with my girlfriend. In fact, I’d feel fucking weird hanging out with my girl among a sea of rainbow flags. I suspect she would ask me: Are you sure you’re straight? What are we doing over here? And she’d have every reason to ask that question!

For example, if they put up a sea of rainbow flags in San Francisco’s Marina district — a traditionally heterosexual area — I suspect some heads would turn and the residents would ask: WTF is going on down here in the Marina? Are they trying to make this The Castro? Well, that’s what they’re doing to The Castro. They’re trying to make it The Marina. The Castro is now an empty shell of its former Gay Mecca self. Period. But it’s still known as a gay area, in part, because of its history and all the queer stuff that’s shoved in your face for tourist purposes.

What do most queers think about this of those who are still living here? I don’t know what they think. I don’t know if anything is being written about this anywhere else because I stopped reading the local gay rag years ago when they became shrills for the conservatives posing as “moderates” and their right-wing agenda. Also, at that time I noticed that the rag’s writers seem to have no idea what was happening to The Castro as if none of them ever came over here. They just assumed things were as they’ve always been and wrote from that ignorant position. The queers who are still here may be all for this straight invasion considering how conservative The Castro has become and how conformist and conservative the Queer so-called “Community” has become, especially since gay marriage became legal. Or because many Queers are too busy glued to their phone, do they even notice it? I don’t know. I assume that most Queers do not agree with my politics on anything so I keep my views to myself when I’m out in public to avoid any conflict. I don’t care to be annoyed. I learned this the hard way during one protest years ago in The Castro where I was bullied, trolled and mocked for my politics by a group of Queer guys. I even felt a bit threatened and unsafe for my well-being by their behaviour. It was then that I knew The Castro had changed or was changing in the wrong direction. And it’s been downhill ever since.

“The neighbourhood is changing” has been written about many times by those useless, know-it-all, “we know what’s best for you” conservative neighbourhood associations and the conservative trash who run them. I can’t think of a good one. When they’ve been interviewed, they have said, “The neighbour is changing” but they never say HOW. Why? Because they don’t want to offend anyone, particularly the straights. They want the heterosexual $$$$$$$. So they never say that the neighbourhood is becoming heterosexual. They just speak in vague terms of “the neighbourhood is changing.” Useless conservative trash. And of course in the interview they are never asked, “How is the neighbourhood changing?” The head of one of those neighbourhood associations was gushing over this new restaurant that was moving in to one of the new luxury condo buildings, and how quiet it was going to be to create a “a nice, quiet dinner environment.” That restaurant closed long ago. It was a disaster. The residents of the condo constantly complained about the noise and the drunk patrons. It was the opposite of a “a nice, quiet dinner environment.” Shows how much the conservative neighbourhood association guy knew! He had fallen for the marketing spew from that restaurant. Fucking idiot.

So why would any straight couple want to hang out or drink and get drunk in The Castro? Are the drinks cheater in The Castro than they are in the Marina, North Beach, Union Street, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, you-name-it in The City? They are all traditionally heterosexual areas of The City. Or is this some new fad that some idiots started? Why are straights insisting on taking over the one gay bar in The Castro that’s legendary for its history and windows?

Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, judging by what I see on the Castro cams, the straights have taken over The Castro. To see a flow of “him and her” holding hands — that’s a requirement — among the rainbow flags is a mind fuck for me. I’m thinking: Maybe they should quickly put up the straight flags. And unless the straights now claim to own the rainbow flag too, that bar will have to take down their rainbow colour light show they’ve had since the Gay Mecca years, and change out the bulbs to drab, corporate Millenneal clear bulbs. Being terrified of colour, the Millenneals seem to only like clear bulbs (some people call them white bulbs but they’re really clear), void of any colour at all. Related: The Millenneals: The Generation with a Dress Code.

I know I’ve written about this in the past many times, but it’s becoming even more obvious now (Fall of 2021). The presumably straight couples appear to have also taken over — they’re in the majority — at the legendary gay bar at the corner of Castro and Market Streets. They want that too! I see the presumably straight couples stumbling out of there. Some can barely stand up they’re so drunk. What I also see is dysfunction. These couples come out of the bar and hang out in the nearby Jane Warner Plaza. Each time it looks like the drunk guy is interested in the girl but drunk her is not interested in him, or vice versa. I don’t recall seeing any perceived straight couple in the plaza where they both look interested in each other. And I did not see this drunk behaviour when The Castro was a Gay Mecca.

The thing I don’t understand is: Don’t the straights feel at all uncomfortable in an area saturated with gay flags everywhere you look? I would if I had a girl. Or are most of these guys with chicks really closet cases and hoping to check out guys when she’s not looking? That’s a possibility.

I do see the queer couples (him and him, and her and her). The queer couples rarely hold hands. Again, holding hands is required for the perceived straight couples. With the straight couples, if she doesn’t have her needy hand held, he ain’t getting any pussy later is the bottom line. But if he’s gay to begin with, he doesn’t want any pussy.

I have no doubt that some of these perceived heterosexual couples are not hetero at all. They put on this act of being straight by holding hands so that “the gays” will think that they’re a straight couple. But “the gays” are not stupid. Gay guys know a gay guy when they see one and some of these guys posturing and holding hands with chicks look queer. They’re not fooling anybody. They look like a gay guy with a chick, and he’s a closet case.

I’ve read some reviews about the bar I mentioned earlier, mostly from female reviewers. Damn odd, when this bar used to be a bar for gay men. Not females. Well, females could go there, but gay men were in the overwhelming majority like all of the other Castro bars of the Gay Mecca. The gullible females writing reviews for this bar claim how “this bar loves us all and they don’t care if you’re straight or gay or ….” All of that mush aside: No bar operates on “love,” bitch. It’s all about $$$$ to them and they’re just as comfortable taking/exploiting straight money as queer money, like they did for decades. Also, there is no lovefest between gays and straights as some of the reviewers tried to imply. Gay guys don’t like it when chicks are in their bars or when straight guys are there either. And homophobic comments are increasingly on the rise as more and more perceived straights take over the area and make anti-gay comments such as “there are too many gays here.” Or like that shirt I saw a guy wearing in the Harvey Milk Plaza: Fuck you, homo. Oh yes, there’s a real lovefest between queer guys and the perceived straights. [sarcasm intended]

Gay bars have existed so that gay guys are in a safe environment for meeting each other. Watch a gay guy hit on a straight guy and you won’t see any lovefest, but rather trouble. The same for straight bars. They exist so that heterosexual people can meet each other in a safe environment.

I don’t hear anything about gay guys taking over any straight bars. No, it’s the other way around. The straights — are they really straight? — already own the entire world. But they want the gay bars too.

I’ve only talked with one gay guy about the situation in The Castro. He told me he avoids The Castro because “there are too many girls there.” Yeah, you can’t not notice that. I remember asking a couple years ago: Where did all of these females come from? We’re overflowing with females. And are they lesbians or what? The straight bars in The City are still open, so I don’t know why all of these perceived straight couples are coming over here.

I can imagine asking these supposed straight couples, “Excuse me, but why are you over here in an area awash in rainbow flags?” The guy might say, “Well, we love the gays.” (Yes, I’m sure you do…roll eyes) I would respond: And if a gay guy hits on you would you still love the gays?” The guy might say, “Well, that would be a different story.” I ask: And how’s that? You just said you “love the gays.” He’d say, “Well yeah but I don’t want some faggot hitting on me.” I’d say: I’m not convinced that you “love the gays” by that response. Maybe you should take your ass back over to, well, anywhere else in the City since the straights own the world and the rest of this City. And the perceived-straights are not content until they have this little fading gay area too? It’s just quite odd, that you insist on coming over here. And even so-called “allies of gays” don’t feel the need to take over the few remaining gay bars that there are, and live in what remains of gay areas. That speaks to another agenda.

Or is what we’re seeing is a bunch of closet cases and they insist on holding hands with the female they’re with to give the (false) impression he’s straight and hanging out in a rainbow flag saturated area? He’s really gay (and in denial) and she’s a lesbian (and also in denial). They have yet to admit to themselves that they’re both queer so they’re pretending to be heterosexual. That could explain this weird phenomena. Whatever explains this, it’s damn annoying to see.

I just looked at the cams and what did I see? A guy and a chick outside that bar, arm-in-arm with her rubbing his left arm as both walked towards the Embarcadero wearing Millennial all-black clothing at night. I guess they’ve never learned that it’s difficult for motorists and cyclists to see someone in all-black clothing at night. (Duh).

I’ve asked a few other guys I know, including guys online, if they had a girlfriend or wife, would they take their girl to The Castro or to an area where “gay” is in your face with rainbow flags everywhere you look. Every guy I asked said the same thing I say: “Absolutely not.” So what is wrong with these supposed “straight” fuckers in The Castro? In fact, some of the guys said they would avoid the area because they wouldn’t want their girl to think they’re gay or bi. And many straight chicks don’t like bi guys because “they have sex with guys too” which is repulsing to some straight females.

So here’s a suggestion: Take down all the rainbow flags in The Castro.
Presumably they’re up for historical purposes, but does anyone care about history anymore?  It would seem not considering the presumably straight couples who enjoy making out in front of gay guys and under a gay flag as a sign of disrespect. As I said earlier, if I had a girlfriend, I would do none of this. We wouldn’t be in The Castro. Can’t the remaining gay guys have this small little village for themselves? The straight have the entire world to hold hands and make out in. One thing is clear: The conservatives now have their long-desired wish. The conservative homeowners and merchants have thoroughly sanitised The Castro to make the area “family-friendly:” Gag. Their meme is, “WELCOME STRAIGHT COUPLES and your black baby strollers.”  We, the merchants, exploited “the gays” for decades.  Now we’re quite content on exploiting and taking your straight money.  To us trashy conservative merchants, money is money. We don’t care where it comes from. Chau.—el barrio rosa

And by the way, when the supposed straight guys and or straight couples see a Queer male couple, do the straights think they’re two guys hanging out and trying to pick up a chick? Is that what they think? Are the straights that out of it that that’s what they think in a rainbow flag saturated area?