San Francisco: The Castro’s Rainbow Flag: Children in the Sandbox

Hola a todos. (September 2021) There’s currently an effort to “Save the Harvey Milk Plaza Rainbow Flag” by one group of people.  Sigh. Not this flag pole again.  Geezus fucking christ. I’ve never seen so much trouble over one fucking flag pole in my life.  And as heterosexual as The Castro is today, I’m surprised the thing (the rainbow flag) is still up.  I’m surprised any of the rainbow flags are still up. Or do the straights now own the rainbow flag too? Just like they’ve taken over Queer neighbourhoods and gay bars? The Castro today is like San Francisco’s (heterosexual) Marina district, except with rainbow flags. It’s why an acquaintance of mine, a Queer homeowner, moved away. He would say to me when I’d see him, “Welcome to the Heterosexual Castro” as “him and her” couples in their required hand-holding mode paraded by us.

The group trying to save the current flag talks about how it’s the original flag (by design) whilst they use “LGBTQ”RSTUVWXYZ+++++”  All those letters; the alphabet soup mess which is on its way to becoming longer than a Metro train. “LGBT” is not the original acronym, people.  If they’re all about “original” they should be using GLBT, like the local Queer museum uses.  That’s the original acronym.  That LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ++++++ shit is revisionist history. It’s been used since lesbians hijacked the movement and moved their elitist fat asses to first place in that acronym.  Again, for the thick people, GLBT was the original, not this “LGBTQ” rubbish that Gay Incorporated has spammed everywhere you look, and its many variations.  It was called the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement” not the “Lesbian and Gay Rights Movement.”  Gay guys led the Movement by the thousands, not lesbians on their hogs.  You have to do more than sit your fat ass on a hog/motorcycle at the beginning of a corporate-hijacked “Pride” parade — complete with “the official corporate hotel” and “the official corporate car” — to merit the attention you needy lesbians crave!

With the Harvey Milk Plaza rainbow flag, another group wants a “more contemporary” flag on the pole that is “more inclusive” of trans and Black and Brown people.  What about Asians?  What about the first-settlers people of North America? What about Eskimos?  What about the leather crowd? If we’re being “all-inclusive” what about the Lawyer’s Guild or the Baker’s Association?  What about ASCAP? Shouldn’t they be included too?  We can’t leave anybody out! What about the Janitors’ Association? Ugh.

And why should trans be included? Queer is about same-gender attraction?  Trans has nothing to do with same-gender attraction.  Trans is about feeling you’re the wrong gender in the wrong body and some trans people ultimately end up in heterosexual relationships.  There’s nothing Queer about that.

Question: Why is it that anything that is not considered heterosexual is dumped into the Queer category?

The Queer so-called “community” has become a dumping ground for every loon in town and their fetish. That’s insane. When will the straights take trans under their wing? After all, it’s all about opposite gender hooking up with each other in some cases.

Why is important to show people you’re married? Why is trans part of the Queer group? Queer and trans are two completely different things, but I don’t expect Gay Incorporated or Brand-Cult LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+++++++ to understand any of this because it is not part of their corporate narrative. Should trans be part of the Queer so-called “community?”

And please stop using this alphabet soup mess.  As comedian and actor Lea DeLaria has said many times, “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.”  She uses the word Queer. Use the word Queer or Gay and be done with it.  Straights don’t have any letters and they are just as varied and “inclusive” as Queers in the context I’m speaking about.  Oh by the way, the official acronym that some nuts dreamed up is this shit: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. I recently saw this one: LGBTTQQIAAP. Are they trying to repeat the entire alphabet three times? There’s currently two Ts, two Qs and two As. Insanity.

Just fucking use the word QUEER. Why is that so fucking difficult for you idiots to grasp? I won’t have it! I’m sick of this shit. QUEER is inclusive. It includes everyone. All this letter shit does is to divide people up into little groups leading to infighting, which is exactly what is happening with this flag pole nonsense.

So someone suggested a second flag pole be installed to fly the “inclusive” flag.  The other group said no.  They want the design-disaster flag on the main flag pole.  So as usual around here, there’s this dysfunction, this conflict, this dead-end, as is typical for the trash in The Castro and their neighbourhood nazis who think it’s their job to mind other people’s business.  They’re like a bunch of children in the sandbox. 

And get this: Some of the most gullible Queers have suggested that straights be included in the revised rainbow flag design and in the alphabet soup mess as straights continue to take over Queer areas and gay bars with their Agenda, such as The Castro, in West Hollywood and in Chelsea: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes as three examples. Also, I remember seeing the straight couple holding hands walk through Harvey Milk Plaza with him wearing a t-shirt that read: Fuck You, Homo. There’s such a love fest between straights and Queers. [sarcasm intended]. In delusional people’s mind there is.

I gave up on The Castro when it became conservative. I watched as one particular conservative politician who charades as “moderate” (which The Castro voted for twice) was worshipped and glorified. Locals stopped short of reciting The Nicene Creed for him when he passed by them. I watched as the conservative homeowners and conservative merchants sanitised and Disney-fied the neighbourhood, complete with imported palm trees.  At this point, I don’t give a fuck what happens in The Castro.  What a bunch of dysfunctional people. 

If they had any sense, they would install multiple flag poles around Harvey Milk Plaza and fly multiple Queer flags. It would look quite pretty and colourful. But that makes too much sense for that to happen, doesn’t it? Especially with the conservative merchants on their power-trip who think they own the public land that the flag pole is on. As I recall when this came up before, that flag pole is on public land yet some of the self-righteous, conservative merchant basura think it belongs to them and they own it.

And look at who is going to and flowing out of the Castro Theatre at night. A sea of “him and her” couples. Or are they mostly closet cases? They’re mostly Millenneals from what I can tell from the cams. Where the guy is really gay and over here to check out other guys when she’s not looking and goes on sex apps looking to hook up with gay guys when she’s not around? She’s his “cover” whilst he pretends to be straight in The Castro? The same for the chick checking out other girls over here when he’s not looking as she pretends to be straight. She gets on a sex app looking for another lesbian when he’s not around? I say that because why on Earth would genuine heterosexual couples want to hang out and or live in an area saturated with rainbow flags and where “gay” is everywhere you look? That makes no sense to me. Queer guys don’t deliberately move to traditionally heterosexual areas as a rule to invade and take over those areas. Or here in the Century of Insanity, do they think the rainbow flag now signifies “straight pride?” I’ve asked some of the straight couples I know if they hang out in The Castro and they told me, “Absolutely not. That’s for the boys, and we respect that.”

And as I was completing this article, I looked at my friend’s PC screen and there was this guy whose video he was watching. I asked: Who is that Queer boy? He said: “Oh he just got married to a chick and has a wedding ring on. Gay Incorporated is over.” Clearly that’s the case. Gay marriage was the end of the Movement and many gay guys have gone back in the closet and have been marrying chicks ever since. They could have done that to begin with; they didn’t need gay marriage for that! It was obvious to me that the guy is gay. His wife can’t see that he’s gay? Or like many females, she chooses denial because he’s the only guy who would give her attention she craves. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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