San Francisco’s Corporate Pride 2022: Another super-spreader event?

Update 26 June 2022: This event was most assuredly a super-spreader event. The organisers lied (as usual) and rattled on about how safe they were going to make it. More bull shit. Face masks would have been required for everyone if that were the case. I saw 6 face masks for the packed event (hundreds of people) in the Jane Warner Plaza in The Castro on Saturday night and 1-2 masks during the video of the parade, which was mostly a sea of females. Is every female in the world now a lesbian? “Pride” seems to now be owned by lesbians and trans. They are the face of Gay Incorporated. Gay guys have been kicked under the bus. Did most of the sheeple taking part in this believe that just because they are fully-vaccinated and boostered — if that were even the case — that they couldn’t get COVID? WRONG. It just means that the person won’t get as sick as they would have, or die. So, yes, this was indeed another super-spreader COVID event. So much for the “safe” event called “Pride.” How many of these people will say, “How did I get COVID? I’m vaccinated and boostered to some degree?”

Update 24 June 2022: Mayor London Breed tested positive for COVID this week after returning to a pre-COVID way of living. She won’t be at the Corporate “Pride” parade. Not that anyone will miss her. It’s surprising she didn’t test positive long ago. When was the last time she was seen wearing a face mask? I read from a credible source that she had been seen mocking people who take the COVID guidelines seriously and says that people need to learn to live with COVID. She’s gone from being the science mayor to being the mayor for the corporations and the police department. She also removed USD $95 million for COVID from her City budget. She’s done a complete a flip. Typical politician. Let’s see her “learn to live with COVID” now that she has it. Also, The City’s “Pride” thingy is now being called “LGBTQ Pride.”  Couldn’t they work in a few more letters? People at microphones stumble or slur over all those fucking letters which the conformist people have been absolutely brainwashed to say on cue.  As a friend of mine asked: They can’t just call it Gay “Pride?” Or Queer “Pride?” Oh good heavens no! That makes too much sense to thinking people, doesn’t it? It has to be Alphabet Soup “Pride.”

Update: 2 June 2022: San Francisco is currently in a COVID surge, averaging over 500 new infection cases per day, including people who are fully-vaccinated/boostered. Governor Gavin Newsom tested positive for COVID ten days after getting his most recent booster jab. Corporate Mayor London Breed has become useless and silent on this topic.

I read the following earlier this week (end of January 2022) when searching to see if this Corporate “Pride” shit had been cancelled again for 2022:

Quote: San Francisco Pride acknowledged the ongoing spread of the omicron COVID-19 variant and the risks still associated with the pandemic.

Despite those risks, the organization said it will do everything it can to hold a safe in-person event this summer.

“We are focused on making #SFPride2022 the safest and most welcoming event in our history,” SF Pride added. END QUOTE

My comments about that:

Well, the name itself, “San Francisco Pride” sounds like it’s an event for San Francisco residents to celebrate the pride they have in their City. Has no one ever thought of that? Even the name is fucked-up. It doesn’t sound like a queer event at all. And upon reflection, maybe that’s the intent: to make this event sanitised and corporate-acceptable considering the plethora of corporate sponsors and considering the parade is attended by partying heterosexuals with their baby strollers. Any excuse to party and get drunk. It’s an event intended to not offend anyone, especially the most delicate among us. So get rid of that word “gay” and in some cases use code language such as a silly acronym like the revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense. It’s revisionist history because the original was GLBT and that’s because gay guys led the movement in the majority and not self-entitled and self-absorbed lesbians as the “L” first now implies. Rewrite history. And since lesbians are considered “more acceptable” to the public and to bigots — it’s always good to cater to bigots — put them first and hide the G for gay somewhere inside the acronym, so it’s sort of hidden in there.

But why “Pride?” What does pride have to do with this?

Why have “pride” in one’s sexuality? Why have “pride” in the gender of the person that one has sex with? What’s to have pride in with that? Do these corporatist trash not think anything through? Or is “Pride” really about hiding gay shame?

I’ve never had a straight guy tell me that, “I’m proud to be straight.” No bi guy has ever said to me, “You know, I’m proud to be bi.” So why would a gay guy or lesbian be “proud” to be gay?

This whole concept of “Pride” — that these corporatist idiots came up with — is completely fucked up. Or misnamed. Again, what is there to be “proud of” and have “pride in” with one’s sexuality and with the gender of the person that one has sex with? That makes no sense at all. Does one also have pride in one’s hair and eye colour? Why is there no weekend for that pride? I know I’m asking questions that are not supposed to be asked because the self-appointed know-it-alls at Gay Incorporated and Corporate Pride are seen as sacrosanct by the queer cultists who worship Brand-Cult LGBTQRSTUVVZXYZ++++++ and the insanity of all those fucking letters (“by the time you get through all those letters the parade is over”—Lea DeLaria), and by the cultists who suck corporate tit of Gay Incorporated, who always think they know what’s best for all queers but most importantly queers of their same income bracket. By the way, the official acronym is this mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+.

Corporate “Pride” is always the same thing. Year after year. And then there are those queers who jump up and down with their rainbow flag and spew the, “It’s so fun to be gay!” brainwashing. What is that supposed to mean, that “it’s so fun to be gay?” I’ve never heard or seen a straight guy jump up and down and say, “It’s so fun to be straight!” When I was dating guys I didn’t find it “fun” at all. It became drudgery. It was a lot of damn work and cost money, in part, because often the guy couldn’t talk — he had no social skills — so I ended up conducting a Barbara Walter’s style interview with him whether it led to sex or not. And sex for me was wanking off with him. But the, “It’s so fun to be gay” is just an useless throw-away line from Gay Incorporated that some queers have been brainwashed to say.

At the unofficial 2021 “Pride” in San Francisco I heard this chick interviewed in San Francisco’s Dolores Park. She said, “I’m so happy that today is ‘Pride’ because you can be bi or trans or ….” She made one’s sexuality sound like a choice (the far-right will appreciate that): choose bi or choose trans or choose ____. I thought that Gay Incorporated didn’t believe that sexuality was a choice? Or have they flipped out on that too? And why is trans part of this? Also here.

Gay or queer is about same-gender attraction, period. Trans is about feeling that you’re born the wrong gender. What does that have to do with queer, especially when some trans are living heterosexual lives with kids? Unfortunately, “gay” or “queer” have become the dumping ground for anything that is not heterosexual.

This event was originally called Gay Freedom Day Parade and Festival, as in freedom from oppression, discrimination, harassment and violence. What was wrong with that name? Was it not corporate enough for the fucking corporatists? Or did corporate sponsors not like the words, “Gay Freedom?” I can hear them now: You gotta get rid of that “gay” word and we’re not too hot on the “freedom” word either! So to sanitise the event, the corporate sell-out queers changed the name to “Pride” which makes no sense. “Pride” sounds sanitised, tame and innocent enough for the easily-offended corporatists, doesn’t it? Although you’re not sure what “Pride” you’re supposed to be having.

The original Gay Freedom Day Parade and Festival was more of a grass-roots event to a degree but it was still an hours-long mobile commercial on Market Street for businesses and organisations but it wasn’t corporate in its original form. Corporate sports teams were never part of it. These days, corporate sports teams pretend to be “pro-gay” out of one side of their mouth — when taking part in Corporate “Pride” — whilst players later whisper among themselves and tell faggot jokes in the locker rooms. That homophobic culture is not easily changed no matter how many Corporate “Prides” these players are invited to by Corporate “Pride.”

But these corporatist queers who think they know what’s best for Corporate “Pride” — or are some of them heterosexual? It wouldn’t surprise me! — felt the need to change the name to “Pride” which makes no rationale sense at all because, again, why would one have “pride” in one’s sexuality or the gender of the person one has sex with. This cannot be overstated. Do these corporate trash not possess any critical thinking skills what-so-ever? And these self-appointed people are such know-it-alls. They think they know what’s best for all queers (of their same income bracket of course). That also cannot be overstated either. The same thinking happened with gay marriage, which killed the movement after being hijacked by self-entitled and self-absorbed lesbians with that revisionist history “LGBT” shit I mentioned earlier. Again, the original acronym was GLBT because gay men led the movement by the thousands. Lesbians did not lead the movement in the majority as the “L” first erroneously implies.

These days, Corporate “Pride” has become nothing but a corporate-sponsored event for silly tourists and heterosexual corporatist couples who are looking for a place to party and get drunk under a saturation of rainbow flags.

We’ve noticed that straight couples do seem to enjoy making out under a rainbow flag in The Castro — especially the giant flag at Harvey Milk Plaza; they love putting on a telenovela-style Matinée there — so maybe they now own the rainbow flag as well. They’ve taken over most of the gay bars.

There’s also the official corporate “Pride” hotel and the official corporate “Pride” car, for example. Insanity, as well as tacky. The thing is a completely corporate event hijacked by corporations. I’ve been on some of the websites of Gay Incorporated and I saw nothing but row and rows of corporate logos. A complete turn-off. All these corporations are looking for are “queer dollars” so they will say something on the odd occasion that sounds somewhat “pro-queer” whilst later sounding homophobic and possibly having some questionably homophobic corporate policies, and gullible queers immediately start jumping up and down and saying, “Well I’ll gladly support that corporation now, because they said something pro-gay.” What shallow and superficial people! Or, “that corporation is taking part in ‘Pride,’ so I’m now on that corporation’s side.” Sigh.

The parade is a sanitised, long corporate ad for the Corporate Tech Industrial Complex and other corporations and businesses. The thing has been sold out to corporations and corporate major league sport teams. It’s essentially just a mobile commercial that goes on for hours on Market Street. If the thing is televised, the host is usually a drag queen who sits there gushing over every entry in it as if there’s never a problem in the world or a problem with any corporation. It’s a gush-fest.

If a corporate sports team (or business) says the word “gay” in a remotely positive sense, Gay Incorporated jump on it and want queers to support that team (or business) and buy their expensive sports garb, their expensive season tickets and any other way to give them money.

That’s the reason corporate major league sports teams are in the Corporate “Pride” parade: To sell themselves and promote themselves financially. The same for all the techies. And some queers are that damn fucking stupid to fall for this stunt. Their thinking is: “Well since they support me as a gay man because they said a few words that sounded pro-gay sort of, I’ll be glad to open my bank account for them and strongly support them.” Gullible fools.

Also, I take it that these corporate basura who run Corporate “Pride” don’t get out much. They are either deliberately lying or they are that fucking clueless and out-of-touch, or living in a time warp of their own creation because San Francisco is no longer the queerest and most inclusive city in “America.” (What they really should have said is in the United States). That’s the Old City they’re talking about which died probably 10 years ago. So they’re at least 10 years behind the times.

Longtime San Francisco residents — homeowners — that I have known have said to me before selling their home in San Francisco and moving away, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro” as a parade of straight couples walked by us with their baby strollers, when referring to the now-gone gay mecca.

Do these corporatists who run Corporate “Pride” never come over to The Castro — or look up from their phones — to see the parade of heterosexual couples holding hands and going into the Twin Peaks Bar? From what I can tell from looking at the neighbourhood cams, the Twin Peaks Bar is now mostly a straight bar. It used to be a bar for older gay men and was pejoratively referred to as “the coffin.” It’s another queer bar that has been taken over by straight couples, probably because it’s the closest bar — outside the Muni Metro — to get drunk near Castro/Market. And why would (some homophobic?) straight couples be so attracted to and hang out in or moving into a neighbourhood saturated with rainbow flags? If I had a girlfriend I would not be hanging out in The Castro. Instead, I would be in a traditionally straight area of The City, because I suspect my girl would ask me: What are we doing over here with all these rainbow flags? I thought you were straight? She would have an excellent point. But I’ve seen some straight couples come stumbling out of the Twin Peaks bar drunk and throw up on the sidewalk near the bar on 17th Street. Most of those standing in line to go into the Castro Theatre — when that’s open — are straight couples as well.

These useless, know-it-all, busy-bodied neighbourhood associations and business associations have been saying for years that, “the neighbourhood is changing,” but they never say how because they don’t want to offend the heterosexual dollars. The fact is: the neighbourhood has already CHANGED. Past tense. It’s now mostly straight but Gay Incorporated and the corporate trash who run Corporate Pride don’t know that apparently.

I don’t know how one would determine which city is the queerest. And really, who cares? It depends upon the source one uses and who’s writing about it. One source I quickly searched says it’s New York City but I don’t believe that. Another source said Portland, and so on. So it’s seems to be very subjective. Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. A similar thing has happened to San Francisco’s Castro. On the odd occasion one sees a gay male couple in The Castro, they’re wearing the City’s dress code: Conservative all-black or black and gray; no rainbow flag colours at all. Absolutely conformist. No originality at all. The opposite of the “gay mecca” Castro.

The fact is San Francisco is now a very heterosexual, a very conformist City with a dress code of black and grey, and if you don’t wear that you’re frowned upon. I refuse to wear funeral black and gray 365 days a year like the Millenneals and others, and I’ve gotten nasty looks and have been trolled on Castro Street for wearing something other than that.

San Francisco, an inclusive City? WTF? It’s just the opposite now. San Francisco is a very exclusive City now; a City for the super-wealthy. The last time I heard, we were being called “Billionaire Bay.”

If you remember The Castro of the gay mecca decades and were to visit today, you would not recognise The Castro today other than some of the buildings are still here. Some locals say that The Castro is not even a museum relic of its former self. I agree with that. It’s nothing like it was and that’s by design from the conservative merchants and conservative homeowners of today, many of whom would likely be more comfortable living in Topeka where they originally came from.

The “inclusive” San Francisco of artists and radical queers is long gone as those residents were forced out and or evicted as the lobotomised techies moved in wearing their 365 days a year conservative black and gray “uniform.”

I think most of the Old City residents kicked out now live in Oakland, across the Bay from San Francisco if they are still there. The “inclusive” San Francisco is now a City with a city-wide nudity ban (because of 2-3 naked guys on the odd occasion in The Castro), and with anti-homeless laws. How “inclusive.” [sarcasm intended] The anti-homeless laws were promoted and supported by the now-conservative gay so-called “community” led by a conservative gay politician in San Francisco who targeted the homeless queers in The Castro. So that’s how fucking “inclusive” we are here, you clueless fucks at Corporate “Pride.” It’s fucking bull shit that these Corporate “Pride” trash are spewing lies and more lies. Either that, or they are that fucking willfully-ignorant. Regardless, they are about 20-30 years behind the times.

And from what we can tell, most queers are back in the closet. The City they’re talking about died long ago — where the fuck have these Corporate “Pride” people been?! — around the time that the conservative merchants and homeowners sanitised The Castro to make it “family-friendly” (gag) for the straights and their black baby strollers who were moving in. And conservative gays welcomed the straights with open-arms.

There has also been class warfare in The City and in The Castro. We learned that the wealthy queer homeowners — many of them — prefer to live next to other wealthy heterosexual (and homophobic?) couples rather than next to poorer queer couples. Related: His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” Again, how “inclusive.” [sarcasm intended]

Clearly, these Corporate “Pride” corporatist basura don’t get out much or they enjoy perpetrating lies to serve their Corporate “Pride” agenda. Or again, they love speaking from a position of willful-ignorance.

Again, San Francisco has become a cultureless, lobotomised City for the super-wealthy which began with the tech invasion. The City is now a playground for the super-rich. It is the opposite of the City that we were known for over decades. That City is long gone. Get a fucking clue, Corporate “Pride.” Nah, I don’t expect you to do that because you have your agenda which involves lying.

And I presume they mean the United States of North America, since “America” (that’s the word they used) is the entire hemisphere which includes North America, Central America and South America. But I wouldn’t expect them to know that either because these are corporate sheeple.

And by the way, what are these useless and irrelevant queer organisations at the federal and state levels doing these days? Nothing that I can tell, except worshipping tech billionaires and having lavish $500+ plate dinners for queers of their same income bracket, whilst outside the event doors homeless queers lie on the cold sidewalk with nothing to eat in the same city block in some cases. It cannot be overstated, these corporate queers only care about queers of their same income bracket or higher. They’re corporate basura. There is no shortage of problems still facing the queer so-called “community” — especially homeless and veteran queers — but I don’t see anything being done to address these problems. After gay marriage became legal, the thinking seemed to be: “Well, we’ve accomplished it all now. There’s nothing left to be done.” Really? Related: What was the ultimate goal of the gay rights movement?

Gay Incorporated have become quite the conservatives despite however they label themselves.

And with as many gays as there are back in the closet these days — which happened after gay marriage became legal because they interpreted the decree they were issued, “To assimilate with the straights,” to mean go back in the closet. So, there aren’t too many gays that I see who have “Pride” in being gay. And again, why would you?

These days, I can’t tell who is straight and who is gay. My lesbian neighbour says the same thing about lesbians. She says there are no lesbians around. Lesbians today are trying to look like straight females. She said that’s one way that she means that gay marriage ruined everything. Yes, it has certainly backfired. Gay assimilation has backfired.

If Corporate Pride have this in-person event, considering that sheeple come from all over, it will likely be a COVID super-spreader event. Just what we need during a pandemic at a time when vaccines are failing us (they only last about 6 months), and the World Health Organisation has said that we’re not going to booster ourselves out of this pandemic. Is Corporate “Pride” not expecting another variant coming around before June 2022? Or do they think this pandemic is over in their wishful-thinking minds? In my opinion, it’s extremely irresponsible to be having Corporate “Pride” in 2022.

To briefly sum up: Corporate “Pride” is now an entirely corporate event. It’s been ruined by the corporatist, like everything else queer has been ruined that I can think of. The short-sighted, know-it-all corporatists killed the movement after gay marriage became legal by telling queers to “assimilate with the straight” which most queers interpreted to mean: go back in the closet and pretend to be straight, with many gay guys marrying females to be like the heterosexuals. I can’t find it now, but I read an article after gay marriage became legal that said, “Gay men are marrying females in droves.” They could have done that to begin with! They didn’t need gay marriage to do that. So they worked years for gay marriage and then married a girl? More Insanity. A closet case married to a female. More fake-str8 guys.

These clueless, short-sighted fucks who run Corporate “Pride” and Gay Incorporated are best ignored at this point. They have become useless and irrelevant. And the best thing to do with this Corporate “Pride” is to ignore it as well, which I plan to do after I post this article. Chau.—el barrio rosa