San Francisco’s COVID super-spreader sidewalk restaurants

Even with the restaurant servers always wearing their masks, it never dawns on most people sitting at the tables to keep their mask on except when eating or drinking. They see the server at their table or at someone else’s table with a mask. There’s a reason for always wearing a mask, yet the idiots sitting at the table would appear to have this disconnect about the whole thing. But then again, stupid is in.

Hola a todos. If the San Francisco and California health guidelines were adhered to, these sidewalk/street bars and restaurants might be a good idea, but the fact is, the ones we walked through — and you have to essentially walk-through the restaurant or bar to get by them — felt unsafe to us. We read an article about this locally, but found this article from the University of Minnesota: Close case contact, dining out tied to COVID-19 spread. With our mask on, we both held our breath as we quickly walked through and around these sidewalk bars and restaurants in San Francisco’s Castro.

With one of the street bars, the people at one table downwind were wearing face masks. No one at the other tables (upwind) were wearing masks that we saw. With one of the restaurants on Castro Street, no one that we saw was wearing a mask other than the server. It was packed. Even though the tables are supposed to be spaced 1.8 metres or 6′ apart, after you get two or more people at each table, from what it looked like that 1.8 metres apart was reduced to about 0.9144m-1.2192m or 3-4′ apart. And there were some places where people were shoulder-to-shoulder with others. They have openings for ventilation, but if someone coughs who is COVID-infected, the people downwind can become infected because, again, no one was wearing a face mask. Governor Newsom and his staff asked people to wear a face mask when sitting at a restaurant table when not eating or drinking. This is just basic sense. Why is it that a Governor has to talk about this at all? We don’t see people doing that. That was not the case from what we saw on Castro and have seen repeatedly. People sitting at tables have removed their masks as if they live under some illusion that their table is a COVID-free zone. Mi amigo/My friend said he looked at the people sitting at the tables and he said, “If I didn’t know any better, it looked like a tr*mp rally, everyone sitting close together, no masks and most of the people didn’t look like they cared about their health because of the current status of their body: overweight and unhealthy looking. Clearly it means more to these people that they say they ate out at a restaurant — what’s the big deal about eating in a restaurant with all of these hands touching your food? — than staying COVID-19 free. And as of this writing, Mayor London Breed has paused/halted a scheduled reopening due to the increased COVID-19 hospitalisations in The City.

Then you have the self-entitled females walking their dogs who think they are above social-distancing, so particularly at a street corner you have to walk away from her as she barrels toward you at full-speed with one or two dogs.

We do a lot of out-in-the-street walking these days because of inconsiderate assholes and stupid people. And as of this writing San Francisco’s confirmed COVID infection rate is rising as well as the number of death daily. There are those who refuse to social distance and for others to keep distance as the assholes walk right for you as if they have disdain for you because you’re wearing a mask, and they have no mask on or wear their mask below their nose. At this rate, this virus will be with us for the rest of our lives because of stupid people.

Then we talked with a family member who is a nurse and — we don’t know where she’s been; what rock she’s been hiding under — she was completely oblivious/ignorant about COVID. But this family operates on denial anyway, so really not surprising. I think they all consider it a hoax. Chau.—el barrio rosa