San Francisco’s Gay Mecca is history.

I’ll never get used to seeing the required “him-tall-dominant and her-short-submissive” holding hands walking down San Francisco’s Castro Street where the dress code is funeral all-black or black and grey. So conservative.

With few Queer exceptions every now and then, San Francisco’s Castro is now a Breeder Mecca: Him and Her is all you see. Here in January 2021, that’s what The Castro is today. As mi amigo/my friend said: The Castro is now like San Francisco’s Cole Valley — all or mostly straight — with black baby strollers and conservative Millenneals who have never heard of birth control or who reject the idea of contraception.

It seems that straight couples move to San Francisco to breed/to pump out babies. Then they move away to where they’re ultimately going to live after she says to him, “Honey, don’t you think it would be nice to have a larger place for the kid(s) to play?” Why didn’t these dense people move to that larger place to begin with since they knew they were going to breed? Why have a lay-over in San Francisco? Why move to the most expensive city in the US to breed? That doesn’t make any sense to intelligent people. Nevertheless, The Castro and Cole Valley are now predominately straight neighbourhoods. Well, Cole Valley had always been mostly straight.

The Breeders love to shove their straight sexuality in our faces. The same thing the straights whinged about Queers doing during the Gay Mecca decades. It seems that it’s perfectly fine now when the breeders do it, but not when the Queers do it. Their hypocrisy and homophobia are noted.

I’ve been watching the Castro cams to see what COVID Germ Boxes (outdoor restaurants) are re-opening once again, but for how long? No shortage of stupid people going to them. I don’t get it: What is so appealing and important about sitting outside in the cold with your jacket on just so you can say you ate at a restaurant and possibly got COVID at the same time because people are not wearing their mask? Or is this just yet another silly new fad? You risk your life for that? And line cooks — meaning the restaurants chefs — are at the highest risk of dying from COVID [source: UCSF Medical Center study]. Line cooks touch everyone’s food. The UCSF study was released around the same time that the COVID Germ Boxes reopened. It didn’t seem to phase anyone. Stupid people still lined up to eat outside in the cold here in The Century of Insanity.

Looks like members of a conservative Black Cult walking the Castro. Black jackets, black pants, black face masks.

Looking at the Castro cams, what I noticed was most people walking up and down Castro wearing all-black clothing — they look very depressing, very conservative and conformist; no individuality whatsoever — walking up and down the street.

Most people have gone from “proudly radical” to proudly conservative. (What has happened to my fellow Queers?) With few occasional exceptions, the only colour you see is with the Breeder-hijacked Rainbow Flags.

Most Queers abandoned the Rainbow Flag when they went back in the closet and removed any Queer symbols from their person when the dictate to “assimilate” was given upon the legalisation of gay marriage. By all indications, most Queers interpreted that dictate to mean: blend in with the straights. And how does one do that? By going back in the closet. The local conservative pro-Establishment gay rag irresponsibly published a letter saying “this is not the time to be out of the closet.” (With the conservative trash, it’s never the time for Queers to be out of the closet and for people to be honest and open about one’s Queer sexual orientation, nor is it ever time for civil rights of any kind). Since that ludicrous dictate was given to “assimilate,” the Breeders seem to have hijacked the Rainbow Flag. We’ve seen many instances where the breeders seemed to enjoy making out under a Rainbow Flag shoving their breeder/straight sexuality in our faces, especially the large flag in Harvey Milk Plaza, along with some wearing homophobic clothing. (Related: His Shirt said: “Fuck You, Homo.”)

The Queer couples — which one sees on occasion — don’t hold hands. Or rarely. They are more secure in their relationships. The insecure “him and her” couples are absolutely required to hold hands. You better hold her hand, dude, otherwise she’s not going to “give it up” tonight. You’re not going to get any smelly, rank and slimy fish from her. One wonders: Has the guy she’s holding hands with gone back in the closet and he’s pretending to be “straight and normal” now? He’s with a chick and feels he must prove how supposedly “straight” he is, and “a real man” by holding her hand as they walk down Castro as a “straight” couple (bottom line: a closet case with a female)? Did he used to walk down Castro with another guy when he was an out-of-the-closet Queer boy? I suspect that is the case with some of these guys, since — as I’ve written before — it seems that most Queers are back in the closet now and ashamed of their Queer sexual orientation. By the looks and state of things, we’ve made tremendous progress. [sarcasm intended]

“Out and Proud” — our theme during the Movement — is most assuredly over, and apparently passé. “Back in the closet and ashamed of one’s Queer sexual orientation” is back in, and one observes behaviour from Queers reminiscent of the 1940s-50s (covert eye movements, covert looks and body language of, “I don’t want anyone to think that I’m gay”). Geeze, our Movement accomplished so much didn’t it?! (roll eyes) Sigh.

“Can’t we have this little enclave, he asked?”

When the straights started invading The Castro back in the 1990s, the conservatives (including Queer conservatives) welcomed the breeders with open arms and were “ooohing and aaaahing” over their babies in black baby strollers (by the way, the baby stroller has to be conservative black. That’s required). This was around the same time that the so-called “Gay Community” became conservative almost over night, or that’s the way it seemed. Well, I remember reading this Letter to the Editor of one of the Queer publications in San Francisco at that time. The guy asked, “Can’t we have this little enclave, The Castro, for ourselves? Is that too much to ask? The straights have and own the entire world. They want our little gay area too?” Yes, dude, the breeders want it all. They’re never satisfied. And The Castro has been in decline ever since.

And to think that awhile back one group wanted to Queer the Castro. That’s true. That’s how bad it’s become here that a group felt they wanted to Queer the Castro. I felt solidarity with them. But as I expected, that group was unsuccessful because The Castro had been made the way it is today and sanitised by the conservative merchants and homeowners who wanted it to become a conservative and straight enclave. This happened with “assimilation” where Queers were ordered to “assimilate” (blend in; which most seem to have interpreted as “back in the closet) when gay marriage became legal. Many gay guys married the opposite gender — in order to pretend to be straight — which they didn’t need gay marriage for! They could have married the opposite gender from Day One. That’s the way it seems now. Related: Gay Marriage Has Backfired.

I remember hearing years ago that some people around the US thought that San Francisco’s Castro would be the only Queer enclave to survive and not be taken over by straights. Wrong. Unfortunately, that’s not turned out to be the case. Of the Queer areas in major cities that I can think of, they’ve all been take over by breeders. And our Movement is absolutely dead and it has been since gay marriage became legal.

For the morons who say that “gay people can live anywhere,” that is absolute rubbish. Queers can’t live anywhere even in the unhealthy closet. 2020 was the deadliest year on record for violence against Queers. So tell that to the delusional “gay people can live anywhere” idiots.

For those who say that “gay is now mainstream,” not on my television it isn’t. I don’t know what you’re watching where you see a saturation of Queers in mainstream programming and advertisements. I see a saturation of breeders on my television regardless of network.

Breeders love shoving their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces as they hang out, hold hands and make out under an over-saturation of Rainbow Flags in The Castro. (The flags are there for historical and tourist purposes).

Well clearly, the Queers are more secure with their relationships. We don’t feel this constant need/obligation to hold hands. Whereas the insecure breeders require hand-holding. It’s Entrance Rights Into That Pussy when the truth be told. You don’t hold her hand, bro? No smelly and rank slimy-cheese-looking pussy for you!

Mi amigo/My friend asked: Are they still calling The Castro “vibrant?” Yes, those useless, conservative neighbourhood-homeowner associations and the liars of the Real Estate Industrial Complex — do they ever tell the truth about anything to sell a property? — hype The Castro as “vibrant.” When the truth be told The Castro is about as “vibrant” as a cemetery. The Castro today is like a graveyard of its former self. It’s been ruined, extremely sanitised and Disneyfied by the conservative basura. I hope they’re happy now. They got what they presumably wanted. There’s nothing here, other than again, the breeders and black baby strollers for the most part. Who knew that the conservatives hated Queers and preferred living among breeders who own the entire world.

I’ll also never understand how breeders — some of whom are homophobic — feel about and why would they want to hang out in an area over-saturated with Rainbow Flags (for tourist and historical purposes)? Well, other than to “mark their territory” which I think many breeders see themselves as doing. That could explain that “Fuck you, homo” shirt I saw awhile back that a breeder guy was wearing whilst walking through Harvey Milk Plaza with his “girl.”

But no matter how many breeder/straight couples walk up and down Castro Street holding hands, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing that because during the decades of the (now gone) Gay Mecca, I never saw that. I never saw any “him and her” making out in our area.

I think most straights at that time had the intelligence to realise that such behaviour was very disrespectful to Queers by shoving their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces by making out in our little Queer enclave. We Queers don’t deliberately go to straight areas and make out and put on a matinée performance. If we did, they would scream at us, “Get out of here! Take that back to The Castro!” The breeders have the rest of the entire City and world where they can do that. These days, Queer take a risk making out in The Castro.

Well, that respect for our little area is long gone because of the conservatives and homophobic straights.

Some of my straight neighbours — longtime San Francisco residents — are also very unhappy with what has happened to The Castro and Upper Market. We’ve talked about it and they feel as I do. Some of them tell me, “It used to be such an interesting and fun neighbourhood. Now there’s nothing here.” The straight family across the street from me is moving out of The City because of how the neighbourhood has changed and also because of how The City has changed due to the tech invasion. They liked the Gay Mecca Castro and have an in-law unit in the bottom of their home that they rented for years to a male Queer couple.

These days, breeders can be seen on the occasion running to make out under a Rainbow Flag as if they’re trying to hijack the Rainbow Flag as well.

In fact, in some straight videos, I’ve seen chicks wearing a Rainbow Flag belt as she’s starting to have sex with a guy.

The breeders have hijacked our gay areas (another example: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes), now they want the Rainbow Flag too. They’re never satisfied. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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