San Francisco’s Queer Mecca is gone

With the large Rainbow Flag within view — signifying an area that is supposed to be Queer — it was depressing, frustrating and sad to see the straight dance party in the Castro the night that Biden-Harris became president and vice-president-elect.

Hola a todos. Here in San Francisco, thousands of people gathered in the Castro — which is now mostly straight, a Breeder Mecca with no shortage of screaming babies and no longer a Queer Mecca as it used to be — and elsewhere around The City to celebrate the orange international bully and thug, also known as Loser, supposedly leaving the white house in January 2021. In the Era of COVID, half of those gathered in the Castro were not wearing face masks and no one was social-distancing that we saw. So how were these super-spreader gatherings any different than one of the MAGA cult rallies? In reality, they were the same. Health-wise. It’s just the other team (Democrats) gathered violating the COVID health guidelines. In reality, there is no difference between the two gatherings or cult rallies. Apparently some idiots think that COVID is now all over because Biden was elected. WTF? More insanity. I fail to understand that thinking. On 7 November 2020, San Francisco had 107 new COVID cases which is quite an increase. On 8 November, another 107 new confirmed cases. So these celebrations that the Loser will be leaving (allegedly), are more COVID super-spreader events. I also saw people hugging each other. (roll eyes) Under the COVID guidelines, you’re not supposed to be hugging anyone, other than people from your immediate household, if that. Stupid people. My neighbour — who doesn’t follow the health guidelines half the time; only when it suits her as part of “keeping up appearances” — wanted to hug me. I told her: I motioned to her at a distance: No hugging with COVID. She backed off. She was your typical near-tears female because of Biden’s win. She was an emotional wreck, the state she’s usually in. Just like the Obama cultists were the night he was elected.

Mi amigo/My friend said: It did look like as soon as Biden was declared the winner, that the face masks came off for many people. For some insane reason for many, they translated that to mean that COVID is now over. Again, insanity. Looking at the Castro cams, it was mostly an older crowd gathered in the street and mostly straight/breeders. Mi amigo said: Well, it started out with Queer boys. There were some Queer guys on the sidewalks and some threw toilet paper up onto the Muni electric bus wires above the street — to give the effect of party streamers — like was done during the Queer Mecca during the Old City. I asked him: I wonder where the Queer boys were bused in from since there seem to be only a few remaining today, or at least who are out of the closet? Then the crowd became mostly breeders of various ages. Then it turned into breeders with their fleets of baby strollers. Have to show off those babies! What’s the point of squeezing out a baby if you can’t show it off in a “show and tell?” (roll eyes). Breeders. Ugh. Then the crowd turned into mostly breeders without babies. There were three distinct “shifts” or groups of people, mi amigo said.

We never have understood why breeders enjoy living in and hanging out in an area saturated with Rainbow Flags (which are there for tourist purposes and historical purposes). Again, this cannot be overstated: Why would the fucking breeders want to live in or hang out in an area overloaded with Rainbow Flags? WTF is that about? … while some of them make homophobic comments under their breath or as seen on their clothing. (His shirt read, “Fuck you, homo.”) After the street was cleared around 10PM, there was — what looked like an impromptu — straight dance party in the Jane Warner Plaza at Castro/Market Streets. Yes, they were all packed into the Plaza. Most looked like they were wearing face masks, but no social-distancing at all. Insane. That was annoying, frustrating and depressing to see: Because it was nearly all straight Millennial couples (him and her) dancing together in an area saturated with Queer flags. It was such a contradiction to see. Rainbow flags and nearly all straight couples. Clearly marking their straight territory, are they? There was one Queer male couple closer to the cameras and maybe 4 Queer guys in a group way over there packed in to the herd, but other than that, it was entirely straight. I hope the conservative and bigoted/anti-Queer trash in the Castro are happy now. You’ve finally gotten what you wanted. During the Queer Mecca decades, it would have been all Queer male couples dancing together. This reminds me of pre-COVID and a Queer friend of mine told me that he avoided going to the Castro bars because, “there are too many girls in them.” Presumably trying to pick up guys. That’s another thing: Where did all of these females come from and how can they afford to live here? (Pre-COVID), I didn’t know that all of the straight bars in The City had closed did you? I didn’t know that straights were forced to come to the Castro to hook up? And in the COVID Era, no one is supposed to be hooking up with anyone to begin with — dense people — because one does not know who is infected (asymptomatic) and who is not. Did all of these “him and her” couples at the straight dance party know each other already? It also reminds me of why a local Castro Queer homeowner sold his home and moved out of the City. Before he moved, he told me, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro.”

Someone (likely an anti-Queer conservative and perhaps a closet case themself?) would ask: I don’t see the problem. (No, I suppose you wouldn’t!) What’s wrong with a Queer area now being — yet another — area for the breeders. The problem thick person is the following: The breeders/straights/heterosexuals own the entire world. Queers do not. The straights can dance in any bars (pre-COVID) in the world that they want. Queers cannot, without possible intimidation, threats of violence and hearing the threat of “get out of here you faggots.” This is not a lovey-dovey world for Queers. Can’t Queers have this one small little enclave in San Francisco’s Castro for themselves without the intrusive, parasitic and predatory (anti-Queer) straights taking this over too, butting their noses in our little area — and making anti-Queer comments at the same time under their breath and forcing their babies on everybody — like they have taken over The Village in NYC or West Hollywood or Boys Town in Chicago or Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia or Capital Hill in Seattle and other Queer areas? By contrast, Queers don’t deliberately move into and hang out in traditionally straight areas nor do we deliberately go to straight bars and shove their/our sexuality into other people’s faces the way the breeders insist on doing in Queer areas by making out on the sidewalk or walking around hand-in-hand/arm-in-arm or in some cases stopping just short of having sex on the sidewalk or in a Queer bar (pre-COVID). So why do the fucking breeders insist on doing all of that with the few small Queer areas in the world? Why is it important to the breeders to put on a matinee straight sex show in front of the remaining Queer boys in the area? Fucking breeders. This shit happened particularly after Queers were ordered to “assimilate”/blend in with the breeders. Not putting the breeders on any fucking pedestal as the preferred sexual orientation, I was as “assimilated” with the fucking breeders as I cared to be. And Queers are, in part, responsible for the death of their own Queer areas, living under the false illusion that “we can live anywhere now…” Maybe in the closet and I don’t know that one will find safety in the closet. Of course there is no longer any homophobia or anti-Queer violence on the planet now, correct? [sarcasm intended] Yes of course. I can see a Queer couple going to a church where all of the others are breeders. Depending upon what denomination and church it is, it would be the same as a Black couple going to an all-white church. Watch out! Watch your back!

Don’t most Queers prefer to be with and live with and around other Queers? I know I do. The same for the Queers I know. What’s the point of living with and being around breeders as a Queer couple? The breeders certainly don’t rush out to be around Queers, other than to take over Queer areas, so I fail to understand why Queers are all hot for breeders. Or is this more of the continuing insanity that we’re seeing.

I told mi amigo/my friend what I saw…the straight party, and how it made me feel sad, frustrated and depressed. He said he feels the same way every time he goes out. All he sees is a stream of Millennial breeders with big dogs and baby strollers. Or they’re wearing the baby the wrong direction (with the child’s facing out so that they can show off their baby). If you’ve seen one baby you’ve seen them all, at that stage of child development! What’s so special about your baby, bitch? The point mi amigo was making was how rare it is to see a Queer boy or Queer couple in San Francisco these days. But it’s like this everywhere so there’s no place to move to — if one could afford to do that — to find another Queer area in a major city. It doesn’t matter where you go, the same thing is or has happened. And from what we see, most Queers today (according to our reliable gaydar) are back in the fucking closet, either living alone or living in a breeder/straight relationship trying to pretend to be straight. That’s what our Gay Rights Movement accomplished is it? “Out and Proud” has become “Back in the closet and ashamed.” Yes, we accomplished so much, didn’t we? [sarcasm intended] Well that unhealthy closet case shit only works so long because one will be constantly gnawed at by one’s genuine Queer sexual orientation. And to think that this is the outcome of the decades known as the Gay Rights Movement, which at this point feels like mostly a complete failure since what we’re seeing today with internalised homophobia and “back in the closet” is what it led to. Who would have ever thought this would be the final outcome? Insanity.

They can put up as many Rainbow Flags as they want in the Castro, but that won’t make the area Queer again. That would be like saturating San Francisco’s straight Marina district with Rainbow Flags and expecting to see openly Queer people there, rather than a sea of “him and her.” Chau.—el barrio rosa