Sanitising gay using the alphabet

Conformist-corporatist gays and their alphabet soup sexuality (also known as Gay Incorporated or The Gay Agenda).

That revisionist-history “LGBT(Q)+” shit you see everywhere you go is sanitising the word gay. And it’s also revisionist history because originally the G was first because thousands of gay guys led the movement, not lesbians in the majority as the L first implies.

A friend of mine asked: Does anyone know what all those fucking letters even stand for? He said, “Whenever I see that alphabet shit I automatically think gay or queer in my mind. My mind translates the alphabet to gay. So do I. So why can’t they just say gay? The alphabet rubbish has run its course. It’s time to abandon it considering how long that train of letters has become. Yeah, well, I suspect the corporatist organisations at the state and federal level who run The Gay Agenda have no intention of abandoning the alphabet nonsense. If anything, they want it to continue and even add more letters to it, “to include every freak and fetish/kink out there” as my lesbian neighbour said in the name of “being inclusive.” She has said “gay marriage ruined everything” and I agree with her. Is it their goal to go through the entire alphabet 2-3 times? With the current official version, there already two Qs.

The official version is this ludicrous mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+ Doesn’t that look ridiculous, if not insane?

“By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.”—Comedian/actor Lea DeLaria.

The thing is: Straights have no letters, yet some heterosexuals have just as many kinks and fetishes as anyone else. So why do Queers need any letters? And why is everything dumped into the gay or queer category that is not heterosexual? Gay has become the dumping group for anything that is not heterosexual. Even things that have nothing to do with same-gender attraction — which is what gay or queer is about — have been dumped into the gay so-called “community.” By the way, where is this “community” that people like to go on about? It certainly isn’t where I live.

Brand LGBT(Q) plus, plus, plus is saturated all over the internet by the corporatists. They apparently got their orders to use that whenever talking about anything gay. “You must use the alphabet soup.”

Again, originally it was GLB (Gay, Lesbian, Bi) since thousands of gay guys led the movement in the majority, NOT lesbians. But some assholes decided to change it. No one seems to know who changed it or why it was changed and who moved lesbians to the front of the line. Some say it was changed “to show that we support women’s rights.” I say: Don’t you support all the other people’s rights in that train of letters? Yet you never move their letters to first place. Why not? Since you’re all about moving letters around and revisionist history! One guy told me — a cultists of the Alphabet Cult — that it was changed because “L” rolls off the tongue easier than “G” rolls off the tongue. Insanity. I don’t know what’s wrong with his tongue. I’ve never had any trouble with the G rolling off my tongue, and so we’re now going to change things based on how they roll off of one’s tongue? Insanity.

More on the “identify” nonsense: One of the requirements of The Gay Agenda.

I read this yesterday: “I’ve identified as gay all my life.” Translation: He’s been gay all his life but he couldn’t say that.

One foot in the closet? That’s what that “identifying” rubbish is, but The Gay Agenda is too damn dense to understand that. Or they do understand that and are supporting gay guys being in the closet by “identifying.” Why couldn’t he say I’ve been gay all my life?” That’s what people used to say. Because he’s a cultist of The Gay Agenda which has brainwashed mindless people particularly in their 20s and 30s to say, “I identify as gay” rather than say what they fucking are. The person doesn’t come right out and say “I’m gay.” NO! You can’t say that because that’s “too in your face.” That can offend homophobic people and we like to cater to homophobic people’s comfort level by using the alphabet soup. So these days, under The Gay Agenda, you have to sanitise your gay sexuality and instead distance yourself from it by saying, “I identify as gay,” even though you may not be gay since a person can “identify” as anything and make it up as they go along. Will you “identify” as a fire hydrant next week?

Does one see how ludicrous this “identifying” nonsense is?

You don’t actually have to be anything. It’s all about how you “identify.” This “identifying” doesn’t have to have any relationship with the truth at all.

You know, I can’t stand these people or what “gay” has become under these corporatist trash. I detest them. They are infuriating which is why I’ve been completely turned off by The Gay Agenda and Gay Inc. I don’t think they could have ruined things anymore than they have, yet they have these cultists who eat the ass of The Gay Agenda and Gay Inc. and follow anything, any decree they come up with in the name of pop culture “updated language” and “contemporary language” and “our language changes you know.” But why change something just to change it when it didn’t need changing in the first place? Gay, bisexual and straight have served us well for decades. Why change what has worked, just to change it? What’s wrong with saying “I’m gay?”

It reminds me of a tea drinker online I saw who couldn’t say, “I drink tea.” No, he had to say, “I identify as a tea drinker.” Which doesn’t mean that he drinks tea. He just claims to drink tea.

Then there’s the Rainbow Pride Flag. Where’s the word gay there? Awhile back, someone told me about a gay flag that he saw in the Clearance section of a store in his area. Well the thing is still there. Not a hot item. Except for the month of June and The Gay Agenda cultists who come out of the woodwork for corporate “Pride.” In San Francisco, the event is called “San Francisco Pride.” Note that the word gay is missing there too. San Francisco Pride sounds like it’s a day for San Francisco residents to take pride in their City and County of San Francisco. It doesn’t sound at all gay-related. Some people refer to it as “LGBT Pride” which is, again, sanitising gay with letters. Gay is 3 letters. “LGBT” is four. People like typing extra letters, do they? They do in the name of corporate conformity.

I sense that there’s little interest in anything gay these days since the movement is dead — it died the night that gay marriage became legal and has been dead every since — other than sexually and those who are into unsafe sex such as barebacking on PrEP, passing on STDs to others and acquiring new ones for themselves and others, and eating ass. That crowd. (I’m equally turned off when I see a guy eat a chick’s ass.)

For the Rainbow Flag that was in the Clearance section, the word gay was not on the package. I found it interesting that the manufacturer of the rainbow flag sanitised the package. So the rainbow flag has been renamed the Pride Flag? I didn’t know that. No where on the package is the word gay or queer. Ashamed of gay or queer, are we? It’s called a Rainbow Pride Flag. Pride in the rainbow? Is that what they mean? Pride in what? Pride in being gay? But the word gay is missing.

As I’ve asked many times: Why would one have pride in one’s sexuality or the gender of the person one has sex with? That’s why that “Pride” shit makes no sense to thinking people. The original event was called Gay Freedom Day and Festival. Meaning freedom from oppression, discrimination, harassment and the like. What was wrong with that? Was the word “Freedom” to rad(ical) for the corporatist trash who hijacked the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement? As for the Rainbow Pride Flag, to their credit, they didn’t use that increasingly long train of fucking letters and string them across the front and back of the package on the flag.

But it’s interesting that the rainbow flag has been sanitised too. Of course, why not?! These people of The Gay Agenda are relentless. They’ve even gone into archival material and somehow changed things to read “LGBT,” which is not what it was called back in those days when the G was first. These corporatist trash of The Gay Agenda seem to have a lot of free time for dreaming up what’s next that they can sanitise. What does rainbow pride mean? There’s a picture of a rainbow flag on the package but not that dreaded word “gay.” Gay is Sanitised once again. So as not to offend the straights or conservatives or far-right?

The Gay Agenda/Gay Incorporated have completely prostrated themselves in bending over backwards so as not to offend the most easily triggered and offended among us. I thought they opposed homophobia, no? But it would appear that it’s people’s homophobia that they’re bending over and catering to by sanitising their own fucking Agenda.

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Or are these useless people too damn dense to understand that? I guess the flag manufacturer would say when asked about it, “Well, you need to understand, we were trying to be discreet with the packaging.” Why? Are you saying that anyone that would be buying the gay flag would feel ashamed for doing so, so they wouldn’t want the words gay or queer on the package when it’s scanned at the register? And discreet from whom? Who cares what somebody else buys?

Gay Incorporated and The Gay Agenda have gone to great lengths to be discreet and sanitise their own fucking sexuality? Both seem to be run by a bunch of useless corporatists with one foot in the closet. They are probably the same trash who say, “I identify as gay” because — having one foot in the closet — they can’t bring themselves to say, “I’m gay.” What happened to that “Out and Proud” stuff? These days, it’s the opposite per The Gay Agenda and its doctrine/dogma.

Did you know there are now eleven genders? Sanitising one’s sexuality: Everybody “identified” as something, but nobody was anything. That was the case in the articles I read. I looked up how many genders there are now.

There are supposedly eleven genders as of this writing. (There may be some new genders by tomorrow morning!). Throughout the article that I scanned — I didn’t have the patience to read it — it was all about how people “identify” rather than say what they are. It seems impossible for most people to say what they are now. I’m not trying to be flippant here, but I really do not understand the purpose of this “identify” nonsense, as opposed to people saying what they are. They can no longer do that.

Like me, my queer friend can’t stand this shit. He said I think I’ll start saying, “I identify as straight, but I’m queer.” And that’s the point. One can “identify” as anything and make it up as they go along when how they “identify” has no basis in reality. It’s bull shit. Why is it so fucking difficult to say what you are these days? “Oh but you’re not supposed to do that now. Everyone must ‘identify’ to be conformist, cool and hip and use this ludicrous new language that some nuts dreamed up.” The article I read said that science cannot agree on how many genders there are now, but there are more than male and female, according to them. I think in terms of two genders: Male and Female with dick being meant for pussy.

I scanned through all the new terms for one to use to “identify” and most people in society worldwide would not relate to any of it or have even heard the terms. And people would need a dictionary to look most of it up. Did The Gay Agenda dream up all this rubbish? That would be my guess because after they killed their own movement following gay marriage becoming legal — that was the death of their movement — they’ve had nothing else to do, they think. They only care about queers of their same income bracket and those who will attend their lavish USD$500+ plate dinners honouring celebrities or tech billionaires, so they have no interest in addressing the topic of homelessness or military veteran queers, as one example. So instead, they’ve had lots of time during their day to dream up this nonsense, which most people will never use.

A friend of mine said: To “identify” is a way of distancing/sanitising oneself from one’s own sexuality, that one is possibly ashamed of? Whereas when one says, “I AM straight” (or bi or queer) there is no distance involved. One’s sexuality is right out there. What’s wrong with that?