São Paulo’s Gay Pride Parade

Updated el 21 de julio de 2014: São Paulo’s Gay Pride Parade looks more authentic and in keeping with the original intent and purpose of Gay Pride, as opposed to San Francisco’s Corporate Commercial called, “SF Pride” (which has become a waste of one’s time, unless one likes watching corporate ads and enjoys celebrating the Imperialistic US Military Industrial Complex et al, including military recruitment at the 2013 event. Ugh! Military recruitment was banned from the 2014 event. I saw a poster recently that read, “I wish our Queer organisations worked to end war instead of for my right to be ‘out’ while I kill or am killed in one.” Someone astutely asked on Indybay.org/Santa Cruz: “What kind of freakaziod thinks joining the military, or subjecting oneself to state-sanctioned marriage for the social benefits available from capitalist society could POSSIBLY be ‘liberation’?)” Precisely y muchísimas gracias for that. Our corporatist commercial in San Francisco should be renamed the Gay Shame Commercial/”Parade,” part of Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Month (keep reading to understand why, por favor)

El 27 de mayo de 2014. Hola. Fortunately, in São Paulo, Brazil it seems they haven’t heard that one is now supposed to be conservative and ashamed of being gay by describing oneself using the following closet case language: “discreet,” “DL” (down low), “straight-acting,” “straight-looking” and/or “normal” (ugh!). In Brazil, no one is using “discreto” in their personal sex ads from my research (I searched ads from São Paulo e Río de Janeiro). Yet here in The Cesspool/The Empire, I and others find it really sad and pathetic that many gay guys are now (once again) ashamed of being gay in rather large numbers. When did this gay shame start and why? When the gay populace allowed themselves to be sucked in by the far-right and became conservative). Loco./Crazy. Based on reading personal sex ads on a popular website (initials: CL, which I now call ClosetList) the use of “discreet” is currently at an epidemic level. I’ve written about this previously in several articles. Nearly every muchacho on that site describes himself as “discreet” and/or looking for “discreet” here in The Imperialistic Empire/The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos/the US.

As of this writing, there are:

1,545 personal gay sex ads with the word “discreet” in them in the San Francisco Bay Area.
532 are in San Francisco
255 are in the South Bay
529 are in the East Bay
125 are on the Peninsula
89 are in the North Bay
15 are in Santa Cruz

That’s just for the Bay Area.

In other cities of The Imperialistic Empire:

In Ciudad de Nueva York/New York City as of this writing there are 3,478 guys ashamed of their sexuality by using the word “discreet.”

In Chicago: 1,613 guys

In South Florida: 2,182 guys

Is there something in the water?…other than raw nuclear radiation from Fukushima? Is that what’s causing this?

So what happened to Gay Pride, muchachos? I guess Gay Pride is now passé, no longer current or in fashion. Gay Pride was the opposite of “discreet” muchachos. The Gay Rights’ Movement especially here in The Cesspool seems to have mostly been a waste of everyone’s time.

Here’s an e-mail I received in response to my The “Discreet” Gay Guys article:

“I’m seeing the same thing where I live. As more and more heterosexuals move into traditionally gay areas, it’s like many gay guys think they must go back in the closet. We’re going back right where we started in a sense before the gay rights movement began. I share your frustration in this regard.”

And I’ve heard people say, “Gay people can live anywhere.” [roll eyes] What they don’t say is “Gay people can live anywhere freely and openly.” That’s the critical part they leave out. I suppose some gay people can live anywhere (depends upon the person and circumstance), if they’re in the closet. But judging by the number of closet cases in major metropolitan areas of the US, thousands of gay guys still don’t feel they can live freely and openly even in major cities where they are anonymous and where no one cares what they do or who they have sex with or when! Decades ago (during the San Francisco Gay Mecca days), thousands of us GLBTQs moved to major cities (in my case to the District of Columbia and then to San Francisco) where we could be anonymous so we could be out of the closet and didn’t have to deal with that negative baggage. But today, thousands of gay guys are still clinging to that moldy closet even in major cities where no one gives a fuck what they do or when, yet they are continually writing the word “discreet” in their ads. Loco./Crazy. And most of these closet case guys are in their 20s and 30s, from my observations. That’s a long time living a lie (i.e. pretending to be heterosexual when you’re not). I came out around age 18. Somewhere around there. I had had enough of that closet and wasn’t going to take it anymore.

Judging by the pictures of their recent Gay Pride Parade, the São Paulo parade is far better than the stale, conservative, sanitised (i.e. “make it family-friendly now”…ugh!) corporate commercial called “San Francisco Pride” that’s held en junio/in June. This year (2014), I read that our corporate commercial will have even more techie corporations “sponsoring” the thing (translation: with the goal of exploiting more of the GLBTQ populace as suckers and using them as ATM Machines to suck up to the predatory and parasitic Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex which has taken over and is ravaging San Francisco). I can hear gullible GLBTQ suckers saying now, “well, if they’re supporting our pride, they must be good.” [roll eyes] Gullible sheeple! All they want is your dinero/$$, suckers! Are you that damn thick to not understand that? I suppose there will be another entry this year in the corporate Gay Shame Commercial Parade protesting the techie Gentrification and Eviction Shuttles, as was the case last year. I very much appreciated them and their protest last year and their protests since, but I wonder how many of the protesters are addicted to their $martphone and still buying useless app$ which helps the techie indu$try that they’re protesting? (which would make them hypocrites.)

In the real and more authentic São Paulo Gay Pride Parade, I see no la policía, no barricades all over the place keeping The People from their own parade as is the case in San Francisco. I see no corporate advertisements called “floats” which are essentially an ad for one business and/or corporation after another. Maybe they were there, but there’s no mention of any politicians exploiting the event for face time and votes the way they do in San Francisco and other US cities.

And look at all the lovely Drag Queens (that’s an art form) in Brazil. There will probably be some Drag Queens in San Francisco’s Gay Shame Parade, but I suspect this year’s event will focus more on the obnoxious jock fad and the obsession over corporate sport$ team$ that—in the New Lobotomi$ed corporate San Francisco—has now replaced any semblance of any interest in culture. “Gotta be a jock and wear expen$ive corporate major league sports team clothing (to make even more money for wealthy corporati$t$) and wear a baseball cap to show you’re a real macho man,” seems to be the mentality of many gay guys these days as they strive to be heteronormative. [roll eyes]. As I’ve said before, I cannot relate to most of the shallow, superficial, corporati$ed, mainstream and sheeple GLBTQ populace today.

As I’ve also written before, today unfortunately San Francisco is nothing like it was during the days of the Gay Mecca and the Castro barrio is not anything like it was then either. These days, Gay Shame is “in” and Gay Pride is out as even guys in the Castro are using words such as “discreet” in their personal ads. There are only two reasons anyone is discreet:

1. The person is a fucking closet case and ashamed of their gay or bi sexuality and living a lie, and/or
2. The person is cheating on someone.

The former Gay Mecca (the Castro) was anything but “discreet.” There was nothing “discreet” at all about the Gay Mecca. But that’s the past and some conservative corporatists in San Francisco are trying their very best to completely erase that Gay Mecca history entirely, as if it never existed and was an embarrassment to this city. From what I and others are seeing today, many (if not most) gay guys have been sucked-in by the far-right and are now conservative and seem to be ashamed of being gay going by the language they use to describe themselves in their sex ads.

Here is what the San Francisco corporate commercial is like, or was last year. I no longer respect or like the journalist I’m linking to at that link—I can’t stand him now; he too is a corporate sell-out having sold out to billionaire interests which makes him a fucking hypocrite!—but at the time he wrote this I liked him and it’s a good article and does a good job of explaining the corporate commercial I’m calling the Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Parade (or what the city calls “San Francisco Pride.”)

I much prefer the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade as that seems more genuine, authentic and in keeping with the original meaning and intent of Gay Pride, as opposed to turning the thing into a fucking corporate commercial like the San Francisco Gay Shame Parade has become.

So reviewing, (for those who skipped the entire article and scrolled down here for some reason): Next month (junio/June) is Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Month in San Francisco. That’s what I now call it since that seems much more accurate and realistic based on the obsession, fixation and addiction to the word “discreet” (and other closet case language) I’m seeing in gay sex personals throughout The Empire/the US, as well as seeing gay guys (according to my most reliable gaydar) on occasion walking around San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca holding hands with a female and doing a “Skip to My Lou” dance down the sidewalk as if they are trying to give the impression to anyone who will look at them that they are a “straight” couple, as if anyone gives a fuck! [sigh] I and others don’t buy your heteronormative “straight” routine muchacho/a. Is that another silly new fad? To pretend to be “straight” when you’re not? And why is being “straight” such a highly-desired sexuality by many gay guys? (Get some therapy). Don’t get me started on the gay guys who want to hook up with a “straight” guy and suck “straight” dick (according to their sex ads). WTF is that about? How is “straight” dick any different than any other dick? It isn’t. Loco./Crazy. A credible psychologist would likely say that we’re dealing with a lot of fucked-up people with internalised anti-gay feelings in those conservative gay guys who feel they must pretend to be “straight” when they’re not.


Yes, there’s some weird shit going on now and I’m far from the only one to notice it. But rather than regurgitate all of that again which I’ve written about previously (see links at the bottom of this page), check out these pictures of the Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo. Love the Drag Queens! We fortunately still have some Drag Queens in the Castro. I see them every now-and-then. That art form seemed to be dying out awhile back but more recently has made a come-back on occasion perhaps in reaction/retribution to the obnoxious “jock” fad and conservative gay guys pretending to be “straight.” I’m always glad to see the Drag Queens. You look lovely, Dahlings! And I know it takes quite awhile (probably hours) to get all of that together, but well worth it. You look lovely, Dahlings. Chau.—rosa barrio

Here are the pictures from the Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo, Brazil

Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced

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—– COMMENTS (Manually posted from e-mail) —–

06.22.14 After reading your explanation, I agree with you about the name change to Gay Shame, Gay Discreet. I was on a local site today and there was word about joining CodePink for Pink Saturday and it had to do with joining them in the Chelsea Manning contingent of the parade, err, commercial as you call it. The part that turned me off bigtime was to sign up on the Facebook event page. I’m not on Facebook. What are they doing using Facebook? Facebook’s CEO supports the Keystone XL Pipeline and there’s a long list of problems with that company. Some people just don’t get it do they? They’re good on some things and crap on others.—David
My response: Gracias for telling me that. I didn’t know that about CodePink. As for your last sentence, today that’s typical to be good on some things and crap on others. I’ve seen that over and over from people and groups. I’m not surprised. It’s makes one feel like writing to them and asking, “aren’t you aware of _____?” Not that writing them would do any good. I never go on FB for many reasons. Also here. Since we’re on the techie topic, I was wondering how many people who will go to the Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Corporate Commercial will be on their stupidphones the entire time they’re there and not even see the commercial? Can the stupidphone addicts put them down that long? I’d like to see that! Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—rosa barrio

06.05.14 I guess you know that the drag queens here in SF are hated on…not to their faces I don’t think but covertly, They’re considered the bottom of the barrel by the straight community….not that I give a fuck what they think. I agree it is an art form and costs quite a bit, especially the large-sized women shoes. That’s the most expensive part. The drag queens are welcomed at The Edge and a couple other bars. I think there would be a near-riot if they happened to go in one of the gay closet case jock bars with a you’re not welcomed here shouted in their faces and get out. They’re considered part of the old city. Remember when most gay guys used to wear earrings in one or both ears and we had the bling? Don’t see any of that now. That’s been sanitized too. You say it’s a weird time. You’re being polite. It’s a depressing and sad time when I look at the conservative dead gay community of today.—Eddie

05.31.14 Agree 100% with what you said and I’m gay. I’ve been on Closet List too (great name for that site you came up with by the way!). I found this ad totally offensive: [Ed. I’ve made slight changes to this personal ad for copyright reasons only.—rosa barrio]
“I’m bi. I don’t know where to meet people. I know where to meet girls. I don’t know where to meet guys. Gay bars/clubs are way too gay for me. I’m a normal guy and I only like guys who act like guys. I thought I’d try to look for a guy on here (probably against my better judgment. . .I looked at ads before I started writing this one and it seems like everybody on here is looking for one night stands). I’m into hanging out and seeing where that leads. I’m 29 athletic. I like sports, hiking, playing pool, and going out to bars every once in a while”
Gay bars and clubs are way “too gay” for him? I’m glad he doesn’t generalize about gay bars. He’s normal? He doesn’t sound normal with his internalized homophobia. So the guys who are more fem are not normal? That’s what this fuck head is saying. Pissed me off to read his ignorant ad. Very offensive.—Miguel
My response: Gracias Miguel. Ugh. Yes, I find it offensive too. And yet another muchacho in his late 20s who acts like this which I wrote about in this article. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio