Sexual Freedom and Revolution

El 15 de febrero de 2013. Hola. Thousands of GLBTQueer people migrated to San Francisco decades ago where they could experience the “Gay Mecca” of that day where sexual freedom and a gay revolution were taking place.

Kissing Tim Poster
Kissing Tim Poster
This “Kissing Tim” poster
reminds me of the
“Castro Clone look.”
Anyone remember that look?

Many people already know the history of the GLBTQueer movement and how San Francisco was considered the “gay mecca” at that time. If there is a “Gay Mecca” today it’s Palms Springs.

I was talking with “what is is” of the pink barrio about this the other day. We were talking about how conservative San Francisco is becoming, especially the former “Gay Mecca” Castro district, which at one time was considered “very liberal.” Well it certainly isn’t “very liberal” today by any measure. Other than the rainbow flags—and one wonders how much longer they will be up as “straights” flood into the area with streams of baby strollers—the Castro of today is nothing like it was in the days of Harvey Milk and the “sexual revolution” following.

Today, some people call the Castro “a museum of its former self.” If that! That’s even being generous. The Castro barrio today is going in the opposite direction of sexual freedom and revolution. These days, when walking by one of the few sex stores (the sheeple call them “porn shops”) and when you look in the window you see white stickers all over the front of sex video covers. I asked one of the store owners what that was about. He kindly explained to me it was because of the “sex nazis” in the barrio. In today’s conservative Castro barrio sex stores must cover up sex video covers so that a penis, scrotum or ass picture is not seen by anyone. Why? Because some of the prudish parents in the area—who moved into the area knowing its history and sexual revolution reputation—are just like their prudish parents as it turns out and they will call la policía to complain about the sex store and la policía will go into the sex store and demand the store “cover up” their video covers so that El Sr. y la Sra. Prude (Ms and Ms Prude) no longer have to see parts of the human body on a video cover in the sex store window. I’m not making this up. It’s true. The prudes (including prudish gay parents) don’t want their little trophies/darlings to see the human body and where they came from apparently. Isn’t that thinking and behavior just like the thinking their parents held (most likely) and isn’t that what these GLBTQueer parents of today fled from decades ago? (Answer: Yes it is.)

It’s interesting how thousands of GLBTQueer people fled puritanical, prudish, Victorian and conservative places to move to—at that time “liberal”—San Francisco for “sexual freedom and revolution,” and then decades later many of the same people vigilantly work to turn San Francisco into exactly the type of place they fled from decades ago. And apparently they’re too damned thick to understand that’s what they’ve done, or now they justify their prudish, conservative behaviour. They’ve become conservative now as they’ve decided that they’re “old” (regardless of their chronological age) and seemingly now emulate their prudish, uptight, rigid Victorian parents (or guardians’) thinking.

The bottom line: They have become what they fled from.

Interesting how things turn out, isn’t it.

We, in the pink barrio are not the only people to notice this. We were pleased to see this message on a local forum and this is what they said (I’ve changed it slightly for copyright reason, but kept the original intent). They wrote:

San Francisco is becoming an exact copy of everything that people once moved here to get away from. In the new San Francisco, life is a struggle. Over-crowding is fine and good if it means “more growth.” Life is cheap because one is replaceable. If you love the struggle of life that is New York City in 2013 you will love the new pro-big-business (tech) mentality in San Francisco with the mandatory 2.5 kids and required dog(s), and an elitist SUV (usually boringly black or silver in colour with often one person in the vehicle while the person pretends to be “green”). The City is now vacuous and a bore-fest where MBAs have a touch base. “Quality of life” feels prescribed from a network TV show. Today’s San Francisco is like living with people for whom they think culture means yogurt or something to check off a list on their gadget while texting.

Chau.—rosa barrio

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