Short article: Should trans people be part of the Queer “Community?”

No, they should not. Over the last year, I’ve rethought the trans topic and I’ve concluded that they should be their own thing, their own group and not part of the Queer group or Queer so-called “community.” (There’s no feel of “community” any more which is why I have trouble using the word “community,” and I only do so because that’s what most people would understand.)

Some/Many trans people are not gay or Queer to begin with. They never were. They’ve just ridden on the coattails of the Queer so-called “Community.” They were born straight or bi, and some are ultimately only looking for a straight/hetero relationship anyway, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Queer so-called “Community.” They (trans) just feel that they are the wrong gender in the body they were born with. Then some trans people end up in what is essentially heterosexual arrangements/relationships, some even with kids to be heteronormative “carbon copies” of the breeders. Well that too has nothing to do with the Queer so-called “community.” Why is it that every non-mainstream interest is dumped into the Queer or Gay group? So it seems to me — after giving this much thought — that I agree with those who say that trans people should not be part of or thought of as part of the Queer so-called “community” because they have nothing to do with it. Trans people should have the same rights as anybody else. But it seems that every sexual fetish or sexual something gets dumped into the Queer so-called “Community” for some reason. Anything that is not “straight” automatically gets dumped into Queer, which I think is the wrong approach and there’s something very amiss about that.

A couple of examples that readily come to mind: One example that comes to mind is where you have a Queer guy (he was born Queer/Gay) who is now in a relationship with a trans female-to-male person. So the Queer/Gay guy regularly fucks vagina (the female-to-male’s pussy). That is heterosexual sex (penis inserted into vagina) because gay guys don’t fuck or have any interest in pussy. (Although many closeted gay guys worldwide fuck pussy because they’re in the closet and living with a female pretending to be Mr Straight to fulfill “The Family Script.”) Then this couple I mentioned earlier have kids and live their lives as a straight couple. The female-to-male “guy” looks “straight” — he looks like an overweight, big-bellied hairy “bear” type guy — but the gay guy could be mistaken for a bull dyke lesbian. They’re essentially living a heterosexual life with kids. So what on Earth does that have to do with being Queer or the so-called Queer “Community?” Absolutely Nothing. And that’s my point, and there are many variations just like them and other arrangements, ultimately ending up looking like breeder/straight couples. Another example: Such as seeing one bear guy fucking another bear guy with a vagina. The female-to-male guy is pregnant. It makes one wonder: Why didn’t the “top” bear just hook up with a person born a female if he wanted to fuck pussy and have kids since that’s what he’s doing? Although it looks like he’s fucking a guy with a pussy. I guess that’s because his fetish is fucking a guy with a pussy with all-female plumbing. But what about that ongoing hormone therapy that can really fuck some people up and their emotions? Females are often an emotional wreck and emotional roller coaster to begin with. They become very emotionally-erratic and an emotional wreck. Then add in some male hormone therapy to the mix. Well, it might “calm down” the estrogen but I don’t know about that. But one is not supposed to say any of this — although I will — because it’s the sacrosanct trans topic, where some trans-obsessed people rush to defend any trans “arrangement” that exists, including defending closet cases. If it’s trans, it’s perfectly fine in their mind, no matter what they do — even when they ultimately end up in heterosexual relationships which has absolutely nothing to do with the Queer so-called “Community” — but that seems to be the thinking of other trans people.

He becomes a “her,” she become a “he” and they get together as a “straight” couple and have kids. Isn’t that just another conformist hetero relationship? What part of that is gay or Queer?

As mi amigo/my friend said: That’s why trans people should have their own group, and it already exists: It’s called straights.

That’s all I have to say about it. I’m disgusted at what the so-called Queer “Community” has morphed into. From what I see in San Francisco, in porn and in the corporate media, there are more closet cases today than ever before in my lifetime, according to my reliable gaydar. Millennials in particular. Queer — but closeted with internalised homophobia — Millennial guys walking around pretending to be straight and holding hands and making out with females trying to appear to be a “straight” couple. The same for the Millennial Lipstick lesbians — who try to look like “straight” women — walking around holding hands with a guy, and sometimes her guy looks gay as well. How ironic that these closet cases moved here in droves to what used to be a Gay Mecca. The irony in that! As another Queer boy in NYC wrote, “WTF has happened to my fellow Queers?” Exactly. I’m just glad that I got to live at a time when there did feel like a sense of Queer community and before many Queers began flipping out — which seemed to happen after gay marriage became legal in the non-United States — and trying to be exact replicas of the breeders. Because today I have trouble relating to the conformist “LGBT(Q)” corporate trash, and I can’t stand that revisionist history alphabet soup nonsense. How many more fucking letters are they going to add to that spew? As Lea DeLaria says: “I hate that alphabet soup…It’s become comical.” Yes, exactly. See here, here, here, here and here. Yes, as I’ve said: I thought most Queers wanted to be exact replicas of the “straights” no? Many Queers have gone to great lengths to model their lives after the breeders as if breeders and how they live their lives are somehow superior to Queers. I’d like to point out that the breeders don’t have any letters or silly acronyms, so when might we expect Queers to get rid of their ludicrous letters and just use the words Queer or Gay?

And after seeing what the far-right now have their own version of that “LGBT” rubbish, one might think that the Queer so-called “Community” would finally abandon it: