Stop the Hate of Undocumented Immigrants and Migrant Workers

El 4 de julio de 2014. Hola. From talking with mi amigo who listens to a lot of noticias, there’s currently a campaign of sorts against undocumented, unregistered immigrants and migrant workers en Los Estados Unidos (also known as The Cesspool, The Imperialistic Empire, the US). I was sorry to hear that because I support undocumented/unregistered immigrants and migrant workers. Sí, claro que sí. But most people need someone to hate on and scapegoat for the many problems in society. If I were in the immigrant’s position (meaning their life, economic, financial and family situation), I would do the same thing they were/are doing and the haters here in The Cesspool would too if they were honest about it, and I’m talking about even the most rabid and redneck foaming-at-the-mouth haters.

Articles such as this one bring out every useless CIA-troll around. Fortunately we don’t have comments on this site (I turned them off; other than the comments I post manually from e-mails), in part, specifically so that this site cannot be turned into a septic cesspool like most other sites that have comment forums that are infected with lonely, smug, snarky, nasty, arrogant, wingnut, willfully-ignorant, idiotic, useless CIA trolls like most other sites have (especially local San Francisco sites – ugh!). And you can send me an e-mail expressing an opposing view hateful of undocumented, unregistered immigrants and migrant workers, but you won’t accomplish anything by doing that because I’m not interested whatsoever in “debating your argument” or any other topic.

The poem engraved on La Estatua de la Libertad (the Statue of Liberty) mean nothing to many if not most people here The Cesspool. Their hate gets in their way of even understanding the poem. Here are part of the words from that poem:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The Cesspool/The Imperialistic Empire is a nation of immigrants, and if one is not a direct descendent of the native people (meaning native USans) who were on this ground to begin with and then were severely violated, then one is an immigrant regardless of how one got here and with what documentation, or lack thereof.

I’m opposed to borders between countries to begin with. Borders create so many problems around the world. Wars for example, and this immature “us versus them” or “my team is better than your team” childish nonsense.

Deportations under messiah are at record levels (see here and here despite any lies and sweet words to the contrary from him. When el muchacho speaks, it’s best to assume the opposite of what he says is the truth.

So I was very glad to see that Dean Johnson Fine Art design has created these items supporting undocumented/unregistered immigrants and migrant workers. So check them out on this page.

And Viva (undocumented and documented) Latinos, Hispanos, Mexicanos, Chicanos et al. I and others appreciate your many contributions to this nation. Muchísimas gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio


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Show Me Your Papers

El 3 de julio de 2012 Hola. Where has one heard “show me your papers” before? Germany in the 1930s and 1940s? Well, on 06.25.12, the Supremes (the U.S. Supreme Court, not the singers although I’d much rather be talking about the singers) made it legal for the police (“law enforcement”) to ask for one’s papers if one is suspected of being undocumented/unregistered in the backward U.S. state of Arizona. Of course it’s ethnic profiling of Hispanos, Latinos, Mexicanos, Chicanos and other groups suspected of being undocumented/unregistered. One of Obama’s nominees to the court, Sotomayor, voted for this. So the next time you hear an Obamabot drag out the Fear Card and scream, “remember the Supreme Court, remember the Supreme Court!” as THE #1 reason for voting for their “savior” Obama, remind them of this, as one example. I can’t stand talking about the topic of immigration—I no longer read comments on message forums on the topic of immigration because of the widespread hate—because there is just so much hate out there for undocumented immigrants/migrant workers. I am sick of the hate. It seems that most people in the Estados Unidos/U.S. need someone to scapegoat and hate on for the many problems in this country, rather than holding la basura corporatist politicians accountable/responsible for the many problems in this country. But most people who vote, continue to wallow in the Democratic and Republican corporatist cesspool.

Also, immigrants without documents are regularly hired as cheap, exploited labor. No one else who benefits from this arrangement—including the employers who recruit and hire these migrant workers—are labeled in a hateful, pejorative or negative way. The hate of which I speak is only directed at the migrant worker; never the employer. I’ve never heard any of the haters say: “That is a criminal employer. That employer is breaking our laws and that employer should be arrested, should be required to pay a huge fee and serve jail time or be kicked out of the country because that employer is hiring undocumented immigrants.” I’ve never heard that from anyone. As an aside, if the haters were to write that on a message forum, it would have to be in all screaming caps. That’s their signature style. I’ve seen that repeatedly. Apparently they don’t think people can read lower case writing. But I suspect it’s that their internal cancer of hate makes them feel like screaming.

I appreciate the many contributions of undocumented/unregistered immigrants/migrant workers. And the Estados Unidos/U.S. is a nation of immigrants and the Estados Unidos is a better nation because of their many contributions. To them I say: Muchísimas gracias.

Following this ruling by the Supremes, Mr Hopey Changey (Obama) ordered the Department of Homeland inSecurity to not cooperate with “law enforcement” in Arizona and their “show me your papers” nonsense. That rabid governor in AZ and “law enforcement” are pissed with Mr Change. Tough luck. It’s good that Mr Change ordered this, but unfortunately he didn’t do it for the right reason As with two other issues recently in order to buy votes (see Obama’s cynical gesture to immigrant youth and Obama backs gay marriage), Obama ordered Homeland inSecurity to not cooperate with AZ in order to buy votes from the Hispano/Latino/Méxicano community because deportations have risen to record levels under Obama, surpassing deportations under George W. Bush. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if after the election and if Mr Hopey Changey is re-elected, Homeland inSecurity is ordered to begin cooperating with “law enforcement” and that Arizona governor. Isn’t that muchacha a piece of work in Arizona? Whenever I see her face show up anywhere, I have to look away. It’s too much for me.

Jorge Ramos, one of the anchors of Noticiero Univisión, had this to say about the ruling:

“I think this is very disappointing and very dangerous. This is a very sad day for the Hispanic community when the Supreme Court allows a state like Arizona to use racial profiling as a rule — we know that we really need immigration reform right now….
It’s difficult to believe that the immigration law in Arizona could be an example for other states in the country…It is completely unreal.”

Gracias, Jorge. Unfortunately, I suspect that this “show me your papers” law will spread to other states like a fungus at the rate things are going in Los Estados Unidos/U.S and with hate. Chau.—rosa barrio


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