Significant, significant, significant

It’s significant with a dramatically significant impact.

Hola a todos. This article was inspired by mi amigo/my friend and his frustration listening to the corporate media talking heads of today who all use the same overused and stale language and mindlessly copy each other. No originality what-so-ever. But then, corporate is not original. Corporate is predictable and cookie-cutter.

And I see nothing has changed in over a decade since I stopped listening to anyone. Now I’m a “reading person” (as in reading articles that I’m interested in). I don’t listen to anybody on any network, and I don’t need to be told what to think by some talking head. Sometimes someone will ask me, “Do you listen to [name of person]? He helps me sort things out.” I think: Does he really? You mean you can’t sort things out on your own? Then I’m tempted to ask: Is he the newest messiah of the day? No, I don’t need to listen to any of these people. From my extensive experience, I make up my own mind and “sort things out” on my own, rather than regurgitate someone else’s views.

I used to be a very audio person. I listened mostly to radio programmes in order to be informed, such as Ray Taliaferro and npr (National Public Radio; even took a tour of the npr studios) and local public radio programmes. Also the Pacifica Network station KPFA until they went insane and had a big “brawl” over there and fired Mama O’Shea. There’s always been some internal fight, fight with management or with Pacifica management, or controversy at KPFA, hasn’t there? A rather dysfunctional place of inequality, I think. Management versus the rest. Management is often the problem no matter what it is. Look at orchestral mis-management as one example. They’re the first to disrespect their musicians and demand pay cuts, cuts in their health benefits and other disrespectful tactics.

I think I’m getting off the topic. But that’s all right. This is my site so I’ll say what I damn well please.

When I was listening to talk radio, I started noticing the hyped corporate language being used incessantly, such as the word “significant” along with “impact” and “dramatically significant impact.” Having been beaten-to-death with these words — and it seemed that no one was about to use a thesaurus to use other words which meant the same thing as those words — I shut off all talk radio programmes. I just couldn’t take it any longer. Today, in pop culture, the word “like” is used every-other-word by stupid-sounding Millenneals “like, like, like.” It’s really no different than the overused corporate words: significant, impact and dramatic. Then there’s “if you will.” That too drove me up the wall. That was often used incorrectly, as if on automatic pilot they just said that to say it mindlessly. I would listen to KQED-FM on occasion and Michael Krasney. He was hung up on “gleaning.” To his studio guest he would say: “What do you glean from this?” Ugh. I thought: Oh good lord, not another “gleaning!” (roll eyes) He too was an absolute corporate conformist talking head when it came to the repetitive use of these overused corporate words, “significant” and “impact.”

Then there’s the overused “MAY be” language. One example: Someone at a microphone after the election said, “Biden MAY be the president-elect, but….” No, there’s no “MAY be” about it. He IS the president-elect whether you like it or not. So there’s no need for you to say, “MAY be.” Say “He is.”

In recent weeks, I heard mi amigo — listening to corporate network programmes — say “significant, significant, significant, significant, significant…” every time someone at a microphone said the word. He was repeating his frustration, the same frustration I had probably a decade ago. I asked him: So they’re still saying that shit? He confirmed that this is the case. That is affirmative. Ten years later (or so) and they’re still using the same language over and over. You’d think by now they’d be hung up on some new words, but no. It’s still: significant, significant, significant, impact, impact, impact and dramatic, dramatic, and dramatic.

We both find it very corporate, unimaginative, cookie-cutter, thoughtless — because these buzz/hyped words seem to be used on auto-pilot — and apparently you’re nobody if you don’t use them every-other-word. One person uses “significant” and they all have to use it to conform and fit-in like a bunch of stupid sheeple. The same for “impact, impact, impact, impact, and the more hyped “dramatically significant impact.”

Another word for significant would be IMPORTANT. Instead of saying, “that’s significant” say “that’s important.” Instead of impact, say “that has a bearing” or “that will have an effect/affect.” As for the “dramatic” rubbish, why does there have to be “drama” in a “significant impact?” Just more stupid corporate hype or trash, in plain language. Best to turn it all off and let these corporate zombies sitting at microphones with their embarrassingly limited vocabulary robotically talk about all of this shit with no one listening. Maybe then, they would change their absolute conformity and return to some originality. But upon reflection, nah, they’re not about to do that. That would require some intelligence, and there’s a very short supply of that these days. If not gone. That is a significant, if you will. Chau.—el barrio rosa