Somebody has to say it: The Gay Rights Movement was an absolute failure

The conformist and revisionist Queer history “LGBTQRSTUVWXYXZ++++++++” corporatists certainly won’t say this, nor will any of their publications. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, not complacency as we’ve seen since gay marriage became legal, particularly in the non-United States. Gay Marriage was the death of The Movement, ironically.

Hola a todos. Somebody has got to say it and one should not expect any of the major, corporatist, conformist, Establishment gay rags to say what I’m about to say.

Mi amigo/My friend told me recently: What you write about on your site is far better than that stuff that the local tribal establishment San Francisco gay rags write about. (Oh them!) They wouldn’t touch what you write about because they don’t have the courage to do so. I appreciated the comment and when I was reading those rags, no, they were not touching any of what I write about and observe and most of them are conservative pretending to be “liberal” or “moderate” or some other meaningless word, that I got so disgusted with all of them and stopped reading them. All they were about was identity politics. They would endorse any conservative candidate as long as s/he was gay. It didn’t matter how right-wing the candidate’s politics were. Instead it was only about his or her sexual orientation. Well, I’ve learned that some Queers can be just as trashy politicians as any straight politician, and in some cases even worse.

Now on to what this article is mainly about: Considering the dismal state of things today with all the closet cases mi amigo/my friend and I see these days — out and about as well online — it is clear that the Gay Rights Movement was an absolute failure, particularly with Millenneals. They are some of the most sexually-fucked up people we’ve seen and they dream up Orwellian terms to justify their sexuality and sexual orientation, some going from gay to straight (meaning back in the closet pretending to be straight) to please mommy and daddy. Others going from gay to straight to make monitised porn (straight-for-pay). Isn’t the straight porn genre already overly-saturated with straight guys fucking chicks and licking pussy? Then why on Earth would gay guys do straight porn in a genre that’s already over-saturated? Loco./Crazy. Or is it part of a gay guy’s Mr Straight Jock Bro head trip and their conscious or subconscious desire to be straight from a position of gay shame? Gee, our Movement accomplished so much didn’t it? Who do these Queers think they’re fooling? What the fuck has happened to my fellow Queers?

So this reporter came on television and mi amigo asked “Who is that Queer boy?” I said: Oh, your gaydar detects a gay boy there too? Mine did the same months ago when I first saw him. I said: Well, he has a left hand wedding ring which means he’s in the closet and married to a female. OR, he’s married to a guy but wants people to think he’s straight otherwise he would move that ring to his right hand so there’s no confusion. But I’ve seen a couple of pictures of him with some female and they were cheek-to-cheek, so considering the way things are today, I suspect he’s yet another fucking closet case like most of the rest today. Don’t get me started on that! Mi amigo said: I saw one of those again today in a U-toob video. (He tells me about all the closet cases he sees in U-toob videos nearly every day.) There was the Queer boy with the wife and kids, pretending to be Mr Straight Bro. Yes, they are all over the place today. You sometimes wonder if the ratio of “Queer to Straight” isn’t closer to 50 percent, rather than that 10% figure that we are told. Considering the majority of Queers worldwide are in the closet and either 1) single or 2) married to women with kids. The “out” or “visible” Queers — these days who is “visible?” except on one day a year for Corporate Pride (pre-COVID) then back in the closet the following Monday — are most assuredly a small minority. That’s the way it seems to us. Most Queers with their gay shame have removed any Queer symbols from their outward person when they were ordered to “assimilate”/blend in with the breeders.

I said to mi amigo: Well, the Movement dealt with this. The Movement rid Queers of their gay shame and internalised homophobia, or it did so at least with the Queers I knew. Mi amigo said: Well, the problem is that the Movement died when gay marriage became legal — that was the end of things — and since then we’ve seen nothing but returning to the closet in droves. (That’s true). He told me: You’ve seen lots of Queer boys fucking chicks in “straight” videos, even though gay porn pays more. I reminded him: And you told me about the many guys who went to the “gay gym” in The Castro (pre-COVID) and in recent years you saw some of them holding hands and making out with females on the street trying to be Mr Straight Jock, and you heard two of them who came to your new gym talking about “my girl and I are trying to get pregnant.” Ugh. Then there was the gay guy at the old gym who hung out with other gay guys in the gym. Every June, he ran around and asked guys, “Are you ready for Pride?” Then on other occasions, the same guy talked about “I have to go home and get ready for the lady.” The lady? Was he bi or what was he? Sigh. Who the fuck knows!

And when you see gay guys marrying females instead of guys after gay marriage became legal — more insanity — it’s as if the world has gone completely insane. Gay guys didn’t need gay marriage to marry a fucking chick. They could have done that from the beginning. The now-dead Gay Rights Movement accomplished a few things, but considering the dismal state of things today and the glaring lack of understanding from the pro-Establishment conformist corporatist Queer trash who run things and who failed to grasp that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and vigilance must be maintained endlessly, but it has not been maintained, the Movement was an absolute failure. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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