Stop saying a guy is not gay just because he’s married to a female and with a kid.

What a naïve/naïfe thing to say and it speaks to the person’s sheltered world view and ignorance of the world and its thousands of gay closet cases worldwide. Many people fall for the illusion of a guy with a girl and therefore the guy must be straight just because he’s with a girl. Ludicrous! There are thousands of gay guys around the world who are married to females and with kids. They’re technically called closet cases or fake str8 guys. I think most intelligent people already know this, then you have all the rest, who will believe anything they read or see and if the guy has a girlfriend or wife (and kids), well, he couldn’t possibly be gay because he’s with a chick so he must be heterosexual, right? WRONG.

So I get a little tired of reading, “No, this actor was not gay but he is married to his girlfriend as a heterosexual male.” Yes that’s the impression that’s intended to give, but we’re not stupid here and reliable gaydar is still reliable gaydar, and that doesn’t at all mean that the guy is or was not really gay no matter how many girlfriends and wives he trots out or has or how many kids he pumps out. In fact, closet cases are notorious for having as many kids as possible. It’s intended to “prove” to others how str8 he is by how many times he breeds. Nevertheless, some of us are not convinced. It doesn’t take anything for a closet case to jack off in his hand and then smear that cum on his girl’s labia — it only takes one fast swimmer to get in her pussy to get her pregnant — or put it inside her vagina to get her pregnant after jacking off thinking about that hot guy from earlier in the day. Or maybe he fucked her but in his mind he’s fucking that guy’s ass he saw earlier when watching gay porn when “the wife” was away running errands. No, a guy with a girl is not as pure and innocent as some denialists like to make it and present any guy with a girl as an allegedly str8 couple. That’s absolute rubbish.

This topic came up again because a French actor recently died. I read him as gay as soon as I saw him. But when I searched his name, it said, “No, he’s not gay because he’s married to his girlfriend and has a kid.” And you fall for that, do you? That doesn’t mean anything and only the most gullible would buy that bunk. Chau.—el barrio rosa