Stop this “I identify as” shit

Hola a todos. What is wrong with people today that they can’t just say what the fuck they are? They have to complicate it.

Stop this “I identify as [fill in blank]” shit.  I keep reading it and hearing it. Just say what you are, dammit.  Why is that so fucking difficult to do? 

I think the corporatist, conformist “LGBT(Q)RSTUVWXYZ++#@2K+” trash — who destroyed our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and have completely fucked things up for us since gay marriage became legal in the US — started this shit like they started other revisionist history caca. I can’t stand them and I’m so sick of reading this, “I identify as gay (or bi or trans)” rather than just saying, “I’m gay.”  Period.  You can’t do that? Why is that so fucking difficult to do? By the way, the official acronym is this insane rubbish: “LGBTQQICAPF2K+”

“I identify as” implies that a person can “identify as” one thing one day and “identify as” another thing another day. Has no one thought of that? One’s sexuality changes from day-to-day, doesn’t it? Who believes that? And are critical thinking skills in that dire short supply these days?

Again — for the thick people — you can’t just say “I’m gay” or whatever you are?  Why do you have to “identify?”  Why the extra step of “identifying?”

I read yesterday that Melanoma Tr*mp “identifies as Roman Catholic (RC).” Well, the bitch can “identify” as RC all she wants, but that doesn’t mean that she is Roman Catholic. She’s trash just like the orange thug she’s married to. Both she and her husband are fake-Christians like all the trash in his despicable regime. I’ve seen nothing remotely Christian from any of them. His policies and the way they live their lives are the opposite of the teachings of Jesus from what we know about his life from learned theologians. They merely use fundamentalist religion to sucker in their gullible stupid-is-in cultists.

Saying, “I’m gay” or “I’m bi” have served us well for decades. So why the the need to change that? Why the need to complicate it by saying “I identify as gay.” The odd thing is that I’ve yet to read or hear anyone say, “I identify as straight.” So why do queers have to use this “identify” nonsense? Chau.—el barrio rosa

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