Straight sex and the Rainbow Flag

Only in the Century of Insanity. Hola a todos. If I were straight, I’d feel uncomfortable walking down San Francisco’s Castro Street holding hands with someone of the opposite gender as one sees often in The Castro these days. It’s as if these breeder couples go out of their way to shove their breeder sexuality in our faces just so they can get a rise out of us. Why did they move here? If they don’t live here, why do they insist on hanging out over here?

Even though The Castro is now mostly straight, there are a few Queer holdouts (residents) and the barrio/neighbourhood is saturated with Rainbow Flags for tourist and historical purposes. But out of respect for the history of the neighbourhood and the holdouts, I would not shove my straight sexuality in other’s faces when I have the rest of the entire City and world to do that. A straight neighbour of mine holds to this thinking. He told me he has walked around The Castro many times with a woman but they would not hold hands, kiss or make out the way some of these straight couples like to do: To force their straight sexuality in our (Queer) faces. As if we need any more breeder sexuality in our faces. The world is over-saturated with “him and her” sexuality and images everywhere you look. You would think they are the only couples in the world. We’ve seen some straight couples deliberately make out under Rainbow Flags, especially the large Rainbow Flag in Harvey Milk Plaza. They love making out under that flag. In some cases, the guy in these “straight” couples looks Queer. Back in the closet dude? Pretending to be straight because of your internalised homophobia and gay shame? How terribly ironic you’re here in the former Gay Mecca with that mentality.

Someone might tell me: It’s all very innocent. The straights mean no harm. Yeah right. Just like they meant “no harm” in Manhattan’s Chelsea: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. Related: His Shirt said, “Fuck You, Homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro). Yeah, they “mean no harm” all right. They seem to be trying to “mark their territory.” Considering most Queers have abandoned the Rainbow Flag — it’s considered passé? — it also seems that the straights have hijacked that, or are in the process of doing so. Reminds me of the Rainbow Flag belt this woman was wearing in a porn video I saw awhile back as she was about to be fucked by a guy. The video was on the straight section of the porn site. Straight sex and the Rainbow Flag. That’s why some of us say that it seems that the straights have hijacked the Rainbow Flag as well. They want it all: Our little Queer enclaves, our bars and our flag. Chau.—el barrio rosa