Straights taking over gay bars

How on Earth is a gay guy supposed to figure out that a guy is gay in a “mixed bar” — a bar that was originally a gay bar — without hitting on the wrong guy and possibly ending up with his face bashed in because he tried to hit on or pick up Mr Homophobe who is sitting in a “mixed bar” thinking it’s a straight bar?

They’re called a “mixed bar” these days. It’s supposed to sound “all-inclusive” and that “everybody is lovey-dovey” when that’s far from reality. A “mixed bar” is a sanitised way of saying: Straights taking over a gay bar. The bar’s owner seems to be all for this because he says “everyone is welcome.” That sounds very “heart-warming and inclusive” doesn’t it? One might think: “Isn’t that wonderful that he welcomes everyone,” but of course he doesn’t mean that. I suspect if the KKK or anti-queer Westboro Baptist Church (as two examples) showed up at his bar they would be asked to leave. So much for the “everyone is welcome” marketing gimmick. “Everyone is welcome” really means: Straights are welcome to take over my gay bar, and that’s what has been happening for some time.

Here’s a comment from 2016 from a guy in San Francisco writing about a bar that was originally a gay bar where this is happening in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, The Castro:

“This is a gay bar not a frat house so straight people check your privilege at the door. No one wants to see drunk straight preppy guys taking their shirts off and making a fool out of themselves. And straight girls you need to stop with the “woo woo” what is that? I give this place 4 stars because it’s great once the obnoxious dude bros and marina girls finally leave. Maybe putting hardcore porn back on the tvs will help.”

Straights own the world and they have most of the bars around the world. Straight bars are not closing, so why the fuck do they insist on going out-of-their-way clear across town (from the Marina to The Castro in San Francisco) to go to a gay bar? They’re never satisfied. They want it all. So some straights go to gay bars to take them over too. And the last I heard from a friend, this particular bar that the commenter was writing about back in 2016 is now a breeder/straight bar despite the Rainbow Flag flying on top of the bar. Well, as I’ve written before, it seems that the straights have also hijacked the Rainbow Flag. They want that too. We’ve noticed that “him and her” couples go out of their way to make out under Rainbow Flags. Obnoxious fucks. I never see queer couples (what few there are now in The Castro) making out under a Rainbow Flag. Chau.—el barrio rosa