Take this drug for hepatitis and get (straight) sex too

Hola a todos. I’ve written about this over the years, but the marketing for heterosexuality seems to be in overdrive these days. It seems that corporations, pharma companies, website designers and any other business entities think that heterosexuality is somehow threatened or in decline. Not that I’ve seen. Quite the contrary.

My credit union recently redid their website and the first thing I saw on their new site was a warm-embracing “him and her” where — because of their extreme height difference — she could easily be mistaken for his little daughter (that he’s making out with). Apparently website designers are encouraging their clients to make their new sites as heteronormative as possible and saturate their sites with images of “him and her”/straight couples. The same for pharma drugs and for anything really. On the channel I have on lately, their ads consists of ads for drug companies. Every one of them features heterosexuality. And they go out of their way to imply that “you might get sex if you take this drug” or “you could get the same romance as this straight couple if you take this drug” because the camera deliberately shows her arm going down and embracing his low back just above his butt. And other ads are similar. One wonders: What does a hepatitis drug have to do with her embracing him or vice versa or him and her in bed together or him and her walking along the beach (that old thing) “happy ever after.” Or perhaps the message is: Have all the unsafe sex you want that could lead you to get hepatitis because we’ve got the cure for you….as long as you have straight sex that is.

This marketing implies that the advertisers don’t want anyone but heterosexuals buying whatever they sell and that there are only heterosexuals in this world. Which one might think is the case considering what one sees today. Well, there’s the month of June which is Queer “Pride” month — which has become so corporate, so scripted, so predictable and unimaginative — and some networks have the token Queer-related programming, sometimes based in stereotypes. Then after June is over, all of that stuff goes back in the closet for another year — and the programming once again becomes 100% heteronormative/straight — and it seems like it’s also back in the closet for most Queers — including those living in some arrangement that ultimately makes them look or appear to be straight/heterosexual — so I fail to understand why there’s a need to go overboard on heteronormative advertising. I don’t see any threat to heterosexuality anywhere. It seems to be thriving quite well, like the 24/7 heteronoramative brainwashing intends it to do.

I don’t hear “gay is now mainstream” any more as I once did around San Francisco after gay marriage became legal. At the time I was asking: What drugs are these people on who think that “gay is now mainstream?” Just because of one very controversial court decision that many people don’t agree with. That makes something “mainstream.” Maybe the delusional people who were saying that rubbish realised how wrong and wishful-thinking they were for spewing it. Because clearly from all the advertising I’ve mentioned above and continue to see no matter where it is, it is all 100% heterosexual. On the odd occasion on some other network you might see “her and her” because lesbians are considered more “acceptable” to the bigots than queer guys are. But you absolutely will not see “him and him” anywhere other than in archive footage with the camera showing only the lower legs of two queer boys walking down San Francisco’s Castro Street. So no, “gay is not mainstream” and it’s not about to be especially as more and more Queers head back in the closet and pretend to be “straight” with some even hooking up with females to promote that heterosexual illusion. Well, I try to keep in mind that there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s their life they’re ruining and wasting time on the wrong gender because of their internalised anti-queer feelings and or anti-queer family and friends they’re catering to, as if Mr or Ms Queer think that other people’s lives are more important than their own. So they choose to live a lie and pretend to be straight to cater to mom and dad and or friends due to anti-queer peer pressure. Chau.—el barrio rosa