Take this Millenneals: Ageism is the only acceptable “ism” these days.

Millenneals. Ugh. Why do Millenneals feel so uncomfortable to talk with? Where does one begin when talking about that self-absorbed, self-entitled generation most of whom seem to be void of any social skills whatsoever. Note to Millenneals: Typing hours a day on your addicted “social media” is not indicative of genuine social skills. They don’t have the skills to ask: How are you? How’s it going? What’s up? Instead it’s up to the other person to ask those questions of Millenneals, which will engage them for their 5 minute long monologue, if they have the ability to talk at all other than to say the word “like” and “actually” every-other-word. If one tries to inject any words during the Millennial monologue, the Millennial begins to look impatient and annoyed. And why is that? It’s because if one is older than the Millennial and because of the Millennial’s ageism, the older person’s thoughts don’t matter. Only the thoughts of other Millennials are important. Millennials call that “networking.” The Millennial wants to be the only person speaking in this one-way “conversation” and anyone older than the Millennial is not worth hearing from because they are considered “old.” Bill Maher touches on this in the video below.

Ageism: The only acceptable “ism” these days.

As Bill Maher says, the only acceptable “ism” these days is ageism and Millenneals heavily promote ageism. The elitist Tech Industrial Complex (TIC) is one blatant example. Do they have anyone over 40 working in the TIC? I think all the phone zombies in the TIC are in their 20s and 30s.

And then there’s the dress code for most Millenneals: Drab Black and Grey. Most Millenneals are extremely insecure that they feel they must absolutely conform to fit in and they are so conformist that they wear the bold colours of black and grey. They look like they’re either going to or returning from a funeral. They wear the same day 365 days a year. It’s called The Uniform. (Think the black shroud that Rachel Maddow wears 365 days a year on her programme).

Their insecurity also shows when they feel the need to dominate any and all conversations as if giving a Lecture Series, even when dinner guests are over. That’s the case with a Millennial couple I’m familiar with. Chau.—el barrio rosa