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UPDATE (marzo/March 2017): I guess the title of this article is now outdated and should be changed to The Notre-Dame Roman Catholic Atheist since I’m now watching and writing about some of the Liturgies from La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. They have the finest High Church liturgies I’ve seen anywhere at Notre-Dame. I’m hesitant to call myself just a Roman Catholic Atheist because I think Notre-Dame is unique as far as Roman Catholic churches are concerned. I think most Roman churches are low church, at least from what I’ve seen. The High Church Messe/Mass at Notre-Dame is far better than anything I’ve seen in an Anglican Cathedral or parish church. Related: Ordinations sacerdotales à La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris and High Church French Organ Improvisation at La Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Chau.—el barrio rosa

An e-mail I received recently:

“Hello, I see articles related to churches on your pinkbarrio website, didn’t view though. See gay pics too. Saw text on your site that said you left east coast for CA to be of the gay community. I am a convert to the doctrine of Christ, he says that anyone who hears his words and does not want to do them, no wrath poured out such (John 12:47), rather in the next life those who refuse to give up evil deeds go to the lake of fire. So I say the following to you for your own benefit, and what you do with it is up to you. Christians say Christ never spoke on the issue of gay sex, but then Christians, by and large, are idiots and even worse, children of Hell (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6, 26:5, Philippians 3:5). In Matthew 11:23-24, Christ says Sodom would still be in existence if the men of Sodom had seen his great miracles because they would have repented. Therefore, Christ did speak on the matter of gay sex, and confirms same as being evil. The gay men of Sodom would have repented, given up gay sex had they seen Christ’s miracles and knowing they would have repented, judgment will be tolerable for them. There is forgiveness in the next life for evildoers who would have given up evil deeds had they received God’s message (Matthew 12:31). God judges the heart of everyone (Jeremiah 17:10). Being a convert to the doctrine of Christ, I know that mankind exists until Christ returns, and upon Christ’s return the meek and humble inherit the earth and the evil people are removed (Matthew 5:5, 13:41). Therefore, Yellowstone caldera nor any other incident will destroy all mankind. That is not to say, though, that nearly all mankind cannot be wiped out by a natural or man-made disaster. Regarding the UN issuance of global catastrophes via water, in 2013 the Synod Pharisees’ hired pope and alleged war criminal, Bergoglio, dedicated the world to the message of Fatima, which message declares that from one minute to the next millions will die from water flooding land. Then Hollywood comes out with Noah. For almost two decades prior man-made false Fatima prophecy, Tesla’s resonance frequency theory was known, he had filed many patents which described method for inducing vibrations in the earth. The evil Vatican is about to unleash, unless thwarted, man-made flooding. Most likely the Great Midwest Flood of 1993(?) was a test run of their ability to create massive flooding over a wide area. In the 1940s USA military successfully induced tsunami waves off coast of New Zealand. This email is my first and last time making known to you what is truth, and if you accept or reject, everyone is free to accept or reject the truth. And what one believes is truth, another believes is not truth. Respectfully,”

El 18 de abril de 2014. Hola. Wouldn’t you think that someone who claims to be a “convert to the doctrine of Christ” would have read at least one of the articles “related to churches” on pink barrio before writing me? It’s interesting what the person did click on: the pages with the gay pics. They chose the gay pics over the church articles. If s/he had read the articles “related to churches” the person would have realised that those articles are not about religion at all. They are about the music of the Anglican Church (also known as the Church of England and Episcopal Church – they are different names for the same church and all are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion). The articles “related to churches” are specifically about the choral and organ music at one parish church and one Cathedral Church of the Anglican Communion:

Trinity Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City
Washington National Cathedral in the District of Columbia.

In at least one article, I’ve mentioned St Thomas Fifth Avenue in Manhattan—that’s a parish church although some people confuse it with a Cathedral Church—and their superb Choir of Men and Boys and their outstanding organists, but I’ve not written any articles about them.

Why would someone assume that just because I (or anyone else) writes articles “related to churches” that I am religious? That’s a very false assumption. I’m an Anglican Atheist. I don’t believe in any Floating Cloud Being, Deity or god. In an Anglican liturgy, I don’t listen to Homilies (Sermons). I focus entirely on the organ music and the choral aspects of the music as a trained Orchestra Chorus person and former Anglican organist. During the Mass/Choral Eucharist (this is not in the order of the Liturgy by the way; I’m just writing as it comes to mind), I listen to the beginning and the end of The Gospel reading because there is music before and after The Gospel. The Sequence Hymn (Trinity calls that The Gospel hymn) is before The Gospel reading and there’s an organ improvisation after The Gospel reading to accompany The Gospel procession. At Trinity, they speak (well it’s more like a mumble) the responses before and after The Gospel reading. Mumbling the responses is lower church. But at St Thomas Fifth Avenue and at Washington National Cathedral they sing the responses with the organ accompanying (Higher Church) before and after The Gospel. I much prefer the responses sung and St Thomas has the better response setting, especially the response after The Gospel where the trebles/boys soar up a seventh from G (the G above middle C) up to F (then descending) E D C (back up to) D. But their starting point for the response is usually different each Liturgy as it’s based on the key of the Sequence Hymn sung before The Gospel. The notes/pitches above correspond to the Sequences Hymn being in G Major. So their starting point for the response can be lower or higher in pitch. Did you get that? WNC chants the responses more in Gregorian Chant Style with the Cathedral organ accompanying. They’ve been doing that for about a year at WNC, I’d guess. I hear the last part of the First Lesson only because the Psalm (which is usually an Anglican Chant setting) is sung in between the First and Second Lessons. And then there’s The Nicene Creed which I prefer chanted to organ accompaniment, which I don’t hear done too often. It makes it more interesting that way rather than having it mumbled. I’ve known some other Anglican church musicians who didn’t believe any of the religious aspects either. In the Mass/Choral Eucharist, I enjoy the theatre (such as the processions, the vergers, the acolytes, the thurifer, the bowing to the crucifix in procession, genuflecting to the Blessed Sacrament/the consecrated Eucharist before entering and exiting the pew although I rarely sees genuflecting at Trinity Wall Street or Washington National Cathedral unfortunately as both congregations seem to be rather Low Church, the ceremonial aspects, the incense, the organ improvisations especially the improvisations in High Church style – think Anglican/Church of England composer Herbert Howells, for example). It’s at its finest when the music is grand and glorious in High Anglican style. As some amigos of mine said years ago, “Anglicans certainly do know how to put on a good show” and they were referring to the High Church (also known as Anglo-Catholic), which I prefer. Low Church drives me up the wall. If one is going to be Low Church, one might as well be southern baptist…ugh!

So the “articles related to churches” on pink barrio are not about “faith” or deity or religious beliefs at all because I don’t believe in it.

I want to go back to this: The person who sent the e-mail wrote that s/he had seen gay pictures on pink barrio. Oh good! That’s very good. I’m glad to hear that. That’s what they’re here for.

You can look at them too on this page.

As well as here and here.

I hope the person enjoyed them. I’m glad to give those Queer Boys exposure. They’re caliente. I had wondered why those pages with the gay pics were getting so many hits each night. The person also wrote that s/he had read that I moved to California to be part of the (now-fading) gay community. That’s true.

There was a very clear reason for his/her e-mail. The person was trying to do the usual and predictable connect “gays” with “churches” (meaning christianity) and went on to say that, “Christ did speak on the matter of gay sex, and confirms same as being evil.” I think every GLBTQ person has heard that countless times before. Fundamentalists so-called “christians” don’t seem to ever tire of dragging that recording out. I don’t care what Christ or anyone else supposedly said about gay people and gay people having sex together. That doesn’t matter to me at all. I don’t believe in any of that bull shit of what Christ or anybody else supposedly said (or did say) after its been translated multiple times from its original language and through translators’ (possible) prejudices. I have no time or patience for that bible. To me, what is in the bible is all poetry and a lot of BS stories. There’s all kinds of stuff in that bible, including lots of violence. And one can dig up anything in the bible and use it as an excuse to call something—that some prudes oppose—“a sin” or “evil.” I should point out that fundamentalist so-called “christians” pick and choose what they want to believe out of the bible. I also have no use for fundamentalists. I walk away from fundamentalists so-called “christians” because I learned rather quickly that it’s a waste of time to talk-argue with them as one will get nowhere. They are like talking to a wall.

The reality: One does not need religion and its guilt-trips to be a good person. That’s one thing I like about the Anglican Church. There’s no guilt trip with Anglicans that I’ve ever noticed or heard. Some Low Anglican Churches may dish out a guilt trip. That wouldn’t surprise me. I was organist in a Low Anglican Church at one time and there was no guilt trip with them either. There’s The Confession in The Mass/The Choral Eucharist but that’s not a guilt trip and that’s part of the BCP (Book of Common Prayer) Liturgy. Unlike other denominations, there’s no guilt-trip talk about how one is going to burn in hell for all eternity if one does not accept christ as their lord and saviour and all that threatening nonsense. None of that shit is in the Anglican Church that I’ve ever heard. I used to work with a muchacho who was a Roman Catholic and I asked him some questions about the Roman church and he told me, “I take what I want and leave the rest.” Yes, that’s what I do with the Anglican Church. That’s a good way to put it.

The words “man-made” and “mankind” appear in the e-mail. Both words are chauvinistic. Replace “man-made” with human-made and replace “mankind” with humankind, por favor. Humankind includes women and men and is preferable.

It’s nice to be nice is the way I see it. One does not need any religion to be nice to people. Being nice to people just requires basis sense. One does not need any religion to have a so-called “moral code.” Often people (politicians come to mind) who go on and on about a “moral code,” don’t possess one themselves. They are the scum that wear the “christian” label and use the words, “god bless” as often as possible in their useless speeches for the sheeple’s benefit. They attend national prayer services while they’re killing innocent people with their bombs, their dronings and other despicable actions and creating so much pain, death and destruction on the Earth. People like that—they’re usually corporatist political parasites called Democrats and Republicans (in the US/The Cesspool/The Empire/los Estados Unidos)—are the scum of the earth. They get away with their reprehensible actions because of some lofty title they hold and then someone just as bad or worse proceeds them in office and refuses to hold their predecessor accountable. The scum. And the partisan sheeple of the Democratic and Republican Faiths who support their D or R politicians serve as accomplices to these despicable actions by their votes. So much pain, death and destruction has been created on the Earth in the name of someone’s religion and religious beliefs.

Based on my experience, I have found that many (if not most) of the people who use fundamentalist religion to put down gay people are usually major closet-cases themselves as well as major hypocrites. They are the real deep closet cases. They go on about how sinful and evil “gay sex” is—trying to disguise and hide their own gay sexual orientation from others—while they are closet cases themselves. The hypocrites. It’s a case of self-hate. So I suggest to them: Come out of the closet, por favor. Your Floating Cloud Being will love you for being honest with who you are rather than living a lie and being dishonest with yourself and others. And according to the christian belief, their god (the Floating Cloud Being) made all things and that includes gay people. You couldn’t possibly be saying that your Floating Cloud Being made a mistake when “he” created gay people? (Rhetorical question). But do come out and stop hiding behind this judgmental religious nonsense, and you will find a whole new world for you.

And in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, I’ll pray for you. [sarcasm intended]. Chau.—rosa barrio

2 comments on “The Anglican Atheist

  1. Anglican choir member

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I identify with you as an Anglican atheist. I sing bass in the best Anglican choir in my Northern English city and thoroughly enjoy the music and the camaraderie with my fellow choir members.

    I don’t mind the sermons particularly but I find the liturgy really troubling. It feels that I am spending a good 15 minutes participating in the propagation of some pretty dangerous crap.

    What do you reckon?

    If I identify with any religious philosophy, it is probably Buddhism. I suspect that my best option is to think more about Buddhism and perhaps see the liturgy as a meaningless ritual during which I meditate or think about Buddhist precepts, while waiting for the next opportunity to sing.

    What do you think?


    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola, Anglican choir member. Well that sounds good. That’s a good plan. As I said in the article, I view the Anglican Liturgy as theatre, and as you say meaningless ritual, which it is. But most of it looks good, except when they’re tight on the incense. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

Fin. The End.