The anti-social corporate social media networks

“Social media network”: What a fancy name for something very Orwellian.

El 17 de agosto de 2013. Hola. The effects and ramifications of the corporate “social media networks” (as they’re called) on society are very Orwellian. And include in that the ones specifically for dating and/or sex hookups. These so-called “social media networks” have helped to create a very unsocial, distanced, cold and impersonal society, instead of a very “social” and warm society. What exactly is “social” about typing to people using your thumbs?

I’ve written about this before and have posted articles by Guest opinions. Texting and squinting at a small rectangular screen and playing with it like a baby plays with a rattler for hours and hours is something that many people do, in part, because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do (according to what their television programmes them to do) in order to be one of the programmed sheeple. I mean, you’re nobody if you’re not texting or staring at a small screen in your hand, correct? (sarcasm intended). It’s one of the strongest addictions I’ve seen in people, right up there with some drugs.

I saw a muchacho coming out of the Metro the other day and he was frantic for two things: A cigarette and his gadget. He was frantically feeling for both in his pockets. But he turned on his gadget first then frantically lit his cigarette. So I take it that his texting was the stronger addiction. It’s an extreme addiction and serves as a major distraction for many (if not most) people, many of whom are oblivious to what’s going on around them and in the world that directly affects our lives. The textbots are severely addicted to the corporate “social media networks” where people text rather than talk.

At the local gym in San Francisco’s Castro district, I’ve been told repeatedly that it’s now a texting library (it’s “library quiet”) and that very few people talk at all. Instead they text and stare at their gadgets. When one looks around the gym, one sees nearly everyone staring or squinting at a screen in their hand. Isn’t that pathetic! When I asked: How many people at the gym are not texting? The answer I got was: Only about 4. The textbots text in between reps and sometimes text to each other in the same room (to avoid talking with them in person?). Loco.

These anti-social corporate “social media networks” have even made people anti-social to their dog! The thing I find really sad is the many people I see walking their dogs and texting. The people are at work all day (I presume) and their dog is home alone and often stuck in a dark garage. Their dog remains alone when being walked because the dog’s guardian is still on the gadget and texting. The gadget is getting the love and attention that the dog is missing. Some people really should not have animals especially when the dog is being walked by a clueless textbot. The dog’s tail is down and the dog looks bored or unhappy. I feel sorry for the many dogs I see in this situation. Poor dog.

Also in San Francisco, there have been some assaults, robberies and muggings recently involving the stealing of people’s gadgets. Some people get on their gadget and for some reason seem to think they are safely in the comfort of their living room (even though they are on the public sidewalk) and for some reason they think nothing will happen to them in a major city on the sidewalk because they’re texting that ever-critical text message to somebody. Recently I saw a person who had planned to cross the street but she got stuck on the sidewalk and glued to her gadget. She was completely unaware of her surroundings (she never looked up), the light had changed multiple times, she could have crossed the street minutes ago instead of standing in the middle of the sidewalk squinting at that gadget in her hand and people having to walk around her. For all I know, she may still be standing there, completely absorbed with texting.

I read from a credible source that school teachers and others are having a major problem with students these days particularly with students’ spelling because of texting. The word, “what” is not spelled “wut,” as one example. I’ve read articles from mental health workers talking about the lack of development of social skills in people because of texting. It’s at an epidemic level.

So in reality, what the “social media networks” (what an oxymoron!) have done is to create something very Orwellian: a very anti-social society where fewer and fewer people talk with each other verbally anymore and it has created a colder society. Talking verbally with a person and the catharsis involved in talking with people verbally is much different than typing some impersonal text to someone.

I’ve been on websites based in various parts of the world and the feeling seems to be unanimous no matter where one goes. When an article is about FB or some other “social networking” site not doing well financially, the comments are often: “Good, now maybe people can start talking with each other again.” I agree. Chau.—rosa barrio


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