The Breeders do some weird shit

Selling pharmaceutical drugs with Breeder Sexuality and babies.

The chick’s goal: To manipulate the guy out of as much money as she can.

The guy’s goal: To get his dick in her slimy and smelly pussy. If you got every guy drunk, that’s what the guy would tell you. Then he ends up with an 18+ year commitment and child support for that entrance right. Related: Entrance Rights to that Pussy. (Which can be just once or twice a week, at best. Whenever she chooses to give it up: If he’s bought her enough dinners, flowers, candies, jewelry, pulled out enough chairs for her fat azz, opened up enough doors for her and other forms of sexism and chivalry).

“Him and her” again. According to advertisers, the only couples in the world are breeders/straights/heterosexuals: “Him and Her” couples.

But I thought that “Gay is now mainstream.” Yeah right. Extreme wishful-thinking. If gay were now mainstream Queers wouldn’t be trying to look and act straight to the point where they’re not detected as Queer and they wouldn’t have given themselves a makeover by stripping themselves, their backpacks and anything else of any Queer symbols, such as removing Rainbow Flags from their backpacks or taking out their earrings (because most straight guys don’t wear earrings) and other ways to sanitise themselves to “look straight.”

The anti-Queer Marketing Industrial Complex chooses to ignore that Queers exist based on the breeder-saturated ads they’re making these days. It’s always “Him and Her.” When was the last time you saw two gay guys in an ad with him riding him? With breeders, she has to ride him piggyback just like she did daddy when she was a little girl. She still hasn’t matured past that time. It’s never “Him and Him” — unless they’re portrayed as “friends” or “brothers” and in that case the camera only shows their legs or perhaps them holding hands as they’re walking (down Castro Street in San Francisco) — but you might see “Her and Her” on the odd occasion because lesbians are considered a bit “more acceptable” to bigots than gay male couples are, but “Her and Her’ is rare too. I guess you could say that lesbian couples are the token Queer couples.

I’ve written about this previously and that’s the plethora of pharmaceutical ads being shown these days that are saturated with breeders: heteronormative, heterosexual “him and her” couples entirely. This implies that only breeders have medical problems. I keep asking: What does him making out with her or some form of “him and her” embrace have to do with selling this drug?

Or what does her riding his back — like a child on a parent’s back — have to do with selling this drug? And what it is with needy females who have to climb up on a guy’s back and ride him like she rode daddy or like a little child? And he’s smiling as the pharmaceutical ad script says while he has to break his back hauling her around on it.

Queer couples don’t do this shit. I think I may have seen one guy being hauled around on another guy’s back on one occasion around San Francisco since I’ve lived here (for decades), but it’s not something that Queers do. They have more maturity than that. So why do breeders feel the need to do this immature shit? It’s very likely the female’s needy head-trip. Females have all of these ridiculous rules and traditions. They have a certain protocol for sex. Those annoying high-pitched squeals she makes during sex don’t come until about 1.5 hours into the sex after the extended foreplay, per what she’s learned from watching other females in porn videos. Her craving more attention from her guy. She’s dying to get fucked but pretends otherwise. And again, what does this have to do with selling a pharmaceutical drug? Then there’s the “senior” breeder couple sitting in a restaurant gazing into each other’s limpid eyes. They’re embarrassing to watch because the other breeder couple at their table watch as he motions for her to stand so they can make out in front of the other breeder couple. (roll eyes). I guess they’re going to put on a matinee performance. Breeders. So desperate to shove their straight sexuality in everyone’s face, while some years ago they whinged about Queers doing the same thing. But it’s alright when breeders do it apparently is the thinking. While Queers have to “take that back to the (now straight) Castro.” Their homophobia is noted. With breeders, submissive her has to lay her head on dominant him’s shoulder. Or she has to be held by him as if she were a little child/girl. More chivalry. Feminism is dead.

Then there’s the holiday ad which shows “him and her” in bed with the slogan, “Sleep in Heavenly Peace.” Oh brother!

Clearly, marketing firms are very homophobic. Of course they would deny this, but all you have to do is to look at the ads they produce here in 2020. If “gay is now mainstream” as the delusional and wishful-thinking Queer so-called “Community” used to say, why do we see no Queer male couples in ads? There are the more acceptable lesbian couples — well, it’s two females holding hands and kissing fleetingly so we don’t know if they’re “just friends” and “that’s what girls do” or are they a lesbian couple? That’s unspoken to be covert and “discreet” (closeted) rather than “in your face with our sexuality” the way the breeder ads are. With the breeder ads, nothing is left to the imagination. Advertisers clearly want the audience to know that “these are straight people and you should be just like them to be ‘normal.” FOAD. I wouldn’t buy anything that these advertisers create ads for. And in 5-10 years some of these drugs they’re pushing with breeder sexuality will turn out to be lethal or have serious side effects.

Also, did you know there are no Queer couples on Medicare? That will be news to a lot of people. But it’s true based on their ads. Whenever there is an ad for Medicare featuring a couple, it’s always “him and her.” It’s never “him and him.” Geeeze. We’ve made so much progress haven’t we? [more sarcasm intended].

As I’m concluding this article, I see a drug promoted by two breeders — or that’s what they are supposed to be; he could easily be yet another closet case with his left hand wedding ring — promoting Breeder Sexuality Brainwashing. The drug is medication for promoting white blood cell booster. Can anyone tell me what breeder hand-holding, breeder back rubbing, and fawning over each other with the camera deliberately showing this behaviour has to do with a white blood cell booster medication? It begins with the two sitting on the couch holding hands and looking at each other as if they just met through some dating service and are ready to fuck. Then comes the big dog that’s with the “happy couple.” Clearly, this is another example of society’s Straight Agenda Brainwashing. This brainwashing is now in everything, including the promotion of pharma drugs.—el barrio rosa