The Click-bait Tabloid Democrats

Hola a todos. This will be short, I think.  It’s pretty easy to explain.  I didn’t know that the former White House occupant (hereinafter referred to as FWHO) was still an item; a topic of interest.  And why would he be when he’s out of office?  I rarely see his puss on the global television news network I watch from France.  I’d seen that he’s still doing his cult rallies, but that’s to pump up his already-enormous ego. It seems that some Democrats are serving as accomplices to all this, which is disgusting. They’re doing so for self-serving reasons. To give attention to their shows by doing tabloidy shows and using click-bait titles for their videos. Don’t they have any principles or ethics at all? Their ethic is corporate dollar$.

Yesterday, mi amigo/my friend was telling me about such and such that the FWHO and his cultists are planning to do in the District of Columbia, similar to what they had done before (known as the Insurrection) and how District officials have barricaded certain buildings in the District.  I asked him:  Where are you hearing all of this stuff?  It’s not being talked about at all on the international news network I watch. He gave me the names of corporate D-party talking heads.  Sigh. I said: So essentially, the Democratic talking heads in the States are serving as the FWHO’s accomplices using click-bait and tabloid gossip methods, because the mere mention of his name is publicity.  And no publicity is bad publicity as long as his name gets out there and his puss is shown on or in the video.  So they’re helping to promote him.  They are the lowest of lows. Are they really that damn thick and dense to not understand that?  What is wrong with these people?  Well, they are corporatists and corporatists don’t seem to stand for anything but money and whatever will feed their corporate bank account. Mi amigo said, “Well, he’s (FWHO) considered the head of the Republican Party.”  I said:  So what?  There are heads of parties all over the world and news networks and talking heads don’t go on about them and every little insane or demented thing they do?

Then there was this click-bait video from one of the D-talking heads having to do with a “demented” statement that the FWHO had made.  Why is that important? “Demented” statements and the FWHO go hand-in-hand, so why is this guy talking about that?  We all know the FWHO is demented and that’s pretty much all that comes out of his dementia head.  So why promote that and make it the latest gossip to give the D-cultists something to gossip about?  Mi amigo told me that this talking head (initials: DP) has become very sheeple and corporate.  And that’s what the D-talking heads are:  corporatists eating corporate ass known as Democrats.  You have the one that wears the same black V-neck shroud top every show. She’s a Rhodes’s Scholar, Dahling.  (Her initials: RM). Apparently to become said scholar nothing was taught about “you don’t wear the same damn outfit on every show.”  She does.  And if anyone says what I’m saying here in a comment online, her cultists rush to defend her, “I think she looks nice.” Yes of course you do, as a good little RM cultist! Would you still be saying that if she were a Republican? Of course not. You’d be agreeing with me then, ya partisan hypocrites. RM looks very conservative in all-black every show. Doesn’t she pretend to be a “progressive” like the rest of you cultists? There’s nothing “progressive” looking about her in all-black. Does she go to a funeral before or after every show? She knows that many people does she? Genuine progressives wear colour; they’re not terrified of colour. They proudly wear colour. Then her cultists try to compare her to men by saying, “Well men wear the same suit every show.” No they don’t, men vary their suits and their ties/shirts, morons. And even if they didn’t, are you taking the “two wrongs make a right” mentality? And you call yourselves “progressives?” It used to be that women never wanted to be seen wearing the same outfit twice. It was considered tacky or “Is she too cheap to buy more clothes?” What happened to that tradition?

Then there’s the closet case guy talking head who keeps getting asked about his sexuality and he makes the absurd statement that he doesn’t find any men attractive.  Wrong thing to say, dude! You’ve already given yourself a way by making some an extreme statement. Even many straight guys find some men attractive, not in any sexual way.  I’ve heard straight guys say, “They make a nice/cute couple; he’s a handsome guy and she’s a hot chick.”  But DP can’t bring himself to do that.  He has to take this extreme view of not finding any men attractive supposedly (whilst he wanks off to gay porn?). Who does Mr Closet Case think he’s fooling? Sounds like he’s very secure with his sexuality.  [sarcasm intended] He’s also Latino. David was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. At age 5, he moved with his family to the United States of North America. He seems to be trying to be US American rather than Latin-American.  Why divorce yourself from your Latin culture and heritage, muchacho? That also speaks volumes. His first name should be pronounced Dah-veed.  Not Day-vid (David).  I think this guy has many issues.  Is that why he’s before a microphone? If you have issues, you belong before a (corporate) microphone, seems to be the practise.

Mi amigo pointed out that both corporate parties use these sleazy, tacky methods.  Well yeah, I know they do.  And these days, the people I call the fake-progressives — who have become an empty shell of their former selves — are also using the language that the far-right uses, but “back in the day” they opposed it. When I’ve called the fake-progressives on their outdated language, usually they adamantly defend it just like the far right does.  These days, it can be hard to tell a difference between the two.  Each being in lockstep with their right-wing corporate party. 

Although I will say that Biden overall is much better than the trash that came before him, and I’m non-partisan.  I’m just being objective, which is something that most partisans seem incapable of. Chau.—el barrio rosa