The closet case got messed up with a female.

He’s been with multiple females since we’ve known him. He met this new one not that long ago. Now they’re married and with the required kid. Of course there has to be a child involved! I give it 6 months to a year and then divorce.

Hola a todos. A closeted Queer guy in my building who deliberately chose to move to this area — which is now mostly straight but he moved here when it was the Gay Mecca — is now married to a female and they have a baby. The guy has come on to mi amigo/my friend when the guy has been drinking. His Queer side comes out when he’s under the influence of alcohol. Well, his female got pregnant. They’re on borrowed time. Since the kid was born during the COVID pandemic, they’re rarely home. They’re taking the kid everywhere to be seen by “god” relatives and the like. It seems that they’ve never heard of email or mailing pics of the child to relatives and the rest of the world?

The two parents work from home sitting right next to each other and apparently they are getting on each other’s nerves, wanting a third bedroom to get away from each other. They fight frequently, particularly over which parent will take care of the kid when the crying starts. Sounds like a splendid situation! And this is what we predicted before the kid was born from knowing the guy. We said that this closeted gay guy is not a “family man,” yet he desperately wants to be. Or his female has brainwashed that into him. He was a sports bar guy before all of this and never said anything about wanting a wife or kids. I’d love to ask him: Was that fuck — that got her pregnant — worth it? And why are you fucking chicks when you’re a Queer boy? And is she pregnant again? Are they not aware that she can get pregnant right after delivering the first child?

Despite wearing a face mask on occasion, they appear to think that COVID is a hoax since they’ve rarely been home since the kid was born months ago. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that either or both of them could get COVID and even their child. And should one of them become very sick and or die, the other person becomes a single parent raising a kid alone. Also, their traveling behaviour is irresponsible because they could return to our building infected and spread COVID throughout the building. But like most irresponsible people during COVID, I suspect they would say, “We’re taking the chance.” And that’s responsible? And how many chances do you think you’ll have? Eventually your chances may run out.

I’m just wondering how long it will be before the divorce is announced and child support payments? Yet another closet case with a female. That breeder/heteronormative brainwashing is so cemented in our society. It’s all that you see. The thing is: this guy is not homophobic. He seems interested in talking with other Queer guys and Queer couples but yet he remains in the closet. And he’s been seen with a guy before. But his physical appearance has deteriorated in the last several months since having been with this chick and the kid being born. The stress level is really showing. As of this writing, he’s taking yet another road trip with this bitch. It’s one road trip after the other with these irresponsible people. Chau.—el barrio rosa