The closet case pandemic

Another Queer boy with a female? Looks like it to me. As soon as I saw that picture, I asked: Who’s that Queer boy with a chick? And of course they have to do the required heteronormative “him and her” head-to-head “straight” pose. So tiresome. So unoriginal. So scripted. The same thing over and over. No originality what-so-ever. Who is Mr Closet Case trying to fool? Apparently he’s fooled her. Or she’s in denial as many females are. They often live in denial. Was he the only guy who would give her the mandatory attention and dinero/money she requires? He’s as Queer as they come according to my reliable gaydar. Now before someone says to me: You think every guy you see is Queer. Hardly! Not at all. But I do know a Queer boy when I see one, which comes from a lot of experience. I know a straight guy when I see one too. Then I know the guys who — with even the most reliable gaydar — it’s hard for me to tell what they are. They are (what I call) “borderline.” They can go either way: Straight or Gay, or perhaps that other closeted category known as bi. But then I see a guy like the one above and, well, he looks Queer to me according to my reliable gaydar.

I swear, to some of us it feels like there are more closet cases today than there was before the start of the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. They’re all over the place.

Ironically, this return to the closet en masse seems to have happened right after gay marriage became legal, with many Queers marrying the opposite gender. That’s something they could have done to begin with! Was that to please homophobic mommy and daddy?

Mi amigo/my friend is infuriated by these closet cases when he sees them. I feel the same way but I’m also a bit resigned to it. It’s their life and the life of their “girl” or wife and possible kids that they’re ruining, messing up. And should the guy eventually come out of the closet (as some do because they can’t stand it or her anymore), you end up with a broken home and the guy’s child support payments. With some of these guys, they were already out of the closet and then went back in the closet. What did they tell their family? “Mom and Dad, gay was just a fad/phase; I’m now straight and interested in girls” or some such nonsense? Or do they say, “I was gay until I met her.” (roll eyes) Ugh. More lies.

It doesn’t help matters that television constantly bombards us with images of “him and her.” I wonder how many of these marketing firms and television networks claim/pretend to be pro-Queer while their programming brainwashes viewers entirely with heteronormative and heterosexual sexuality. Isn’t the same true for movies? I don’t know about movies because I don’t have the time to watch movies, but I suspect it’s the same with movies. Or do these networks say in defence of their heteronormative programming, “We have our token gay couple on that we interview for a few minutes one day a year on corporate pride weekend. What more do you want? It’s just that our (unspoken: bigoted, prejudiced and anti-Queer) viewers prefer to see a parade of ‘him and her’ across their screens 24/7 in ads and programming.” I see. Well, it’s always good to cater to prejudice and bigotry [sarcasm intended], rather than to stand for what you pretend to believe in when you’re looking for Queer dollar$. Bigots. Related: Queers don’t have medical problems, nor do they sleep on mattresses.

Mi amigo has followed many gay guys over the years on U-toob in their videos and today many of them are back in the closet, married to females and have kids. Too often these closet cases go overboard on breeding. Presumably that’s to prove how “straight” he is by having lots of kids. It never occurred to anyone that he was pretending in his mind that she was that hot guy he saw earlier in the day when he fucked her and got her pregnant. And the thing is: these closet cases are so obvious. It’s usually so obvious that he’s Queer, but apparently his dense “girl” or “wife” is too fucking dense or in denial or has no gaydar at all to realise that the guy she’s with is really gay. Or does Ms Bitch say, “Although I would prefer to be with a straight guy. I don’t care that he’s gay. He’s the only guy that would ever give me the attention that I demand and require and who empties his bank account on me and buys me endless gifts, takes me out to dinner, treats me like a “lady” (translation: a second class citizen and submissive to him, with him being the dominant) with chivalry and misogyny — because Mr Closet Case adhere to the “straight script” — and he tells me how pretty I am.” (roll eyes)

We see this shit in San Francisco’s Castro. We’ll see a Queer boy holding hands with a female giving the impression they are a couple (something I never saw during the “out and proud” Gay Mecca decades). We see him covertly cruise another guy and then Ms Bitch that he’s holding hands with catches him looking at another guy. She then rams her elbow into his ribs to scold him for looking at another guy. Oh, the things I’d like to say to her. Beginning with: Listen here Bitch, you can’t control your guy’s queer sexuality. You’re the fucking moron who chose to be in a relationship with a gay guy rather than a straight guy. Face facts. Ugh. Chau.—el barrio rosa