The Closeted Millenneals: The Typical Queer Story

These closeted Millennial guys say in their videos, “Oh that’s sooooooooo gay.” It’s said as an obvious and accepted put-down of gay guys these days. And after hearing that for most of your life — from your homophobic parents and friends — which they must have heard, it become automatic to follow The Family Script and “get a chick.”  Then, pump out 2-4 children and work your ass off. Buy the house with 2-car garage, buy a boat, and then die.  While most of your dinero/money goes to The System: taxes, insurance, housing and vehicles.  There’s not much to say about these closeted Millennial guys other than that they grew up during the height of the now-dead Gay Rights Movement, so it’s very ironic that they were so instilled with gay shame by their parents during that time.  Mi amigo/My friend and I see them daily in U-toob videos wearing their signature Millennial black shirt (or conservative grey).  They look very conservative (including their conservative haircut).  There is nothing rad about them.  They’re wearing a left-hand wedding ring talking about “the wife and child” they have.  Clearly the closet case guy got talked into all of that shit and now says, “It’s the most wonderful thing about my life.”  He’s been “womanised.”  She has him on a leash.  He’s now in what’s known as The Prison of Wife and Child.  As Mr Closeted Millennial continues to serve as a public witness for the Straight Agenda and The System. The guy looks “as queer as day,” but he’s in the closet.   Even people with the most minimal gaydar should be able to tell he’s gay.  I guess his chick can’t, or she’s in denial.  This really bothers mi amigo.  He’s talked about no longer watching the videos produced by these closet case Millennials.  I’ve mostly given up on this having seen this over and over:  I say (or at least today I do): Well, it’s his life he’s wasting not being true to himself and his genuine sexual orientation and living a lie his entire life.  It’s his problem, including that pussy smell.  As mi amigo says:  “That’s one stink you never get used to. If anything it’s worse each time you smell it.”   Then in their videos, they have to make this big “Confession for the Chick” to drag her into the videos to try to get the audience to believe, “I’m straight even though I look as queer as they come.” Many people will believe the lie because they have no gaydar at all.  Mi amigo and I often say to each other:  Things with queers seem to be back like they were before the Gay Rights Movement began.  Yes, it does feel like we’ve gone back there.  As I’ve said repeatedly, I think it’s the result of that order to assimilate that queers were given when gay marriage became legal in the dis-United States.  “Assimilate” has backfired.  It’s now back in the closet for most queers and living straight lives. One big lie.  The queers who are out of the closet are a small minority of the worldwide queer population.  Chau.—el barrio rosa