The Conservative Gay Heteronormative Populace

El 13 de mayo de 2013 (Updated el 27 de diciembre de 2013). Hola. Many people are now noticing how conservative the gay populace (*see Note at bottom of page) in the Estados Unidos/U.S. has become. I and others have noticed with disgust. Columnist Ted Rall wrote about it here: Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s? I’ve certainly noticed the turn to the right from the gay populace in San Francisco. This City used to be known as “liberal San Francisco.” Those days are most assuredly gone and they’re gone with the help of the gay (conservative) populace and conservative corporatist politicians and their rabid supporters, often posing as “moderates.” (Related: Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced).

I was wondering if the gay populace would come out of their conservative stupor at some point and return to their original “progressive” roots sometime in the future? Some may perhaps when there’s a president in la Casa Blanca/the White House with a R (for Republican) behind his name. But in the “Age of Obama,” where that man can cast a spell over so many people and can do absolutely anything to the right of George W. Bush’s policies and Obama’s gay minions rush to support him (and the same with other Obamabots) in part because Obama said that he supports gay marriage. (Wink, wink.) That’s all it took. The gay populace completely fell for that political stunt. Just as they now support the Military Industrial Complex no matter what it does because “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was technically overturned. That’s all it took for mindless cheer-leading of the military/killing machine from the gay populace. Gay people can now officially go kill people with a darker skin pigmentation in another part of the world for the Project for the New American Century agenda. Have they even heard of PNAC? Having that “opportunity” is something to celebrate? Loco./Crazy.

Also, because some nationally-known corporate sports team members have “come out of the closet” and admitted to being gay now many gay people feel they must gush over corporate sports teams, buy their clothing items from said corporate teams to show they are an unconditional fan of the corporate sports team. The sheeple are so very easily manipulated and corporatized mainly by the corporate media! It’s pathetic.

Of course everyone should have the same benefits and rights and be treated equally in our society. Today same-gender marriage is legal in some places. So some people are saying, “let’s be as miserable as the ‘straights’ by getting married.” Marriage is a conservative institution in itself. I read elsewhere that most “straights” today are not getting married but rather living together. But many (most?) gays are adamant about getting married to be just like the “straights.” It’s as if the gay populace is telling the “straights”:

Please accept us! Please accept us, we beg you! We will become as much like you “straight” corporatized sheeple as possible. We will try to act heteronormative and become heteronormative in our thinking. We will completely abandon our radical and “in your face” past which we’re so sorry for that. We are sorry it offended you. We will completely abandon what we fought for for many decades. We’re sorry for that too and apologize. We will completely abandon all our gay activism, if you will please accept us. We beg of you. We will become as mainstream, pro-corporate, we will become sports jocks and hang out at conservative “gay” sports bars to watch “the game” and have a few beers and grunt and scream at walls of television screens cheering for our corporatist sports team just like you “straights” do. We will become pro-military industrial complex, “family-friendly,” “child, stroller and straight friendly,” conservative, we will become sanitized and pro-U.S. flag/god/country. We promise you we will become all of these things to be just like you “straight” people and our “jock” president whom we adore no matter what he does that’s to the right of George W Bush’s policies.

Mi amiga/my friend told me the other day, “you know, this country could easily become a dictatorship and they (the gay populace) wouldn’t have a clue it’s happened because they’re too busy partying and texting.” She’s correct.

As I said earlier, many people are noticing what I’ve written about here. Those are the three major areas where many people list as why the gay populace has become conservative and the opposite of what it used to be. I’ve noticed many gay people wanting so hard to be just like the “straights” that they even emulate the hard-ass jock stance, the bully mentality and the “you must be discreet, straight-acting and super-masculine” posturing where they are trying to hide and disguise who they really are as a gay person. It’s interesting but pathetic that in the quest for being accepted by “straights” that the gay populace wants so much to be accepted by the most historically repressive institutions (such as marriage and the military industrial complex) that dissent has become very disliked/denounced. Also, take a look at gay personal ads and look at the language being used in the ads. I’ve looked at them and here’s what I found: “seeking straight-looking, straight-acting, no fats, no fems, and a big plus for straight married guys who want the best blow job.” That heteronormative language has become internalized within the gay populace and there is now this obsession with straight and “straights.” WHY? Credible psychotherapists could make millions here, although most of the gay populace won’t see a therapist to work through these issues.

The declining-in-size gay populace in San Francisco has helped turn the City to the right to make it more conservative. From what was reported locally in the corporate media, the gay populace was among the major supporters for the San Francisco city-wide nudity ban along with their beloved conservative corporatist politician Cocks. Most recently, on message forums many self-described gays have gushed in the defense of the corporate-hijacked SFPride committee for removing Bradley Manning as the symbolic Grand Marshal for the June 2013 corporate informercial parade with rainbow flags, which hopefully no one will come to now. Don’t waste your time with that corporate thing. The self-described gays on message forums also supported the military industrial complex and their saviour Obama. Did you know that “Constitutional scholar” Obama declared Bradley Manning “guilty” before Manning went on trial? That’s true. And with the gay conservative populace, if Obama says it it must be true. I’ve not seen anything like this behavior in the past other than from the rabid Bush supporters whom the Obama supporters are emulating. It’s as if the world is now turning upside down and there is clearly something in the water. Loco./Crazy.

You might remember that San Francisco (and especially the gay populace) was nationally and internationally known for protests in the past. Thousands and thousands were in the streets in past decades for various issues. Yeah well. That was then. Then there’s today. There was a protest at the San Francisco Pride Committee meeting within the past week over Bradley Manning being removed as honorary Grand Marshal (see video below). Were thousands and thousands there? No, about 125 people. That’s it. Frankly, considering what this city has become I was surprised that many people went. There may have been some people who wanted to go to that protest and couldn’t or who didn’t know about the protest, but regardless, that’s what protests (size) have been reduced to in San Francisco. I was unable to go to the SFPride protest, but I was glad to know that there are at least roughly 125 people still in San Francisco who saw something clearly wrong with what SFPride did and felt the need to protest it. The majority did not protest it, if the majority even know about this. Related: Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced.

As for the future, I think things will remain the same until there’s a neocon corporatist Republican (officially) in the White House, as opposed to a neocon corporatist Republican with a meaningless D next to his name as is the case with Obama. With most registered “Democrats,” I’ve learned that they stand for nothing but partisan party-line allegiance, corporate allegiance and “Gay, Incorporated” meaning the various gay groups serving as “fronts” for the corporatist and militaristic misnamed “Democratic” Party.

Sadly, I suspect that most of the gay populace if they were to read this article which I don’t live under any illusion that they will read—aren’t they too busy texting and partying to read this?—wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about here, in part, because they’ve spent the last 6+ years since their Obama has been in office falling for anything he’s done, and again partying, texting and being corporatized and becoming sheeple and of course heteronormative. Chau.—rosa barrio

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Manning should be honored
At the link immediately above is a good article supporting Bradley Manning after SF Pride™ (it should be called SFShame™) removed him as the honorary Grand Marshal for the pride parade in June in San Francisco (which hopefully no one will come to now). There are a few things in the article I don’t agree with, such as referring to President [sic] George W Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney. Neither deserve such respect nor those titles based upon the 2000 (think Florida) and 2004 (think Florida and Ohio) “elections.” Also, the comment in the article about “ignoring the fact that the last good reason to fight with the U.S. military came immediately after 9/11,” I don’t agree with that at all. There’s the “Official” story about what happened on that day which many people don’t believe. If one bought the “Official” story, all but 3 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia so why wasn’t Saudi Arabia attacked instead of Afghanistan?…think oil pipeline. And many people feel 911 was an inside job intended to launch the Project For the New American Century agenda. That document speaks of needing a “new Pearl Harbor” (in order to galvanize the public) on page 51 of that document. Many people feel that 911 was “the new Pearl Harbor” and that day has been exploited as the excuse for nearly every draconian law passed since and the erosion of civil liberties in the Estados Unidos/U.S. and elsewhere. I notice that Obama’s name is mysteriously missing in the article and anything about his having continued and expanded the Bush/Cheney regime’s agenda. And as I wrote above, Obama declared Manning “guilty” before Manning had been put on trial. Is that what one would expect from a “Constitutional scholar?” Also, I’ve noticed that the gay sheeple seem to be writing in lockstep: “LGBT.” That’s all I see wherever I go these days. We use GLBTQ (and the Q standing for Queer). Putting the L first seems chauvinistic to me as in “Lady’s first.” I read that the reason that the “L” is used first is to show support for women’s rights. Supporting women’s rights should be a given among GLBTQueers so that a lame reason, in my opinion. I think that’s about all I had a problem with in this article, otherwise it’s a very good article and I agree with the overall jest of it. Chau.—-rosa barrio

*NOTE: Some people refer to the “gay community.” I used to refer to the “gay community,” but no longer do. I now use the term gay populace and that’s because there no longer feels like a gay community to me. At least in San Francisco, hardly anyone talks unless they already know each other. Most people on the street either have a look of a snarl and chip on their shoulder, or they have tunnel vision and look at no one. Many/most people are addicted to texting and do not talk to anyone. Some gyms are now mostly silent and have become texting libraries where no one talks other than on the odd occasion and then the conversation is about the last party and the next party. So there’s really not much of a “community” feel any longer compared to past decades. It’s more of a cold/distanced feel and other people I’ve talked with have said the same. So that’s why I use the term gay populace as opposed to “gay community.”