The COVID infection performances

Hola a todos. I’m annoyed by seeing some of the finest musicians and or orchestral management putting their musicians in positions to violate the COVID-19 guidelines — particularly without face masks — thinking that social-distancing alone in a closed room (a Concert Hall) without any windows will save them. Insanity. Well not just the musicians, but the stage and production crews as well who have to clean up after a performance. What COVID aerosol is on that stage and all the production wiring? So far I’ve mainly seen this in Frankfurt and in Paris.

Are orchestral management testing each musician and putting them in quarantine for 10-14 days before a performance to guarantee they are COVID-free? Yes, I’m sure. [sarcasm intended] I doubt that they’re doing anything other than maybe a temperature check at the door, if that. And that doesn’t mean one is not infected. What lame precautions are they taking?

Paris is especially bad about this. No wonder a third possible lockdown is being talked about for Paris and or France, because of stupid people.

I made the mistake of clicking on a choral performance from Paris. I did so to check the upload date. I thought it might have been a pre-COVID performance they never uploaded. But no, it was current. All the choristers were without face masks, as well as the conductor. The instrumental musicians were wearing face masks correctly, meaning covering their nose. The instrumental musicians were sitting next to each other. No distancing. And the conductor was in the usual place, not distanced.

Singing is one of the main ways that COVID-19 is spread, which is why singing is highly discouraged. The same for playing wind and brass instruments. Orchestra Choruses worldwide have shut down because of this, yet I see this choral ensemble from Paris and some others in France continuing on with performances thinking that social-distancing alone will save them. Delusional thinking.

The best COVID vaccine the world has to date is the face mask, covering both the mouth and nose. Even if one gets one of the COVID vaccines at some point having been rushed out, people will still need to wear a face mask and distance, in part, because it’s unknown how long the vaccine immunity will last. To date (end of December 2020) it’s 8 months.

Yet I see choristers and some priests not wearing face masks repeatedly in Paris. Why? Blunt answer: They don’t care about their health or the health of others. That’s the bottom line.

Also there was a small group of musician — choristers and instrumentalists without face masks — gathered in lead-saturated Notre Dame de Paris for a Christmas concert, as well as in other churches. The choristers were wearing blue hard hats and blue construction garb. They shouldn’t have been in there to begin with because the entire Nave structure is weak and could have collapsed on them. I guess they didn’t care about that either.

With this behaviour, there’s no wonder why a possible third lockdown is being talked about for France and or Paris. Why are the choristers and the conductor in the Concert Hall performance from Paris not wearing face masks?

Choristers can perform beautifully with a face mask as seen in this performance from the Czech Republic months ago by the superb Collegium 1704. They have it together.:

Some idiot complained that face masks mute choral consonants. They can. Being an Orchestra Chorus person, I’m a stickler about diction and choral consonants. But in this case, I’ll make a rare exception. I’d rather have healthy and alive choristers than consonants. What’s more important to you, one’s life or consonants? (roll eyes) Some people idiots certainly do have their priorities in order.

The internet certainly does show our society for what it is. A sea of stupid, willful-ignorance, trolls, assholes, morons everywhere you look. I wonder if a person went out their door today and it was guaranteed that getting COVID were a death sentence, would there still be idiots not wearing a face mask? I suspect so. And that’s because stupid is in. The ignorance is especially noticeable. Some people specialise in ignorance and are proud of their ignorance.

For the performance above from the Czech Republic, all musicians — both Orchestra and Chorus and conductor — are wearing face masks in that superb performance by Collegium 1704 and Collegium 1704 Vocale.

Then in Deutschland, that orchestra has roughly 50 musicians on stage. I think that’s the capacity limit. They’re all distanced but they look closer together than they should be especially the string section. The winds and brass have extra space between them — more than the strings — but none are wearing face masks. It’s almost as if orchestral management feels like bragging: “We’re still performing during the pandemic.” But by doing so, it looks like they don’t care about the lives of their outstanding musicians and are willing to “take the chance.” When will their luck run out for them? I’ve seen the conductors approach the podium with a face mask then remove it after he steps on the podium. What’s the point of wearing one to begin with then, if you’re just going to take it off? Does this virus not infect anyone standing on a podium? For one of their recent performances, they had a vocalist. She was somewhat distanced but still singing over the stage. Why was she there to begin with considering that singing is to be avoided during this pandemic. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said there should not be any singing in churches as part of new restrictions. One would think that would also apply to a Concert Hall. Singing is singing regardless of the venue during a viral pandemic.

So one wonders: How many of these musicians from Paris (or Deutschland for that matter) now have COVID? This is such reckless behaviour while this pandemic rages on. When will France get it together? The same for Deutschland and other EU countries?

Note to self: Don’t watch any recently recorded performances. All it does is to interrupt my sleep. I don’t like seeing musicians being put in harm’s way of having their health or life endangered.

As I was telling mi amigo/my friend, as a child and young adult growing up — pre-Internet — I had no idea how stupid, idiotic and moronic our society was/is. It seemed sane and intelligent at that time, even the lesser educated people. The “Letters to the Editor” were pretty much the only way that you knew what somebody else thought whom you didn’t know and even then, they published the most sane and rationale of the letters they received. Then came the Internet. Bad news. The Internet has shown what a cesspool of trash our society really is. Depressing really. This is particularly true in the last four years under the orange loser in the white house and the trash who support him which is roughly one-half of the non-United States. So at least half of this country consists of garbage people. They’re the cesspool that the “leader” floats in. There’s no wonder we lead the world with COVID stupidity and an infection rate, although the cases I’ve cited herein are from the EU. Chau.—el barrio rosa