The D and R Divide in the US

The Democratic and Republican Religions, Faiths, Cults

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy….The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study

El de 12 de mayo de 2014. Hola. Well that study cited above comes as no surprise to some of us. And this article is about the Oligarchy/Corporatocracy en los Estados Unidos/in the US. The US government is a corporate-state one party system. This corrupt, parasitic and septic political system charades as two major corporate parties using two different names: Democratic and Republican. The use of two different names is to deceive and divide The People, most of whom seemingly need a “team” to cheer for with blind allegiance to their “team” (just like religions, faiths or cults. The sheeple either cheer for the misnamed “Democratic” party or the Republican party.)

I suspect most people did not see this study released by Princeton University recently (part of which is quoted at the top of the page but is worth repeating here):

Princeton Study Declares U.S. government an Oligarchy
“The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

Yet the D and R partisan sheeple—the two “teams”—in the US dutifully continue the charade of elections by voting as programmed and foolishly deluding themselves that their vote actually counts for something while they “waste their vote” on political corporate parasites of their particular D or R Faith/Cult who then work against their best interests and instead for corporations who own and run the government through their corrupt career politicians.

Other than the words Oligarchy and Corporatocracy, there’s another name for this type of system (does anyone know what that’s called?). Many devout partisans whine that: “if you don’t vote you have no right to complain.” What a stupid thing to say! Yet many people mindlessly repeat that. How tiresome. It’s best to dismiss people like that. They only want one to vote for their particular “team” when they say that. It’s a form of a guilt trip, reprimand and intimidation. But lots of partisan idiots repeat that drivel (“if you don’t vote you have no right to complain”). The reality is that one does not forfeit one’s First Amendment rights—what few shreds remain of the First Amendment under Bush, messiah et al—if one does not vote. Anyone who chooses not to waste their time with this farce/charade called voting in the US has as much right to complain about the dire and dismal state of corporate ownership of this corrupt government as the voting sheeple of the “Democratic” and Republican Faiths/Cults who continue to fall for this phony theatre; this meaningless stunt called “elections” and voting for the Establishment Status Quo, whether it’s D or R. I have no use or patience for this right-wing one-party corporate system with two names, or the sheep who support them.

I watched a video from “what is is” of the pink barrio recently. It’s a 2-part video (both parts are below). I agreed with one of the comments on his video on guggletube/CorporateTube.

Rather than quote the comment I’m referring to, the jest of it was: Most people are not going to change their behaviour and are not going to do anything about anything until they are forced to. The corporatist status quo will continue. And we’ve seen this pattern every fucking election cycle when the Democratic sheeple get in perfect lockstep formation for their useless D-Team and the same for Republican sheeple and their useless R-Team. Under this Corporatocracy corrupt system, no other political candidate has any chance if s/he is not part of this cesspool system, politely called an Oligarchy.

We at pink barrio are endorsing whistleblower Chelsea Manning for 2016. If one chooses to participate in the Oligarchy’s 2016 version farce, one could write Manning’s name in on one’s ballot IN BLACK INK PEN (that way, the Oligarchy can’t easily erase it). Manning is a far better candidate than any of the corporatist parasites that either of these two bought and paid for corporatist parties will prop up as their corporatist celebrity-elitist nominees for the sheeple to dutifully vote for after said candidates have been selected by The Fourth Estate, the US corporate media.

For the 2016 “election” theatre, the Republican parasites might put up a candidate from the BCF. The world has already had to suffer through and endure 2 members of that mob. I guess the BCF want to cycle their entire mob through la casa blanca. Maybe even Babs will be put up at some point to run if she lives that long. The only positive thing about this hombre who’s likely to be put up as the Republican nominee is that he’s bilingual. Imagine a presidente from The Empire that can speak more than one language. That’s unheard of for The Cesspool (the US). That would be a first to have a bilingual presidente for los Estados Unidos/the US—because most of them can barely speak US-English and often they twang and mumble through that—should this hombre be allowed to be selected by the Oligarchy. He’s fluent en español and has been on the major Empire/US español language television networks many times. It doesn’t really matter who is put up, the Oligarchy’s status quo plans will continue. Chau.—rosa barrio

Two Videos from “what is is”:


Obama the Conservative

Obama Scandals’ List

The occupant of La Casa Blanca is willing to say anything, no matter how untrue it is.
Obama’s List of Lies


——– COMMENTS ——– (Manually posted from e-mails)

05.18.14 what do you say about a guy who says he’s a “radical progressive” and who is following obama and ms obama but no real radical progressives? i saw a guy just like that today.—Diego
My response: Hola Diego y gracias for that. Well like I said here, these words don’t mean anything anymore. A “radical progressive” (a real one) would not be following messiah, who is to the right of Bush. Loco/Crazy. Sounds like just another Dem-bot—and I’ve noticed that Dems in particular call themselves anything whether it has any basis in reality or not—to add to the useless pile. Chau.—rosa barrio

05.13.14 Wanted to comment on your excellent article about “the D and R Divide.” Partisans will hate it. I had seen that Princeton study you referred to. I agree with what you said in your comment about protesting. I was out there for years & it didn’t do anything other than give me too much sun and made me hoarse and took up part of my weekend. Why do people protest to empty buildings anyway? Why weren’t our protest held during the week when the people we were protesting were there? Doh. Sort of off-topic…I call smartphones dumbphones. I think they’re one of the worst inventions ever made because of the addiction and must-have factors and all these apps which just makes more money for tech. Dumbphones havve made people dumber not smarter. I sometimes ask friends if they want to come over and text and let me watch them that’s how addicted they are. I’m sending the link of your article to a hard-core Democrat I know.—Linda

05.13.14 what about protesting and organizing to change things?—Fredy
My response: Hola y gracias. Don’t waste your time, Fredy. The Oligarchy/Corporatocracy doesn’t give a fuck what “we the people” think and they have made that perfectly clear to anyone who wants to see it. I was in the streets protesting various issues for years. What did that accomplish? Nothing! The Oligarchy consistently ignored me and millions of others like me. They don’t care about our “protests” (regardless of what form the “protest” takes). They care only about their corporate politicians of the corrupt one-party system. These days, no protesting is allowed in The Empire; the cops will show up and start arresting people. You may say, “But I saw this major protest on television…” some time ago. You likely saw a so-called “protest” where they had a state-sanctioned permit. If one needs a permit and the Oligarchy’s permission to protest, then it’s not a protest! It’s a state-approved charade, often with the protesters limited to/corralled into “protest zones” or “protest pins.” We are living in very different time now than in any other time in history so today cannot be compared to previous times. For example, good luck getting the masses/sheeple off of their smartphones long another to “protest.” Most people would have trouble walking 4 city blocks without needing to take a (cigarette) break. The concept of protesting is dying, not growing including in Lobotomised San Francisco. Most people don’t seem to give a fuck about anything anymore other than partying, getting drunk, texting, wasting hours and hours on so-called “social media networks” (what an oxymoron!) typing with their thumbs, taking more pictures of food than they eat (to upload), endless scrolling through (sex) profiles and their smartphone addiction. That’s their entire life. Realistically speaking, at least in The Cesspool/The Empire/the US, we really have a very pathetic and willfully-ignorant, dumbed-down society at the moment and I don’t see that changing for the positive any time soon. Chau.—rosa barrio

One comment on “The D and R Divide in the US

  1. SF-Resident

    Wanted to pass this along to readers….

    “Obama’s executive order was based, as the WSWS wrote at the time, “on the premise, shared by the entire political establishment, that all undocumented immigrants are criminals.” In announcing the measure last year, Obama declared, “Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable.”

    That is from the same hypocritical empty suit who has constantly talked about “Looking Forward.” Odd isn’t it that he doesn’t want to “Look Forward” in this instance. Only when it comes to the bourgeois elite Ruling Class. They are not held accountable. War criminals Bush and Cheney haven’t been held accountable for anything. If they were, they would be in prison today and Obama would be joining them later.

Fin. The End.