The Death of San Francisco’s Castro

Today (el 26 de noviembre de 2019/26 November 2019), The Castro is an uninviting, unsafe, dying neighbourhood having been taken over by (homophobic) straights — who chose to move here or come here to a former Gay Mecca saturated with Rainbow Flags — and who don’t hesitate to show their disapproval at some of the few remaining queers here.  Mi amigo/My friend said:  I used to feel comfortable hanging out in The Castro.  Not any more.  I get in and out of there as soon as I can.  Even the homeless have mostly disappeared; they don’t feel comfortable here either.

Hola a todos. It appears that one of the most-trafficked food and drink French-style patio cafés of the queer community — when there was a genuine queer community in San Francisco during the Gay Mecca decades — has closed or is about to close, having been taken over by straight white couples, according to a review I read. (Update: Or are they now only open 4 days a week, and expect to stay in business that way?) This place deserves what it gets as far as some of us are concerned. They led the anti-homeless sit-lie law that San Francisco has. The owner of the place was one of the conservatives that said, “There’s no longer a need for gay meccas; gay people can live anywhere today.” What a stupid thing to say, and he just lost his customer base which was the large queer community of that day in San Francisco. Even if what he said were true, which it’s not, the part he left out was “openly gay.” What was his main customer base? Queers. And since the queers were forced out of the The Castro, it’s now a Breeder Mecca and “nobody is coming to The Castro now” is what one potential customer of this patio café was told in the café. During the Gay Mecca decades, this café was the queer community’s gathering place. Artists, poets, musicians, painters, everyone hung out there. It’s nothing like that today. Like the rest of The Castro, it doesn’t matter how many Rainbow, Trans or US Flags they put up ontop of the café, that place is history. I think he/they have gotten what they deserve, and the same for the other uppity conservative merchant trash who helped sanitise The Castro for the precious conservative “him and her” breeders with their screaming babies in an already overpopulated world. I remember when the theatre and the prudes in that hardware store were hating on the few naked guys (The Castro had a rich history of nudity) and hated on some protesters with very legitimate concerns who came into the store protesting against the #2 terrorist state on the planet: barbaric Israel and the products from Israel that this store was carrying. Fuck off all of you, you trash! You’ve gotten what you deserve. How soon will they go out of business?

The Castro village was apparently confused over why people came there. When I moved to San Francisco in 1979 it seemed obvious to me why people came there. For the same reason I came here. But the self-absorbed big-headed merchants thought it was all about them. In reality, people — gay guys especially — came here to be around other fellow queers. It was a safe place to meet, hangout and be around other queers. It had nothing to do with the merchants. Then, at some point in later years the remaining queers decided to become conservatives — I never did understand that — having been brainwashed by the merchants that they saw as their “friends” and the local conservative corporate media and others. Other queers left The City because of greed from the real estate industrial complex and with fellow rentees and renters being fed up with the high prices. So, the Castro neighbourhood has gone into stagnation with one store closing after another. On the weekends there are the “him-tall/her-short” breeder couples who come over here to cheat on somebody, (or by their behaviour that’s what it looks like they’re doing), or to get drunk at one of the bars to the point of throwing up on the sidewalk. It’s lovely having to avoid stepping in vomit on the Market Street sidewalk. And there’s the streams of black baby strollers. There’s one language used in The Castro today and that is the word “like.” Stupid is in. Don’t expect to hear anything remotely intelligent here, with few exceptions. Not in the non-United States. The dumbest country on the planet. Someone asked the other day, “Why is it that the president of France (Emmanuel Macron) speaks better English than the current White House occupant?” Yeah. Also, why is it that so many members of the US Congress — both House and Senate — sound like a bunch of redneck hicks? They can’t even properly pronounce the word “president.” It’s a three syllable word, you illiterate-sounding fucks. Did any of you go to school? It’s not pronounced “prezdent” or “prez’t.” One does not need to concoct one’s mouth into some awkward shape to say the word president, you morons. Where did these damn fools come from who are in the House and Senate? The bottom of the cesspool where the “prez’t” lives and the basura around him.

Mi amigo says he thinks that The Castro will continue its decline. How could it not? The outrageous, greed-based real estate prices are not going to come down. Apartment rents have not come down, and the super-wealthy who live in The Castro are certainly not going to walk around the desolate and sometime dangerous streets of The Castro. He says that the neighbourhood will never go back to being a bustling hangout for queer guys (a Gay Mecca). That’s true. It really can’t go down any more from desolate. And usually when something gets this desolate, it degrades into severe poverty despite the million dollar homes in the area with their “gated-community” mentality. Or maybe The Castro will become a bustling baby area — more so than it already is — selling black baby strollers and accessories. Such as extra seating and extra storage compartments segments for black baby strollers. So it makes it easier to shoplift when in stores with those hidden compartments and all. I guess those self-appointed busy-bodies who ramrod the neighbourhood (and who always think they know what’s best for it) would take down all of those irrelevant Rainbow Flags and put up red, white and blue balloons for children and put up a big Straight Pride flag where the big Rainbow Flag currently is in Harvey Milk Plaza. Wouldn’t it be wise to rename the Plaza too after some white straight guy or a closet case? I guess they’ll have to keep up one Rainbow Flag somewhere for the breeders who seem to love to make out under Rainbow Flags for some odd reason. Well, it’s to mark their territory frankly. That’s how we see it. If I were straight, I would feel most uncomfortable making out with a female under a Rainbow Flag. Something about that just wouldn’t jive with me, nor would I feel comfortable hanging out in a neighbourhood saturated with Rainbow Flags. And when breeder couples (the required him-tall/her-short) make out under Rainbow Flags, the female usually has to lift her leg up behind her while she’s desperately craning her neck to kiss him. Why does the leg go up, bitch? Chau.—el barrio rosa