The Disconnect and Denial: “We will remedy this is November.”

Hola a todos. Well this shouldn’t take long to write. This article is specifically about the partisan voters of the “Democratic” Party (Cult) in the non-United States. Both corporate parties are like cults. Assuming one has been paying attention over the past few years to the Village Idiot (also known as the orange thug, the international bully et al), I suspect every Democrat will say that the Village Idiot is utterly corrupt and will stop at nothing, correct? And little or nothing has been done about this corruption by either corrupt party, many of whom are millionaires. They get advantages from the corruption so they remain silent. Will these voters also say that he will do anything to stay in office whether it’s legal or not, or is that too part of their denial and wishful-thinking because they don’t want to believe that he will get another term or more? And the Village Idiot has already begun rigging the voting system — even more so than it already was before he began residency in the white house — to further ensure that he has another 4 or more years in office. These thugs — the trash in his regime — think they are above the law. They don’t care what the law says.

Therefore, considering all of that and the thorough corruption — (remember that corruption?) — why would any sane, rationale, reasonable, intelligent person think that the voters will “remedy this in November” no matter how people vote? Remember that the system is utterly corrupt. In a thoroughly corrupt system, does one honestly believe that votes would be counted — if they’re counted at all — fairly and honestly? I said when he took office that he’s not going anywhere unless he dies in office. There just seems to be this denial — and wishful-thinking — among most Democrats that their votes matter and will be counted (by easily-hackable voting machines) and that the Village Idiot will somehow “be voted out.” If that isn’t denial and wishful-thinking, I don’t know what is! I’ll believe that when I see it. I know from history that D-party voters are big on denial and wishful-thinking. Denial and wishful-thinking seem to be two of the requirements for being a “Democrat,” only to be disappointed time and time again because their corporate politicians voted with the Republicans. We’ve seen that over and over, particularly with messiah Obama where the denialists and wishful-thinkers fell for his “Hope and Change We Can Believe In” marketing slogans. Rather than all that bull shit, instead Obama greatly expanded on the Bush/Cheney neocon agenda. Might that be why the Bush and Obama families are so close today and we see George and Michelle sharing candies at state funerals/occasions? And here. Now add this disconnect and denial to the mix, and I see a whole lot of depressed people in November and beyond.

Democratic voters don’t seem to learn anything from the past because their denial and wishful-thinking prevent them from learning from the past. Every “election” cycle they keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. That’s the definition of insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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