The Fake Progressives

The Fake Left.

Update 4 March 2022: Somewhere I’ve written about how the fake progressives and the fake left are dressing these days on their sets. They’re dressed very conservatively. Suits, jackets and ties for the guys and conservative black shroud-looking attire for the females, such as here. Very dark colours. Nothing remotely “rad” or radical seen anywhere. A local “progressive” journalist came to mind and I searched his name to see what he’s doing now. He’s in corporate and the picture on his site showed him in a suit and tie. Mr Progressive, indeed! He looked like your typical conservative. These fake-progressives have abandoned anything that might set them apart from the conservatives (they even use the same language), including their manner of dress. As I’ve said, the fake progressives and fake left have become an empty shell of their former (radical) selves. There’s nothing radical about this crowd today. They’re just party-line Ds at election time.

My friend said, “Yeah, they’re on the Left. They’re progressives.” I questioned that based on their actions and behaviour. To me, they are neither genuine progressives or genuine Left. They’re merely corporate Democrats. He later seemed to agree. They are the talking heads parked at microphones who call themselves a “progressive” and complain about the right-wing Democratic Party in the States. But at election time, they support that same party. These people look and dress very conservatively despite calling themselves a “progressive.” There was a time that genuine progressives looked rather rad and non-conservative in their dress. Not these days. They’re usually in conservative and drab black, grey, dark purple or dark blue clothing, black shrouds attire. They blend in beautifully with their conservative sets. They look no differently than conservatives and sound no differently. They also love talking about DJT. Some “progressive” political websites are obsessed with DJT. I refuse to type his name which would be a promotion for him. They run feature stories about him and his latest antics. Since no publicity is bad publicity in this context, these fake-progressives fail to grasp that any time they speak his name, feature his face or give him any time, they are promoting him. But out of the other side of their mouth they claim to despise him.

Mi amigo tells me that David Pakman’s show has become essentially a commercial, major promotion for DJT. David loves talking about DJT and does so frequently. Too thick to understand he’s promoting him by giving DJT all the publicity? They’re using him as click-bait. Tacky. As I’ve written before, the “progressives” and “The Left” have become an empty shell of their former selves. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Amy Goodman blends beautifully into the background.

Progressives used to be about educating. Not catering to ignorance.

What happened to political correctness?