The females who think they can “tame” guys

Hola a todos. There’s probably a lot more that I could write here, but I’ll let this do for now.

With breeder couples, who the hell do these females think they are to begin with that they can “tame” (their) a guy? And why is that any female’s responsibility, concern or obligation?

Why does a guy have to give up an important hobby he has because of some needy bitch wanting all of his attention? The guy refers to her as “bitch” because she’s always nagging him, complaining about his hobby or hobbies that he enjoys doing, and she’s trying to make him into what she wants him to be rather than Ms Needy Bitch having the maturity of accepting the guy she met to begin with and who she presumably liked. Why change a guy that you liked? Why try to “tame” him, unless he’s dangerous then that goes back on you: Why are you dating a dangerous guy? Purely because of his outward attractiveness?

Many weak guys cave to the female’s demands. Why? Pussy — just another smelly, mucusy/slimy hole which can get any guy into a lot of trouble such as an unwanted kid — is not worth it. The bitches whinge about guys not giving time to them. Ms Needy Bitch wants all his attention. “Give up your hobbies for me” is her demand. I’d tell her to Fuck Off and do we understand each other? She wants more kids while complaining about the kids she is already having to take care of. Insanity. So he gets her pregnant again like a fucking idiot so she can whinge about another kid to take care of and “why aren’t you helping me take care of the kids?” Then she constantly complains that the guy is not doing enough. Yet she’s mostly responsible for all the obligations they currently have such as “taking care of the baby/babies.”

These females trap guys with pregnancy — yes he’s stupid enough to cum in her rather than wearing a condom and or pull out early enough — and he believes her when she says she takes the pill regularly. Females love to trap a guy with pregnancy leading to an 18+ year commitment. Except when she wants to trap him, then begins remaking him to the little subservient poodle she wants him to be.

The closet case in my building is an example of that. Those two (“him and her”) are on the verge of a divorce and haven’t been married any time and popped out a kid recently. I think the child was unplanned since he never said anything about wanting “to start a family” nor did he ever talk about children. The whole neighbourhood heard her recently screaming at her guy for about an hour. He just puts up with it and goes along with whatever the bitch says. She’s remade him into this syrupy, passive guy — he talks like a female now — that’s “all about family.” Before he met her, he was nothing like this. He enjoyed going to sports bars and hanging out with this buds. Now, it’s all about her and baby. They work together in their apartment, sitting side by side and don’t get along especially when arguing over who’s turn it is to take care of the baby. UPDATE: Mi amigo/My friend talked with the female of this couple the other day. That was eye-opening. She seemed exhausted from “the baby” and they were going on yet another road trip. They’ve been gone nearly constantly on road trips since the child was born months ago. Taking trips seems to be the only time or the only thing holding their dysfunctional relationship together, as if during the trip is the only time that they get along to some degrees, however bad. I had said that — based on what they’d said about their dysfunctional relationship — a divorce is coming in 6 months to a year or less. After talking with her, mi amigo said he got the same feeling from her. He agrees with me. He, too, sees them divorcing, her moving out since the place is originally his, and her taking the child or giving the child up for adoption. She already seems burned out on the kid. Mi amigo asked her: Did you have any idea how much work a child is? She said, “NO, I had no idea at all. It’s exhausting” and she seemed drained and down. How could she not know the amount of work and time a child requires if she’d done any research on it, which I guess she didn’t do. Moronic. So, she’ll probably move out soon and there will be another unwanted kid in the world because of stupid people. It’s clear that the child was not planned. I hope that fuck was worth it, dude, and he was stupid enough to cum in her, or did he not pull out fast enough? You don’t believe in condoms, dude? And in the conversation with her, she was not wearing a face mask once again. I now get the sense that this couple doesn’t even think about COVID. They are so overwhelmed and stressed out with their fucked up relationship — where she screams at him so that the whole neighbourhood can hear her — and stressed out with the baby and neither can be bothered with COVID. Or, perhaps they don’t care if they get it at this point. That could be the case too. Their behaviour shows that they don’t care one way or the other. Perhaps they are both feeling so depressed and somewhat suicidal and would like a way out of this mess that they got themselves into. End of Update.

Queer relationships are not like this. Whenever I hear dysfunctional relationships in my neighbourhood they’re always breeders screaming at each other. I’ve not heard any gay male couples or a lesbian couple scream at each other or have any problems. These straight guys have been brainwashed by society that they must have pussy so he’ll let her trample on him all she wants in order to say “I had pussy.” (roll eyes). Queer couples don’t try to change each other to abandon hobbies “for the family.” Most Queers don’t have children nor do they want any.

Breeders have all of these silly requirements, traditions and restrictions. No wonder their divorce rate is over 50% in the non-United States. Chau.—el barrio rosa