The Future of The Castro Theatre (San Francisco)

Who the fuck cares?! It’s all over. Forget about it. People are trying to hold on to something that is long gone. The Castro of the gay mecca decades is lost.

“Welcome to the heterosexual Castro” — as one hetero couple after the other with their black baby stroller walked by us — is what one queer homeowner acquaintance said to me as he was preparing to sell his home and move to San Diego. He despised what The Castro had become under the new conservative “management” (meaning the conservative merchants and conservative resident trash), as he put it.

Seeing hetero couples walking around and making out among a sea of — what is now-irrelevant — rainbow flags is a mind-fuck, especially when they enjoy making out under the giant rainbow flag at Harvey Milk Plaza and putting on a matinée there.

Merchants and politicians can call The Castro “vibrant” all they want, but that doesn’t make a dead and unwelcoming neighbourhood “vibrant.”

Things started going South for The Castro after gay marriage — part of The Gay Agenda — became legal. It was as if this conservative tide swept over The Castro after that. Damn odd really. As my lesbian neighbour has said, “Gay marriage ruined everything.” She’s correct, although I never expected her to say that.

Does no one remember that The (conservative) Castro Theatre was directly responsible for the death of the once gay mecca? They along with the rest of the conservative merchants and conservative homeowners and those busy-body and useless conservative neighbourhood associations? I saw as the prudish owner of the theatre hated on 2-3 naked guys who walked by the theatre one day. The Castro has long had a history of nudity, but not in the “new” conservative and “renovated” Castroj, where a guy taking his shirt off when it’s hot out is frowned upon. The manager of the theatre verbally assaulted the 2-3 naked guys in front of the theatre. Just like the rest of the conservative Castro merchant trash and conservative residents (who voted twice for conservative — charading as a “moderate” — Scott Penis, who many around here saw as The Holy and Indivisible Trinity). They killed the neighbourhood deliberately so, and now look at what it is: Dead. The conservative and prudish owner of that hardware store said: I don’t want my granddaughters seeing naked guys on their way to and from school. Or words to that effect. Well then move, witch. I suspect your granddaughters have seen more naked guys already than you have in your entire prudish life. And it’s your problem if you have body image issues with seeing the human body. I wonder how this woman bathes? Don’t impose your body image issues onto others in your family. People! Ugh.

They Disney-fied The Castro with the needless renovation, complete with non-native Palm Trees. They deserve what they’ve got. Fucking idiots. They were the same trash — such as the owner of the now-defunct Café Flore (which used to be “the place to be and be seen”) who helped kill his own business by — spewing the lie that “There’s no need for gay meccas now; gay people can live anywhere now.” He helped to kill his own business by saying that. Yeah, tell that to the families of the many queers who have been harassed, beaten up or murdered. Fact: Gay people can’t live anywhere even in the fucking closet you idiots depending upon how they “look” or behave. Yet the conservative trash who run things around here continue to lie and call the neighbourhood “vibrant.” In their insipid minds, a dead neighbourhood is “vibrant.” They can put up strings up clear/white holiday lights in the Summer to try to attract people, but it ain’t doing it. If you don’t have $$$ you’re not welcome in The Castro. Period. They don’t want anyone hanging out in The Castro unless you’re of a certain social-standing or income bracket. Period. That’s how “welcoming” The Castro is today. Controlled by the conservative merchant trash and conservative residents.

I have never felt that comfortable in The Castro. Even during the gay mecca decades, I had a “love/hate” feeling about it. There were months where I avoided the area because of the cliquish, snooty and snotty attitude I got from other queer boys. Those who thought they were too good or “pretty” to even receive a fleeting glance. So I said: Fuck it. I didn’t move to the gay mecca to get this shit. Today I know a lot more about The Castro than I did and who run things around here. Conservative trash, best describes them even if they wear the “liberal” or “progressive” label. People call themselves anything these days whether or not it has any basis in reality.

Here in 2022, The Castro is not even an empty relic or museum of its former self. They try to give the impression that it’s still a gay area. You can saturate a mostly heterosexual neighbourhood with rainbow flags and saturate it with that political “LGBTQ+++RSTUVWXYZ ABC” alphabet soup rubbish all over buildings, but that doesn’t make a neighbourhood queer when in reality it more closely resembles heterosexual Cole Valley or The Marina. If they did the same “rainbow and political alphabet soup washing” down in The Marina, that area would still be straight regardless of how many rainbow flags there are or that fucking alphabet soup nonsense.

It should also be pointed out that the conservative Real Estate Industrial Complex and their corrupt liars — do they ever tell the truth about anything to off-load a home on someone? — played a major role in destroying the now-dead gay mecca by raising rents and soaring real estate prices, along with evictions of long-term tenants.

The Castro is now mostly heterosexual — complete with some fake straight guys (closet cases with chicks) and their black — it must be black! — baby strollers and Millenneals wearing “the uniform”: all black clothing 365 days a year. Going to a funeral, are you?

Does one not remember the campaign awhile back to “Queer the Castro?” Stunning when you think that someone wanted to “queer” the now-dead gay mecca. That’s how much things have changed, degraded around here.

As for that theatre, who is so gullible as to believe what the new corporatist owners — with their “Senior Vice President” — of the theatre tell them as far as anything queer related is concerned. Oh excuse me, I guess I’m supposed to use the increasingly long and political “LGBTQ+RSTUVWXYZ ABC” alphabet soup nonsense since most people don’t have the sense to use one word: Queer. Or Gay. How many more fucking letters are they going to add to that political brand-cult name that everyone feels they must use in lockstep as good brainwashed sheeple of The Gay Agenda?

And what is trans doing in there? Trans already has a category. It’s called straight since many trans end up living hetero lives with kids.

Queer is about same-gender attraction. Period. Queer is not about wanting to change one’s gender, so why is trans dumped into the queer so-called “community?” I’ve never known any gay guy or lesbian who wanted to change their gender. Why is everything that is not heterosexual — every kink under the sun — dumped into the queer category? Why are gays, the queers the dumping ground for everybody who is not straight?

And how many more times does one need to see the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sing The Wizard of Oz? One would think they would try to raise their standards beyond immature, childish and stereotypical repertoire as I wrote in this article: Gay Men’s Choruses.

No wonder things are going backwards with the out-of-touch trash running things these days of Brand-Cult “LGBTQ++++RSTUVWXYZ ABC, plus, plus, plus.”

As for the “new” Castro Theatre, who would waste their time to get “all dressed up” (as I heard many were) going to any “community meeting” with a bunch of corporatists spewing lies to tell you what you want to hear, then watching them do the opposite later most likely? Are you all that fucking gullible? Apparently so. People love hearing what they want to hear, rather than the reality.

Corporatists will do what they want. Corporatists don’t give a fuck what “the community” wants. When has a corporation ever cared what “the community” wants? I can’t think of one instance of that. When will the wishful-thinking delusionals around here realise that? Probably never, to be honest. Chau.