The Gay Agenda

I had always disagreed with the lie that there was a Gay Agenda. I knew of no agenda that queers had other than to have equal rights and to be treated equally and equitably, and to have the same rights as heterosexuals. Nothing about that was a “gay agenda” as I saw it.

But in recent years and upon reflection, I realised there was, has been and continues to be a Gay Agenda — especially since corporations and lesbians hijacked the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement — but it’s not what you might think.

I read an article the other night and after reading that I concluded:  Oh yes, there has absolutely been a Gay Agenda, without question, and it’s been fully successful, with lockstep, world-brainwashed obedience, especially with the worldwide media.  And if you’re not fully in support of it and don’t follow its rigid dogma, you can be labeled “homophobic.” And/or you’re called “sexist” because you refuse to put the “L” first (as in that ludicrous LGBTQQICAPF2K+ rubbish) , which does imply that lesbians in the majority led the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. They did not. It was thousands of gay guys who led the movement.

The Gay Agenda fails to understand that it is “sexist” to put the L first as in, “ladies go first.” That’s what is sexist. “Ladies first” — with the “little dainty submissive lady” walking ahead of the dominant man. Or what I usually see is a guy walking 1/2 step ahead of her leading in order to open doors for her and pulling out her chair so he can get sex later on — is something that proud sexists have long said. How can the cultists of the Gay Agenda not know that? How can they be ignorant of that?

The article I read was about a sex event in a major city and how this event was feared that it was going to be a super-spreader event for monkeypox.  This did not matter to the organi$er$.  Nor was the continuing COVID pandemic even mentioned as part of this super-spreader event since COVID was/is still a pandemic whether one is vaccinated/boostered or not.  US President Biden now has COVID for the second time as of this writing.

In the article, the writer couldn’t bring himself to use the word gay but instead he used the Gay Agenda’s alphabet soup increasingly long train of letters that one sees used and brainwashed worldwide. All those fucking letters that many people are now mumbling, stumbling or slurring over, followed by a plus sign or two. 

*The official train of alphabet soup letters is (as of this writing): LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Is it the goal of these corporate trash of Gay Incorporated (The Gay Agenda) — who apparently have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than to dream up this shit — to repeat the entire alphabet 2-3 times? That would appear to be their intent. Insanity. They can’t just use one word: Queer? Or Gay? Oh good heavens no. That would make too much sense to thinking people. As queer comedian and actor Lea DeLaria says, “By the time you get through all those letters, the parade is over.” LOL. Good point, Lea. Lea uses the word queer and she says that’s what it should be called. I agree. Get rid of all those fucking letters because all they do is to divide people up into little groups leading to infighting. True. As she says: One word — queer — unites people. But don’t expect The Gay Agenda to give a fuck what I say or what Lea says.

All of the “Prides” around the world are calling it “LGBTQ+ Pride” rather than “Gay Pride.” Absolute conformity with The Gay Agenda. And as I have asked many times, why would one be proud of or have “pride” in one’s sexuality regardless of what it is? Isn’t one’s sexuality just a matter of fact? The way one was born? What’s to be proud of about that? It’s like being “proud” of or having “pride” in one’s eye or hair colour. Why have “pride” in the gender of the person one has sex with? This is insane. Clearly “pride” is not the correct word. But “Pride” is used just like all those alphabet letters to sanitise gay and to cater to the “Don’t say gay” crowd. Both the letter train and the word “Pride” are code language for gay.

And for the Berlin “Pride” there were reports of seeing signs of Monkeypox in the crowd. How responsible! [sarcasm intended].

In that article I mentioned earlier, two guys were interviewed by the writer.  These guys — having been brainwashed with the Gay Agenda — couldn’t say “I’m bi” or “I’m gay.” Instead, the article said “He identifies as bi” (first guy) and “He identifies as gay.” (second guy). Again, they couldn’t type “He’s bi.” Or “He’s gay.” So does that mean that he “identifies” (roll eyes) as bi but he is really gay? Since one can “identify” as anything whether they are how they “identify” or not. “Identifying” has no resemblance necessarily to reality. Or he’s really straight, but “identifies as bi?” See how ludicrous this “identifying” rubbish is? Since anyone can “identify” as anything and make it up as they go along. Will he “identify” as a fire hydrant next week?

What idiots started this “identifying” rubbish? — I can take a guess — where people can’t say what they are but they have to “identify” per the Gay Agenda? So, as you can see, the Gay Agenda “identifying” nonsense had to be used in the article.  There are other examples of the language requirements per the Gay Agenda that have brainwashed the world and that I could list. 

So when they were talking about the Gay Agenda years ago, it had nothing to do with indoctrinating children and all that BS with being gay.  It was really about absolute cookie-cutter conformity that one must follow the Gay Agenda — of using revisionist history alphabet soup sexuality and “identifying” and other language/word things — in order to be in lockstep with the pop culture brainwashing and to “fit in” and to be “hip and cool” as cultists of the Gay Agenda. 

This Gay Agenda is really no different than religious fundamentalist brainwashing because it’s adopted blindly (to conform and fit in) by most queers without questioning any of it or without critical thinking skills or without thought because Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda is seen as sacrosanct and above reproach.  One does not question what they spew is the conformist thinking. Well, that’s what religious fundamentalists do. Blindly accept without question what is spewed by “the authorities” and in this case Gay Inc./The Gay Agenda. And to fit-in and conform with the herd and to appear “hip and cool,” practically EVERYONE (except me and a few others) follows this shit as good little Gay Agenda brainwashed sheeple. And these days, it seems that the only time that the word gay is allowed is when talking about gay marriage. All those fucking letters are not used for that, fortunately.

I use the word Queer. If any acronym is needed, I use just three letters: GLB. Those three categories are all that’s needed: Gay, lesbian and bisexual in that order because gay guys led the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Trans is not and should not be a part of it because trans should be their own thing, just like straight is its own thing. Gay is about same-gender attraction. Gay is not about feeling you’re the wrong gender in the body you were born with, so how did trans get dumped into the gay category? It’s completely irrelevant. More Insanity from The Gay Agenda. And I’ve never known any gay guy or lesbian who wanted to change their gender. And these days, many trans end up living heterosexual lives with kids. WTF does heterosexuality have to do with queer? Nothing. There was already a category for trans and it’s called straight.

My lesbian neighbour has said, “Gay marriage ruined everything.” I would agree with that in hindsight. And that’s because The Gay Agenda ordered/decreed for queers to “assimilate with the straights.” Who were they of Gay Incorporated and The Gay Agenda in a position to tell anyone what to do?! Mind your own fucking business. How fucking arrogant. Queers were already “assimilated” with the straights as much as they cared to be. But unfortunately, many gay guys interpreted “assimilate” — which means to blend in and not stick out — to mean go back in the closet and in some cases marry females to give the appearance that they are straight. Gay guys didn’t need gay marriage to marry a female; they could have done that to begin with! Insanity! I read an article after gay marriage became legal that, “Gay guys are marrying females in droves.” More Insanity. And I think the same was true or similar for lesbians. That was one of the complaints of my lesbian neighbour who said there were no lesbians around anymore and she couldn’t tell a straight female from a lesbian female because lesbians were trying to look and act like straight females “to assimilate with the straights.” Some lesbians were going to straight bars to try to pick up another female (in a straight bar!; don’t try to figure that out!) and then would get pissed when a straight guy hit on her. Sigh. Yes, it’s damn odd that queers would want to be exact replicas of the heterosexuals and heteronormative in marriage — the Institution of Marriage — to the point of calling their partner “Husband” (for guys) and “Wife” (for females), both heteronormative terms.

Gay marriage was also part of The Gay Agenda as gays and lesbians for some reason wanted to be part of the heterosexual Institution of Marriage(TM) and wedLOCK. They couldn’t come up with something better than that? Following gay marriage becoming legal, I saw lots of gay guys trying to be “carbon copies” of straight guys, in part, by becoming sports jocks (fans mostly, or gym jocks.) With the gym jocks, they would go to the gym and spend most of the time on their phone and then tell other guys, “I work out 7 days a week.” Well yeah, on your phone. Your thumbs are all that gets worked out as you sit on the gym equipment and use it as a phone library, making it impossible for people who want to work out on it. Inconsiderate assholes. My queer best friend complained about that many times about his gym. To be like the straights, I saw gay guys getting into corporate sports team. Unheard of previously. Sports were something that most gay guys had no interest in up until then. Historically, most gay guys had gotten their aerobic workouts from dancing all night in bars/clubs. But part of the doctrine/dogma of The Gay Agenda was to “assimilate” (blend in) with the straights. Well in order to “blend in” with the straights, a guy has to go back in the closet and pretend to be straight, otherwise he will stick out as “the token/resident gay guy” in an office or wherever. So to “blend in” with the straight guys, the fake-straight guy (gay closet case) has to laugh at the “faggot jokes” he hears straight guys tell, talk about chicks and pussy (even though he doesn’t know where the clit is) to make the straight guy believe that he (the gay guy) is straight even though he’s not, and also talk about chicks as sex objects (something that Gay Inc. opposes). So I watched as herds of gay guys bought expensive corporate sports team clothing, bought expensive season tickets and tried to “act straight” in order to “blend in” with the straights.

Some of this was because corporate sports teams were now invited to take part in the annual corporate “Pride” parades to give the illusion/appearance that the teams are now pro-gay. Unfortunately, many gullible gays and lesbians fell for that stunt. And some corporate sports teams decided to have “Gay Night” in order to bamboozle gay guys into thinking “We love you, gays” [Translation: we love your money. Give us your money! That’s all we want, and just ignore the faggot jokes heard in the locker room any other time of year.] Not being people to think thing through to their ultimate conclusion: Does that mean that the annual “Pride” celebrations would be cancelled worldwide, since gays and lesbians are supposed to “blend in” with the straights? One cannot “blend in” with the straights and also stick out with your Brand-Cult political “LGBTQ+ RSTUVWXYZ, ABC Pride” and with your, “I’m so proud to be gay, look at my gay pride and look at my rainbow flag” in being a gay guy. That’s a fucking contradiction. I guess The Gay Agenda didn’t think that through — like all the rest of their ludicrous agenda — nor did the gay men who have blindly gone along with The Gay Agenda as good little Gay Agenda brainwashed sheeple.
So, from what I’ve seen since, most gay guys went back in the closet with some pretending to be straight (they’re the fake-straight guys I’ve written about) and walk around holding hands with a girl whilst looking out of the corner of their eye at guys when she’s not looking. Then when she happens to catch him looking at guys, he gets her elbow in his ribs. I’d tell her: Listen woman, you’re with a gay guy and you’re really that fucking dense or in denial to not see that? You cannot control your guy’s gay sexuality. Understand? And turn off the tears. Tears don’t work for me. I’m not manipulated by a girl’s tears.

I also remember when The Gay Agenda fad of, “You must adopt kids or have kids somehow” began. It was absolute conformity — the latest thing — and I knew one dysfunctional gay couple who fell for it. They went through all kinds of hoops to get two kids and ultimately did. But then I think they had to give one of them back and ended up with another kid.

But most gay couples don’t have kids, so I guess you could say that most didn’t fall for that part of The Gay Agenda, but many did.

Briefly on another topic: my queer best friend got disgusted yesterday with more of that “identifying” nonsense which is part of the doctrine/dogma of The Gay Agenda. Some guy said, “I identify as a tea drinker” instead of saying “I drink tea.” I have to admit I’ve not heard that used like that before. He said he’s heard it many times. Hmmmm. Glad I missed that.

I appreciated someone’s comment I read online. He said “I’m gay, but certainly not “LGBTQ etc which is political. It has nothing to do with sex or sexual relations.” He’s correct and it’s about time that people start realising that. I agree with him. Yes that dogma of The Gay Agenda is political, isn’t it? All those fucking letters. It’s like a Brand name, a cult. Absolute devotion to it; just like the brainwashing used by fundamentalist Christians. I see it as no different than that. Everyone must be in lockstep with The Gay Agenda and their “social justice warrior” positions. Just like The Gay Agenda is political and has resulted in a fucking mess. Chau.