The gay guys who hit on straight guys

Some people find them (gay guys) fucking annoying, and in that sense “all gay guys” get a bad rap because of the behaviour of those who hit on str8 dudes online.

I don’t understand it. Why would gay guys hit on straight dudes when there’s no shortage of masculine gay guys out there?

How is straight dick different than any other dick? Other than it fucks pussy when available, but gay guys are not into pussy. They call pussy “ick” and “yuck” so WTF is the appeal of straight dick to gay guys? I’ve never understood this. And no gay guy who is into straight dick has ever answered that question for me.

Fact: Genuine straight guys are not into other guys sexually. Only bi and gay guys are into other guys sexually.

So why waste your time with straight guys, gay guys? And to begin with, is the guy they’re hitting on straight? Or is he really bi but claiming to be straight, despite his profile saying “Interested in Women” and not “Interested in Women, Men.” There’s a lot of lying on sex sites and when it comes to sex.

“I’m as straight as they come” said another dude on the live cam shows. Well, these days, “as straight as they come” doesn’t seem to mean much.

I’ve been following this alleged str8 guy on the live cam shows. He’s not on often and I’ve never seen him do anything sexually with anyone or with himself. He just sits in a chair fully-clothed at his PC. I don’t remember going into his room when he was on. I started following him because his keywords say “married” and “wife” and I noticed his left hand fourth finger wedding ring, so I thought his wife might be part of his room and one could watch them have sex (for free in my case since I’m not about to pay to watch anyone have sex when porn is free).

Well, he was on the other night and I noticed in his chat that he was being hit on by gay guys. Of course, what else? Well I find that fucking annoying. As I said earlier, I don’t understand that. So I made the mistake of asking in his chat why gay guys were hitting on a str8 guy and I said that I find that fucking annoying. The alleged str8 guy then invited the (gay) guys to respond. One guy asked why I was there. “Why was that important?” as my friend asked when I told him about this. I said in response: Because the straight guy says that he’s married and I was looking to see if he was having sex with his wife. One gay guy responded to my response by writing: Yeah riiiiiight. The alleged straight guy responded: “Not tonight.” I then pointed out that genuine str8 guys are not interested in gay guys. The str8 guy said in response to that: “Damn straight lol.” So I thought he was supporting me. No, because then he immediately did a 180 and flipped and asked me directly: “Who the fuck cares?” I thought: WTF? I thought you cared by your response. Does this alleged str8 guy have two personalities? The other guys in the chat also asked, “Who the fuck cares?” about gay guys hitting on a straight guy?” I said: Well apparently the site you’re on cares which is why you’re supposed to choose in your profile, “Interested in Women, Men, Couples, Trans.” But many people lie and don’t choose those categories honestly as it applies to them. Such as all of the, “Interested in Women” gay guys who hit on straight guys with only “Interested in Women” in their profile. There are lots of them. They’re not interested in women. They’re lying. I thought but did not type: But most of you are lying in your profiles because you’re either gay or bi and hitting on a straight guy.

I told them that I don’t hit on other guys, and there are lots of masculine gay guys out there so why aren’t these gays over in the gay section hitting on masculine gay guys and not an alleged str8 guy. Someone wrote: Maybe the guy here is into guys. The alleged str8 guy said: I’m not into guys. But he apparently saw nothing wrong with gay guys hitting on him. Thinking he might could get some money out of them?

Then he asked everyone in the chat if he should ban me even though I follow him. One guy typed: That’s up to you. I thought: Ah, okay, banning time, just because I asked legit questions and was stating the truth. The truth often hurts and most people can’t bare to hear it, so time to ban me. I said: No need to ban. I’m leaving. I clicked off and then unfollowed him. That’s the end of him. But it’s interesting he immediately went into the “Ban him” mode just because he and the gay guys didn’t want to hear what I was saying. Very thin-skinned people. I hadn’t intended to say much more because it was futile and the more one says can indeed lead to banning.

In hindsight, I think the reason the alleged str8 guy supported the gay guys who were hitting on him is because he thought he could get money from them. Unfortunately I didn’t think of that at the time. I had no tokens to give him so that may be why he immediately turned on me — after supporting me initially — and then he started supporting the guys hitting on him even though he claimed he’s not into guys. He likes people hitting on him whom he’s not into? Does that feed his ego somehow? What mind fuck is he on?

One guy who said “who the fuck cares?” said: “A mouth is a mouth” meaning a blow job from a guy is no different than from a girl, which is not true to thinking people. Let me explain that: The “mouth” you’re referring to is connected to either a female or a male face. Quote: According to linear interincisal measurements, women have a smaller maximum jaw opening than men. End Quote. So a “mouth is not a mouth” idiot. And if you’re not into females, the image of a girl’s face giving you a blow job won’t work for you sexually. If you’re genuinely str8, looking down and seeing a guy give you a blow job won’t work for you either because it’s a guy’s face. Both images will be a mind fuck for you depending upon your sexuality. Even if you’re bi, you may prefer a blow job from one gender over the other. Also, as for the “a mouth is a mouth” rubbish, for decades I’ve heard gay guys brag that they give the best blow jobs — because they have a dick and know how to make a dick feel good — yet they’ve never had a blow job from a girl to make that judgment or comparison.

But the alleged str8 guy is supposedly not bi since he said he’s not into guys. Or is he into guys when he’s being paid (per tokens) to be into guys? That’s called gay-for-pay or bi-for-pay in the porn industry. I’ve never seen a wife there with him so despite his wedding ring, maybe she doesn’t exist anymore.

After that experience which sort of bummed me out….

At least for now, I decided that my days of “activism” are over, in part, because any “activism” I do these days feels like a complete waste of my time. I hit a wall like I did in that chat room where no one sees anything wrong with gay guys hitting on straight guys. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, most unthinking people being sheeple — especially on sex sites where lies are in abundance — will support those who I’m critical of and complaining about. That’s a guarantee. This was also true politically for me years ago, and it’s been true with social issues and now with sexual issues. Rarely does anyone ever agree with me on anything, except my close friends. We usually all agree. And especially if there’s money involved and to be made by someone. The guy might come across as supporting me initially — as this alleged str8 guy did — but then immediately flip and support those I’m critical of. Was he thinking he might be able to exploit and get some money (tokens) out of the gay guys? Even though he claims to not be into guys, and being suckers, that might just work.

And I don’t understand this either: It seems that many people love to pay to watch live cam sex shows. Why? That is sex that they could watch for free elsewhere in homemade or studio porn, sometimes with the same couples who have also made porn videos. These sheeple viewers also swarm around watching what looks like barely legal girls and str8 couples. Has their legal age for both of them been confirmed by the site? Those whose profile says “18” will often have thousands of viewers. Do these sheeple like watching “kids” have sex? I usually avoid any rooms where there are thousands of viewers because I like watching older and more mature couples/people. Usually the “kids” having sex are just as immature when talking on mic as the immature trash in the chat all writing the same prescribed drivel (such as “lucky guy, lucky girl, gorgeous girl (someone needs to see an ophthalmologist), gorgeous guy, just on and on. All the fake predictable compliments. One attracts the other. Trying to get them to “perform” for free by giving them compliments? And I’ve never paid to watch anyone have sex nor will I, and I have no tokens. So, again, perhaps that’s why the alleged str8 guy supported the gay guys hitting on him. It was all about hoping to get their money.

As for gay guys hitting on genuine straight guys, a queer friend of mine told me that the corporate Men-Seeking-Men sex sites of The Gay Agenda/Gay Incorporated encourage and promote gay guys interests in “straight” guys. Such as a gay guy giving an alleged str8 guy a blow job or getting fucked by him. My friend told me he has received emails from one of the corporate sex sites of Gay Inc. about “Str8 Boys Doing Naughty Things.” He said they weren’t straight boys but rather masculine gay or bi guys having sex. They were just billed as “Str8 Boys…” to promote that stereotype.

He says the same thing I say: Genuine straight guys have zero sexual interest in gay guys. My friend also said: Try hitting on a (possibly homophobic?) straight guy in a “mixed bar” and see how that goes for you. It’s one thing to do that online where the str8 guy can’t cause the gay guy any bodily harm by being pissed off with him for hitting on him, but in person it can have a completely different outcome and possible consequences.