The Gay Jock Fad

Someone e-mailed me the other day asking: “Do you know why some gay guys call themselves jocks in their sex profiles such as on A4A? What does “jock” in a profile mean?”

El 16 de abril de 2014. Hola. Did you happen to write the same question on another site (see link at bottom of page)? If so, gracias for asking. Many of the responses to that question at that site I agree with. I’ve written lots about this on pink barrio, but rather than send you to those articles, I’ll respond here.

From what I can tell, in San Francisco this gay jock fad/obsession began around the time that same-gender marriage became legal in California (junio 2013/June 2013) and around the time that an obnoxious supposedly gay “sports bar” opened in San Francisco (diciembre 2012/december 2012). It’s the same bar with no GLBTQ flags on the front. Only corporate sports team flags. The rainbow flag is “too gay” for them? When that sport-themed bar opened some people wrote: The Gay Rights Movement Ends Here (meaning at that bar). Yes, the Gay Rights Movement has died since.

Why have corporate sports teams—which are overpaid men playing with balls—become so desired, admired, revered and almost worshiped by many gay guys? Just because someone from a corporate sports team said the word “gay” in a positive way on occasion? That’s all it takes to get many gay guys gushing over a corporate sports team? Very Shallow! And why this fad with many gay guys suddenly and increasing becoming fans of corporate sports teams? Answer: To be part of the mainstream herd and as much like heterosexuals as possible so to appear “masculine” and heteronormative. Before this sports-theme bar opened in San Francisco there were (and still are) other gay bars that had televisions showing corporate sports teams and “The Game.” It’s just that this particular bar was hyped by the corporate media, the bar serves food reminiscent of food at “a ballpark,” (ballparks are not at all known for healthy food by the way) and this sports-theme bar has walls of television screens for mainly guys to scream and grunt at (cheering for their precious corporate team) and act obnoxiously. That seems to have a major appeal now. If only the same people who are into this corporate sports team fad could get as worked up and enthusiastic over something that really matters in our lives!

From what I’ve seen in personal sex ads, any guy will call himself a “jock.” There doesn’t seem to be any requirements for being a jock. It’s one of the new gay fad. Just something to call oneself.  Upon reflection, one can instantly be a jock by wearing a baseball cap.  That’ll do it.  That’s all it takes.  From what I’ve observed, “jocks” don’t have to be gym-toned, worked-out, athletic or any of that. The muchachos I know who go to the gym regularly don’t call themselves a jock. They can’t stand the term “jock.” Historically, jocks bullied gay guys in sports and in physical education classes in high school so it’s ironic that these closet-case gay guys are now calling themselves a “jock.” My muchacho friends work out at the gym as opposed to going to the gym and only working out their thumbs on their smartphones/sex apps. (Amigos tell me that the smartphone addiction is epidemic in the gym. It’s as quiet as a library in there with no one talking with anyone. Just a room full of guys (mostly) staring at their hand. Sounds like a real “community” feel, doesn’t it? [sarcasm intended]).

Here’s how I and others see the term Jock:

The word “jock” is in the same category with these words used by gay guys in the closet:
Discreet, DL, straight-acting, straight-looking, straight-appearing, normal, Marina-type.

Unless a gay guy is cheating on someone, why does he need to be “discreet?” What is he ashamed of or hiding that he needs to be “discreet?” Who would even see him having sex with another guy or care that he’s doing so? Is he ashamed of being gay? Sounds like it. Get psychotherapy. In my opinion, most gay so-called “jocks” are ashamed of their gay sexuality because they go to such efforts to show/prove how “masculine” and heteronormative they are, or they think they are. Instead of working on their exterior they should really work on their interior so as not to be so shallow and superficial, which is how many of them come off in their personal ads. Some of these so-called “jocks” might look good (although that’s subjective) on the outside but often their personalities suck, with no social skills.  Spending hours typing on Orwellian-named “social media” doesn’t mean one has any social skills.  And how many people have lost their ability to write or speak in complete, articulate and intelligent sentences in person conversations these days because of wasting their lives on “social media?”  Chau.—el barrio rosa


What does “jock” in a profile mean?

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07.03.14 I can understand this jock thing as a sexual turn-on but nothing more than that. What I mean is that I can understand guys getting into jock fantasy scenes or talking about jock scenes as a macho and testosterone fantasy. The interest in sports teams seems a bit much to me and also those guys that talk about having a cold one or a brew with another guy while watching a game. Just go have sex and skip that part since you probably won’t be watching any of the game anyway. You’ll be checking out each other.—Drew