The heteronormative jazz genre promotes the Breeder Agenda

Hola a todos. Perhaps this will not be news to most people and it’s no surprise to me either but unfortunately, the jazz genre is as heteronormative as the classical music genre.  (Related:  Will straight soft porn save classical music?)  Jazz also promotes breeder brainwashing.  Such as when I heard one of the presenters on the Bay Area jazz station announce a piece he had just played, “When a woman loves a man.”  (roll eyes) Super. We’re saturated with the Breeder Agenda 24/7, 365 days a year and have to hear it on the radio too after “When a woman loves a man” is played. Glad I missed that piece. I wonder when they will play “When a woman hates a man and wants a divorce?” Or “He finally came out as Queer and asked her for a divorce.” I doubt they’ll play that either. And over half of breeder marriages end in divorce in the non-United States. But there are countless other examples I could give of this where references to “him and her” Breeder Brainwashing are made, as if they are the only couples en el mundo/in the world and the only gender arrangement of where two people can have love for each other.

On a related topic to couples shown in advertising, they are nearly always “him and her.” 99.9% of the time. I wrote about that here: Queers don’t have any health problems. My credit union just re-did their website and the images show “happy ever after” breeder couples. It really warms the heart doesn’t it. [roll eyes/sarcasm intended] They have added two female couples sitting in a car, but they are referred to as “friends.” And of course it had to be two females (even as “friends”) because to the prejudiced and bigoted and homophobic, a lesbian couple is considered “more acceptable” than a gay male couple, which is strictly prohibited for one to see it seems. Can’t show them! Even if a gay male couple were shown, they would be referred to as “brothers” or “friends.” Ugh. It feels like I’m writing this back in the 1950s instead of 2020.

Briefly on another topic, I saw a neighbour yesterday. He’s married to his boyfriend. I’ve been nice to him in the past and tried to talk with him on a couple occasion until I realised that he seems to live under the illusion that any guy that tries to talk with him has the hots for him — wrong! — so he rudely walked away from me as if to say, “Leave me alone.” I thought: Well excuse me for even looking at you, precious. I don’t even find him attractive. He parked in front of my building when I was standing outside and presented himself as if he thinks he’s god’s gift. He’s not. Today? I don’t even look at him. Wouldn’t give him the time of day. But I see that he’s wearing his wedding ring on the breeder finger. Why? If I knew nothing about him and that he’s married to his boyfriend, I’d think that he’s now back in the closet and married to a female. So, he’s yet another Queer boy who wears his wedding ring on the wrong hand. Anyone who sees him will think he has a wife. Is that what he wants people to think? What’s he ashamed of. Related: Queer boys: Wear your wedding rings on your left hand. Chau.—el barrio rosa