The Holiday Shopping Tree

El día 8 de Navidad

El 1 de enero de 2013. Hola. Isn’t that a pretty Holiday Shopping Tree over on the right? It’s an abstract tarjeta by Dean Johnson Fine Art designs and I think the title of the tarjeta (Holiday Shopping Tree) is perfect because it tells the truth. That’s what most of these kinds of trees are, especially in commercial areas. They are Holiday Shopping Trees intended to encourage shopping and spending dinero/money.

Here in San Francisco, there’s a large gaudy Holiday Shopping Tree in the barrio entirely controlled by the fascist (and I don’t use that word unless it applies) merchants’ association. What an useless, loco, dictatorial bunch they are who run that thing! As usual, they put up their Holiday Shopping Tree and they invited city political basura to speak at the lighting of the Holiday Shopping Tree. Why do politicians have to be at the lighting of a Holiday Shopping Tree? To make it some sort of “official” event? I image it’s to get their face at a microphone or camera for the attention they crave. I wasn’t at this event—one couldn’t pay me to go to that thing—but from my understanding the politicians who were there urged the sheeple in attendance to, “hit the stores” (that was the language used at this event) after this Holiday Shopping Tree was turned on. In other words, spend your dinero with this hateful merchants’ association, and that’s all their tree is about. The sole purpose of their Holiday Shopping Tree is to send the message to the sheeple to shop, shop, shop, spend, spend, spend if anyone has any dinero in this dead economy. As in past years, the merchants’ association used this Holiday Shopping Tree as bait to bring the sheeple to the area. They even dragged in a Children’s Chorus for the event to sing carols.

Judging by what I’ve seen in the barrio lately (especially during Advent), the Holiday Shopping Tree (which hasn’t been on much of the time for some reason) doesn’t seem to have worked too well to inspire the sheeple to “hit the stores.” I saw very few shopping bags before Navidad and I saw empty stores quite often. The most shopping bags I’ve seen has been since el 25 de diciembre—the first day of Navidad since there are 12 days of Navidad although most people seem oblivious to that—where people have been taking advantage of some sales in stores.

Dean Johnson created a tarjeta titled The Holiday Shopping Tree since that’s what most of these trees really are and end up being. This holiday has little meaning or connection to Navidad to most people other than the—what I call—“Navidad and Pascua christians.” They’re the people who show up at a cathedral church or parish twice a year on those days where it’s, “tradition to go to church.”

If you’d like to buy a tarjeta with The Holiday Shopping Tree on it, just click on the image at the top of this page. Dean is also going to do a version of the tarjeta en español. Chau.—rosa barrio


Felices Fiestas from Dean Johnson Fine Art designs